West Virginia Wrestling


by Dr. Bill Welker

... on Wrestling Officials

By far, the job of the wrestling referee (or any official) is one of the most unpopular and thankless in the athletic arena.

Unfortunately, many officials are perceived as the "enemy" by those sitting in the stands. Of course, this spectator animosity extends to wrestling officials.

I believe it is about time that the whistle-bearers of the mat sport receive some recognition and praise for their labors. West Virginia wrestling enthusiasts should be very pleased with the professional conduct and expertise of our mat sport officials. Without question, the quality and stature of officiating in the Mountain State has improved immensely over recent years.

It takes moxie to make some of the difficult "calls" that these gentlemen are confronted with time and time again. True, they are not immune to mistakes. But then, who of us are?

So consider this point the next time you are about to jeer or boo the "ref." Surely, if I were to write a book entitle "Wrestling's Profiles in Courage," the official would be one of the subjects in Chapter One.

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Updated May 30, 1997