West Virginia Wrestling


by Dr. Bill Welker

... on Wrestling and Mutual Respect

The mat sport is a fraternity--a fact that can not be denied! And the maxim of this unique brotherhood is "mutual respect."

Now what is the source of this respect? Well, you need only glance back to your own experiences for comparisons.

If one were to write a list of his true friends, he would realize, after careful consideration, that these individuals earned his admiration. Furthermore, this feeling of veneration towrd others materialized, in most instances, under competitive circumstances (i.e., a childhood street fight. his adversaries on the playing field or the athletic arena, a fellow worker striving for the same psition, etc.).

Wrestling is no different. Although both grapplers step on the circular mat with a singular purpose in mind--to win--only one departs the victor. However, there is another important by-product of this physically intense and close encounter - respect for one another.

Similarly, mutual admiration is the paramount factor in establishing lasting friendships. The sport of wrestling has been instrumental in the development of such relationships-. it most certainly is a fraternity of friendship built upon respect!

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Updated June 17, 1997