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by Dr. Bill Welker

Part II

The following are the most frequently asked questions regarding the new weight management program in West Virginia.

1. Wrestlers must pass their Alpha Weight Assessment before they can compete. What happens if a wrestler fails the Specific Gravity Hydration Test, which means he or she is dehydrated.?
Answer: His assessment stops and the wrestler must wait 24 hours to be retested.

2. What does the Alpha Weight Report tell us?
Answer: The Alpha Weight Report tells us the lowest weight class in which a wrestler can compete, and the date on which he can wrestle at his minimum allowed weight class.

3. Should a coach make copies of his team members Alpha Weight Report Form?
Answer: Yes, most definitely, because he must present this form to the referee at each and every competition, both dual meets and tournament events.

4. What if the coach forgets to bring the Alpha Weight Report Form to a competition?
Answer: His only alternative is to use a computer at the school and make a copy of the Alpha Weight Report Form. If there is no computer available, his team must forfeit at that competition. The wrestlers cannot compete!

5. Where can a wrestler compete before his Alpha Weight date?
Answer: He can compete at any weight for which he qualifies. But note, if he wrestles at the 130-pound weight class and his Alpha Weight date is a week later, he will have to wait longer to compete at his Alpha Weight to fulfill the 1.5 percent of body weight loss per week. This regulation is in place to eliminate "Yo-Yo" dieting.

6. If a wrestler's Alpha Weight date is after the two-pound growth allowance, must he make base weight the first time he weighs in at his Alpha Weight?
Answer: Yes, but after his first weigh-in at Alpha Weight he receives his two-pound allowance.

7. When does the 50% weigh-in rule at the Alpha Weight go into effect?
Answer: The 50% weigh-in rule takes effect on the individual wrestler's Alpha Weight date.

8. What if a wrestler never makes his Alpha Weight during the season, can he still wrestle?
Answer: Of course, but at a higher weight class.

9. What if the wrestler's Alpha Weight date falls on the first day of regionals, can he still compete at his Alpha Weight?
Answer: Yes, but he must make base weight at the first weigh-in. Thereafter, he receives the same weight allowance as all the other wrestlers.

10. What if the wrestler's Alpha Weight date is after the first day when regionals can start. Is he permitted to wrestle?
Answer: Yes, but at a higher weight class.

11. Can a team be assessed by a doctor of medicine?
Answer: Only if the doctor has been trained by a regional assessor of the WVSSAC.

12. Who should I contact with any specific questions?
Answer: Dr. Bill Welker at mattalkwv.com or Gary Ray at the WVSSAC office (304/485-5494).

(Editor's Note: The new weight management procedures in West Virginia are slightly different from Ohio's format. You must contact the Ohio High Schools Athletic Association for their weight management program.)

Team Scoring and Tiebreakers in Dual Meets

The chart for team scoring at tournaments is as follows:

Advancement Points
2 points - Championship Bracket (Regular Decision)
1 point - Consolation Bracket (Regular Decision)

1 point - Major Decision
1 points - Technical Fall
2 points - Fall, Default, Forfeit, or Disqualification

Bye followed with a Win
2 points - Championship Bracket
1 point - Consolation Bracket

Place Winner Points with Tournaments having Four Places
14 points - First Place
10 points - Second Place
7 points - Third Place
4 points - Fourth Place

Place Winner Points with Tournaments having Six Places
16 points - First Place
12 points - Second Place
9 points - Third Place
7 points - Fourth Place
5 points - Fifth Place
3 points - Sixth Place

Place Winner Points with Tournaments having Eight Places
16 points - First Place
12 points - Second Place
9 points - Third Place
7 points - Fourth Place
5 points - Fifth Place
3 points - Sixth Place
2 points - Seventh Place
1 point - Eighth Place

There are no match ties in tournament competition and the wrestlers must go into overtime to decide the winner by the Overtime "Sudden Death" Procedure (which will be explained next Sunday).

That, fans, is team scoring in tournaments. As you can plainly see, the official scorer has his hands full.

Mini-Mat Quiz

Q: Wrestler A wins by a score of 9-1 in the championship bracket. How many points does he score for his team?
A: Wrestler A would score 3 points for his team - 2points for advancement and 1 point for a major decision.

OVAC Joe Thomas Wrestling Warrior

The Coach Joe Thomas OVAC Wrestling Warrior of the Week is Oak Glen's Ethan Dray, who holds an overall record on the mats of 62 wins and 19 losses.

His past accomplishments include a 2005 and 2006 4th place finish in the OVAC Tournament at 103 and 112 pounds, respectively. and 2005 OVAC 130-pound first place finish. He also was a WV State Runner-up the past two seasons, and was 2006 Regional Champion at 112 pounds.

As a junior this year, Ethan will be competing at the 119-pound weight class.

Congratulations are extended to Ethan Dray - this week's OVAC Wrestling Warrior.

The Deaton-Regis Weekly Dual Meet Predictions

Larry Deaton and Jack Regis, two of the Valley's finest mat officials are competing with each other this season, picking the winners of selected weekly matches.

This week's featured matches are a Tri: Weir and Monroe Central at Magnolia and Buckeye Local at Harrison Central

Deaton picks Monroe Central over Weir and Magnolia. Buckeye Local will out distance Harrison Central 35-21.

Regis calls Magnolia to win the Tri, with Harrison Central nipping Buckeye Local 29-28.

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