West Virginia Wrestling


by Dr. Bill Welker

... On Professional Rassling

Recently I was told by a local sports fan that I pick on professional athletics far too much. Well, here I go again. But this time I will be badmouthing those bad boys of "professional rassling!"

All amateur wrestling enthusiasts understand the entertainment but fake) value of professional rassling. Even I enjoyed viewing these acrobatic athletes grunt, groan, and throw each other around and out of the turn-buckled ring... but not in recent years, my friends.

Has anyone noticed how terribly lewd professional rassling has gotten in the last decade? The indecent, physical gyrations and disgusting language that flows from their mouths on TV would make even George "The Animal" Steel cringe with embarrassment. This new order of tumbling showman even demean the domain of womanhood with their sexist behavior.

Still, I cannot entirely blame these professional gymnasts and all the hype associated with their immoral antics. The spectators deserve some of the culpability. After all, they are the ones who unfortunately support these demonstrations of feigned violence and "gutter" behavior. If the tickets aren't bought or the TV is not turned on to pay-per-view, the "play" is cancelled.

Oh, I haven't forgotten the parents. Shame on you. I cannot believe the huge number of parents who take their offspring to these make-believe performances or allow their children to watch such gross exhibitionists on the premium channels.

I am all for quality time with your children, but wouldn't these special moments be better spent teaching them to admire individuals the likes of Mark McGuire or Sammy Sosa -- men of much higher character.

I am sure some parents will disagree with my thoughts on the subject. If so, I can live with it. However, don't get upset with your child when he surprises you with an "obscene gesture" he learned from watching professional rasslers. Instead, be man enough to blame the image in the mirror you look at every morning.

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