West Virginia Wrestling


by Dr. Bill Welker


He's the man on the mat who strives to be fair,
For the sake of the wrestlers, he truly does care,
Learning rule after rule, he prepares for each meet,
Always keeping in shape so he's quick on his feet.

In the midst of the action, he's consistent and kind,
He protects all the wrestlers, they're first on his mind,
When faced with swift judgment, he's on top of his game,
He's a man of integrity, never looking for fame.

Many spectators jeer him when put to the test,
Though some fans are fickled, he knows what is best,
He ignores all their taunting, when making a call,
It's a tough avocation, but he always stands tall.

The man in the middle deserves to be mentioned,
He takes on the challenge with noble intentions,
For the love of the sport, he dons a shrill whistle,
It's time that we honor the wrestling official.

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