West Virginia Wrestling


by Dr. Bill Welker

... on Wrestlers and Their Love for the Sport

Wrestling is a very physical endeavor in which the participants often have nothing to cherish but their sincere love for the sport.

Whenever I think about the many, many nours that great wrestlers devote in perfecting their skills, strengthening their muscles, and keeping their bodies in top condition. I am awed by their tenacity. Furthermore, many of these gallant grapplers train continually throughout the entire year--winning and losing along the way--with one ultimate goal in mind. Be the BEST!

Naturally, superior athletes in other sports are doing the same, but a number of them know that their hard work may lead to financial gain and widespread glory. Such is not the case for wrestlers. They are not afforded the dream of entering the realm of professional wrestling, which is a ludicrous travesty of the mat sport. Likewise, amateur wrestlers do not expect to be showered with fame when they reach the "winner's circle."

So why dedicate tremendous amounts of time and energy to an activity that offers very little in the way of wealth and glory?

This is a mystical question that only "champions of the mats" can answer. But I know one thing for sure. These outstanding individuals, who give so much of themselves to wrestling, have developed an inner strength and pride that some successful athletes in other sports may neither experience nor come to understand.

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Updated March 16, 1999