West Virginia Wrestling


by Dr. Bill Welker

... on a Unique Approach to Stalling

A few years ago, as Ed Dugas (head wrestling coach at John Marshall) and I were travelling to Parkersburg for our annual state coaches' committee meeting, Ed relayed an interesting concept for stalling to me that he heard at the NCAA Wrestling Championships in Iowa. I found it a very intriguing alternative to today's stalling rules.

Presently, if a wrestler is hit for stalling, he is warned the first time and then penalized as follows:
Second Offense - 1 match point for opponent
Third Offense - 1 match point for opponent
Fourth Offense - 2 match points for opponent
Fifth Offense - Disqualification

Now as everyone in wrestling knows, stalling is a judgment call and, let's face it, no two officials call stalling alike (as much as officials try). So, consider the following possible solution to the dilemma. Why is it imperative that points be awarded for stalling? Instead, why not give the offended wrestler the choice of top, bottom, or neutral position whenever the referee believes stalling has occurred? In other words, the wrestler would still be warned on the first stalling infraction, but on the second through fourth offenses his opponent would be given the above position choices. Of course, on the fifth offense, he would be disqualified as in the past. (Note: Double stalling calls would have to be eliminated, but with this new set up such would not be necessary.)

I like the idea for the following reasons:

I really believe that it has potential for allaying the problem area of stalling, which can be a very subjective call by referees at times during duals and tournaments. What do you think?
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Updated October 12, 1997