West Virginia Wrestling


by Dr. Bill Welker

... on Wrestlers and the True Meaning of Christmas

How would you like to spend your "holiday season" training hard and watching your weight?

Well, that's exactly what dedicated wrestlers have to do during Christmas. While the rest of us are gaining five to ten pounds, these young men are working in high gear and ,at the same time, dieting. For them, Christmas has a special kind of meaning--and possibly a more enriching one.

I, myself, can still remember having to work out during the Christmas break, preparing for a holiday wrestling tournament. It wasn't easy. And it was rough watching my classmates going to parties and eating all sorts of "goodies" to their heart's content. But still, I honestly feel that I learned more about the true spirit of Christmas by wrestling.

To begin with, my wrestling buddies and I seemed to develop an even closer bond during this time of year. We were all sharing the same experiences and helping each other endure the rigors of training and weight watching over Christmas. In truth, we became a stronger team or unit through it all. And even today, some of my most intimate friends are members from this same wrestling squad.

Finally, although I now have the opportunity to fully enjoy the holiday season, due to past sacrifices in wrestling, my thoughts often focus on "the hungry" of the world--and I count my blessings.

So, parents, don't feel too sorry for your wrestlers who must train during the holidays, for they are learning more about the "deeper meaning" of Christmas than you could ever imagine.

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