West Virginia Wrestling


by Dr. Bill Welker

New Mat Rules Include Some "Weighty" Issues

The 2001-2002 wrestling season will be comprised of many National Federation (NF) rule revisions. At the apex of the list is the new procedure for weigh-ins at dual meets and tournaments.

Dual Meets

Should a wrestler(s) fail to make weight on the first attempt, he must stay by the scale and immediately try two more times. If he does not make weight, the wrestler must move up or not wrestle in that meet. Wrestlers cannot leave the weigh-in area or workout to lose weight.


Tournament weigh-ins will be conducted in the same manner as dual meets, with one exception. After every 275-pounder has weighed-in, the wrestler(s) who is overweight may attempt to make weight on all the other scales utilized for the tournament weigh-ins but only once on each scale. Wrestlers cannot leave the weigh-in area or workout to lose weight.

Important Points:

Wrestlers are allowed to check their weight anytime prior to the official weigh-ins.

West Virginia Adoption: We will use the new weigh-in procedures in dual meets, tris, and quads only. With dual meets only one scale can be used. With tris and quads, two scales may be used. If a wrestler does not make weight on his three simultaneous attempts on the one scale, after the 275 pounders have weighed in, he or she shall have only one attempt on the other scale to make weight.

However, all West Virginia tournament weigh-ins this season (individual-team tournaments and dual meet tournaments; for example, The Park Duals) will be conducted as in the past.

Below are the remaining major rule changes for wrestling.

A number of these new edicts will cause some discussion. Should anyone have any questions regarding the rules, you can send e-mail inquiries to Dr. Bill Welker at wwelke@access.kl2.wv.us.

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