West Virginia Wrestling


by Dr. Bill Welker

... on Smallfry Wrestling

Smallfry wrestling programs are growing throughout the entire state of West Virginia. Of course, all of these pee-wee organizations have been initiated by people who are donating their time and efforts as coaches, meet and tournament workers, and drivers to the numerous mat events around the Mountain State. And, for this, they should be applauded.

I'm sure most of these individuals will agree that learning the fundamentals of wrestling should be the No. 1 objective for youngsters of this age group. Unfortunately, one sometimes loses sight of the primary purposes of smallfry mat endeavors and allows "winning at all costs" to foreshadow his better judgment. To eliminate this negative aspect, the following "golden rules" for pee wee wrestling should be considered.

If promoters of midget wrestling put the above principles into practice, their programs will reap many long-term benefits.

Now, readers, many smallfry functions are conducted immediately after the high school and college seasons. Keep an eye on the paper for upcoming pee wee wrestling tournaments, they're unique experiences you'll want to observe!

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Updated June 2, 1997