West Virginia Wrestling


by Dr. Bill Welker

... on "Stealing Dreams" (Revisited)

A number of years ago I wrote a column entitled "Stealing Dreams," expressing my concerns over the fairness of the "2.0 average" rule enacted by the WV State Board of Education. The article has since appeared on the West Virginia Wrestling website. Allow me to share with you the e-mail response I received from one wrestler's mother.

I can personally relate to your internet article regarding the 2.0 requirement in our state. My son has had an attention deficit problem and struggles continually with his school work. All his teachers tell me that he has a great attitude. He works very hard-putting forth his best effort, but it just takes him longer than most students to understand and complete his homework.

My son's one ability that truly makes him feel good about himself is his wrestling.

When he was much younger and not wrestling, my son was teased and ridiculed in elementary school because he wasn't as smart as the other kids. He became very quiet, withdrawn and had such a low opinion of himself that it scared me.

When my son started wrestling for a local youth wrestling team, he started feeling better about himself. After several years of winning, his confidence level had soared and he had many, many of friends. He finally felt good about himself.

Today, my son is a very successful wrestler on his high school team. Oh, he still struggles with his studies, sometimes just making grades by the skin of his teeth. But his attitude is now good because he has found an "ego-booster" in wrestling.

I, too, am not sure that I agree with the 2.0 grade-point average as a requirement to play sports. Unfortunately, there are some kids, try as they may, who cannot make it in school. My son has experienced the same frustrations as well. And if it wasn't for wrestling, my son might still be a shy teenager with no confidence and no friends.

Thanks, Dr. Welker, for placing your "Stealing Dreams" article on the internet for others to read. It's nice to know that others, like yourself, share my views on this topic.

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