West Virginia Wrestling


by Dr. Bill Welker

Over the last 25 years, I have always been ready to share my wrestling knowledge with the general public, parents, coaches and wrestlers. What I have to offer takes the form of wrestling clinics, wrestling practice demonstrations, and wrestling banquet presentations.

Below are the particulars of each program.

Wrestling Clinics
The wrestling clinics that I conduct usually occur at the beginning of each season. They often take place on "Meet he Team" nights, when parents and interested enthusiasts are in attendance. During the clinics, the following are discussed in detail:

1. I explain the new rules and how they apply to the officials, coaches, and wrestlers.
2. I review general "stalling" rules for wrestling in the neutral, top, and bottom positions.
3. I demonstrate unique situations in wrestling that tend to confuse those observing matches.
4. I discuss proper dieting, and pass out further information regarding the topic.
5. At the conclusion of the clinic, I answer questions any and all questions pertaining to the sport of wrestling.

Wrestling Practice Demonstrations
At practice demonstrations, I include the following wrestling skills and drills:
1. Proper neutral position stances and movement;
2. Basic double leg and single leg takedown situa
3. The "pancake" takedown series: lateral drQp, pancake counter for a double leg takedown, whizzer to pancake, knee pancake, balance check, and pancake drill;
4. Chain wrestling for both the top and bottom wrestlers;
5. Skill development and conditioning activities via situation wrestling, blindfold wrestling, and round-robin wrestling;
6. How to avoid being called for stalling.

The wrestling practice deomonstrations are fast-paced workouts that may be videotaped.

Wrestling Banquet Presentations
During wrestling banquet presentations, I share my thoughts on the special qualities that wrestlers must possess. There is much emphasis on how excuses do not mix with wrestling and sportsmanship. In fact, the title of my presentation is "Wrestling: A Sport where Excuses are Useless." The speech is spiced with humor, timely quotes, and practice advice for the athletes, coaches, and parents. There is a question-and-answer session following the program.

So, my friends, should you be in need of the services I provide, do not hesitate to call me. There's no one who loves to discuss the sport of wrestling more than yours truly.

(Editor's note: Dr. Bill Welker can be contacted at Warwood School by dialing 3O4/243-0394)

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