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You may use this form to submit results of High School Bracketed Tournaments. You may email results to tmiller@mountain.net, FAX results to (304) 329-0560, or you may postal mail to:

WV-Mat * Tim Miller * 201 E. High St. * Kingwood, WV 26537

To fill out the form, click in the box after "Tournament Name" to get a blinking cursor and type in the data. Then you may use your tab key to go from box to box or click in each box to get a blinking cursor. Be sure to scroll down the entire page, fill in as many applicable boxes as you wish, and then click on the button "Submit Results" at the bottom of this page when you are finished. If you don't have the info for semi-finals, etc, that's OK. Just send what you have!

If you inadvertantly hit the return key while filling in the data and the data is sent to the server incomplete, click on the "back" icon on your browser to back up to page you were working on and pick up where you left off. Then re-submit when you have it all finished. Exception: You can use the return key in a text area field (the big boxes with scroll bars).

Tournament Name
Team Scores
Championship 106
Championship 113
Championship 120
Championship 126
Championship 132
Championship 138
Championship 145
Championship 152
Championship 160
Championship 170
Championship 182
Championship 195
Championship 220
Championship 285
Third place 106
Third place 113
Third place 120
Third place 126
Third place 132
Third place 138
Third place 145
Third place 152
Third place 160
Third place 170
Third place 182
Third place 195
Third place 220
Third place 285
Fifth place 106
Fifth place 113
Fifth place 120
Fifth place 126
Fifth place 132
Fifth place 138
Fifth place 145
Fifth place 152
Fifth place 160
Fifth place 170
Fifth place 182
Fifth place 195
Fifth place 220
Fifth place 285
Champ semi A 106
Champ semi B 106
Champ semi A 113
Champ semi B 113
Champ semi A 120
Champ semi B 120
Champ semi A 126
Champ semi B 126
Champ semi A 132
Champ semi B 132
Champ semi A 138
Champ semi B 138
Champ semi A 145
Champ semi B 145
Champ semi A 152
Champ semi B 152
Champ semi A 160
Champ semi B 160
Champ semi A 170
Champ semi B 170
Champ semi A 182
Champ semi B 182
Champ semi A 195
Champ semi B 195
Champ semi A 220
Champ semi B 220
Champ semi A 285
Champ semi B 285
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