West Virginia Wrestling


by Dr. Bill Welker

... on Wrestling Parents

It has been said many times that "Behind every successful man there stands a woman."

Let me take this one step further. "Behind every successful wrestler there stands dedicated parents." They are the unrecognized heroes of the sport. For the wrestling parent, there is no greater thrill than to see his/her son win by a fall. On the other hand, what a heartrending experience it is to watch one's boy get pinned.

Because wrestling is an individual sport, parents tend to become even more involved, knowing that their son must make it on his own. But this is only part of it.

To compete successfully, a wrestler must be in top physical condition, with no excess body fat. And, it is the responsibility of the parents to see to it that their son eats properly, keeping him away from "junk" foods. This can be quite challenging at times. A lean wrestler often makes for a tempermental one, and unfortunately, it is the parents who must live with him during the season. But, they do so with pride and perseverance, for these parents realize that their son is learning two character traits that will serve him well throughout life: self-discipline and self-control.

Yes, in regards to their athletic accomplishments and the opportunity to participate, all wrestlers should be thankful to three - God, Coach, and Parents.

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Updated May 30, 1997