West Virginia Wrestling


by Dr. Bill Welker

... on Wrestling Yourself

The most important victories in this world are fought within ourselves!

I lost ten matches in my high school career as a wrestler. One of those loses was at the hands of my worthy adversary. The other nine defeats were battles fought and lost before I ever step on the mats.

What was the problem? Well, I was so afraid of making mistakes that I forgot to think how hard I trained in practice to win. Thus, I "tensed up," wrestled without self-confidence, and ultimately lost.

Now, what can an athlete do to win that all-important conflict within himself? Below are two helpful hints from my personal experiences as a competitor:

Yes, the most difficult "bout" is fought within yourself. But once conquered, no opponent, no challenge, or no obstacle in life is beyond your ability to overcome!

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Updated January 2, 1999