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January 22, 2003

January 22, 2003
comments: Whoa!!!!!!! PHS 41......South 14 need i say more?????

January 22, 2003
From: Whitey Wrestler
comments: Had an idea for something on this site, but decided I'd just do it myself. The basis of this idea is that there are a lot of wrestlers getting all the hype, and then there are some that are performing. So as a little tip-of-the-hat to those performers, here's the first "Whitey's Wrestler of the Week". Devin Bosely of Frankfort has wrestled in an extremely hyped weight class all year. He has quietly wrestled with the best and received little or no talk. His big victory over Jeff Morris to win the Braxton tourney this week is just one of his many big wins this year. Congratulations to Devin Bosely!

January 22, 2003
comments: So when are you going to put a Team Page up for Bridgeport High School?
Editor's note: Dunno. I'd need to call the high school, find out the coaches name, send a letter to the coach c/o the high school and wait for the reply. (Same with Capital). To tell you the truth, I haven't got around to doing that. As an alternative, someone from these schools could email the team page info from the handy form on this website.

January 22, 2003
comments: Not to speak for Cameron either, but they will be at the OVAC tournament which is the largest high school conference tourny in the nation, and in some cases harder than the West Virginia State Tournament.

January 22, 2003
comments: Yes, South is going to the WSAZ tournament. Good luck to all teams this weekend at Huntington.

January 22, 2003
From: braxton fan
comments: I see that Braxton was ranked seventh based on their fourth place finish at the Big 16 this weekend. Watch out for these guys when Stewart and Hines get back in the line up.These guys can go toe to toe with Calhoun in a dual when they are healthy. They will have to improve a lot to stay with them in a big tourney though.Calhoun is impressive, as are Indy and Shady.Congrats to Greenbrier West for breaking the top 3 after being smoked by Braxton earlier in the year. Maybe they are outworking the Eagles.I'll always pull for Braxton, but I gotta call 'em like I see 'em.

January 22, 2003
comments: Team Predictions
1.Oak Glen
4.Wirt County
5.Shady Springs
6.Point Pleasant
9.Berkeley Springs
10.Braxton County
11.Greenbrier West

January 22, 2003
comments: here are the right predictions for 145
Eric Metz-Calhoun
Steve Flowers-OG
Dustin Miller-WC
Sam Dennis-Ravenswood
Jesse Nott-PP
Jeremey Wince-Rit

January 22, 2003
comments: i heard Parkersburg South is comming to WSAZ...is this true????

January 22, 2003
comments: GOOD LUCK BIG REDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 22, 2003
From: MoMoney
comments: 145                                              Teams
1.Eric Metz(Cal)                          1.Oak Glen
2.Steve Flowers(OG)                       2.Calhoun
3.Jeremy Wince(Rit)                       3.Williamstown
4.Dustin Miller(Wirt)                     4.Cameron
5.Jesse Nott(Point)                       5.Berekley Springs
6.Meadows(Shady)                          6.Indy
152                                       7.Wirt
1.Devin Bosley                            8.Greenbrier West
2.Jeff Morris                             9.Braxton
3.Alan Tracewell(Will)                    10.Shady Springs
4.Casey Hughes(Cam)                   
5.Matt Wharton(OG)
6.Kevin Efaw(Graf)
1.Shane Smith(Will)
2.Issac Stewart(Cam)
3.Andy Stewart(Brax)
4.Matt Mason(BS)
5.Garette Railing(OG)
6.Cory Burgess(Roa)
1.Ray Burge(Cal)
2.Mark Smith(GW)
3.Jamie Moore(BS)
4.Chris Miller(Wirt)
5.Lee Lauderman(Will)
6.Patrick Omally(Brax)
1.Trampus Efaw(Graf)
2.Josh Clark(BS)
3.Robert Ward(Indy)
4.Cody Potts(OG)
5.Dwayne Freeland(Roa)
6.Chad Tincher(GW)
1.Pete Hashman(St.Marys)
2.Brendan Hunt(Hund)
3.Travis Boone(Rit)
4.Bill Whitehill(OG)
5.Tyler Bridegette(Siss)
6.Justin Bishop(HH)
1.Patrick McGillian(OG)
2.Andy Fegal(Weir)
3.Maynor Crookshanks(Gw)
4.Justin Whitlock(Indy)
6.Jacob Lowe(Wirt)
*I believe that Oak Glen will be knock off this year but until they are beaten they will remain at the #1 spot!

January 22, 2003
From: Ken Chertow

comments: Attention Coaches
I hope you are having a great season and you are able to get your kids to “Rise to the Occasion” at Regional and State. I look forward to watching the State Tournament!

I have found the perfect facilities for this summer’s Gold Medal Training Camp. We will be using the spacious Charleston Civic Center and the adjacent Civic Center Hotel. It will be a great set-up!

I encourage you to make plans to attend camp with your team. I am certain it would have a big impact on your program. If you organize 8 kids to attend you will receive FREE camp including hotel stay and meals. I promise that if you send your kids to my camp they will return much improved and highly motivated!

If you would like a package of brochures for your team, let me know where to send it and how many you want. In the meantime, mark your calendar for July 13-17.

Our 2003 Gold Medal Training Camp Brochure with complete details and an application can be found in the camp section of www.kenchertow.com.

Ken Chertow
U.S.A Olympian
Huntington High ‘84
Penn State ‘89

January 22, 2003
From: Region II Fan
comments: The Region II regional tournament will be held at East Fairmont on Feb 22, 2003. Anyone have information as to the start time for the one day tournament?

January 22, 2003
comments: Who ever was running there Mouth about Williamstown and how Cameron doesnt wrestle ... bla bla bla. I can tell you one that that person isnt a true Williamstown fan. We know better.

January 22, 2003
From: Wrestling fan
comments: To Wheeling Park Fans: What happened to green at 103? We watched him at Wheeling over the holiday's but I noticed he didn't wrestle against Cameron.

January 22, 2003
From: Half-Nelson
comments: Everyone watch out second half of the season...There is a new kid who is the real deal at 215...he was jv the first half but wrestled his way to the starting line up and looking to keep his spot...all i can say is WATCH OUT..This kid is for REAL!!!Go BEN

January 22, 2003
comments: you all should kno that grim state qual last year as a freshman is back on the team after he missed the first part of the year. he should be wrestling 125 he should be a big help to the team i cant wait to see him wrestle.

January 22, 2003
From: dirt
comments: i think south phs match will be very close...and if south is victorious by 2 or 3 points it will be because knapp is out...other than that i pick PHS to win 30-27

January 22, 2003
From: MoMoney
1.Robert Rash(Indy)             
2.Judd Billings(Rav)              
3.Tim Cumpston(Cam)               
4.Bryan Gungle(Cal)               
5.Brandon Miller(OG)              
6.Kenny Sasser(Roa)               
1.Josh Neal(Shady)
2.Anthony Valles(Mad)
3.Matt Morris(Brax)
4.Justin Goneau(OG)
5.Brandon Antill(Cam)
6.Shaun Snoberger(Frank)
1.Daniel Whiteman(Hund)
2.Brandon Clark(BS)
3.Jesse Biddle(Will)
4.Bryan Snuffer(Indy)
5.Andrew Cummmings(Cal)
6.Perry Ellis(Wah)
1.Casey Biddle(Will)
2.Justin Ashley(Cal)
4.Daniel Allen(Wirt)
5.Noah O'neal(Cam)
6.Dustin Bartrug(St.M)
1.Derek Scarbro(Shady)
2.Brain Mills(Indy)
3.Jason McCoy(PP)
4.Tim McCoy(Wirt)
5.Anthony Dimarco(Will)
6.Kelley Hughes(Cam)
1.Drew Myers(Frank)
2.Joey Lobis(Rit)
3.Justin Champman(Shady)
4.Nick Russell(PP)
5.Matt Howrylak(Win)
6.Sean McIntosh(OG)
1.Nick Duncan(PP)
2.Matt Dye(Wirt)
3.Ryand Elder(Will)
4.Paul Goodrich(Cal)
5.Ian Whittington(OG)
6.Chris Moore(BS)
January 22, 2003
From: MC
comments: What do folks think of moving wrestlers around for dual meets? Should a kid wrestle the same weight or move up to help the team? I think that if a coach can move his wrestlers around and it helps the team win a dual he should. Coaching is not just putting the best guy in each weight on the mat. It is putting the best lineup on the mat that can utilize your teams strengths against your opponent and creating matchups so that your team can win. I honestly don't think this is done enough in WV. If you go to other states or look at college duals, it is commonly done. Some times a strong wrestler will be moved up at the risk of a loss so that the team may win. I guess since WV does not have a state dual tourney folks don't emphasize winning duals as much.

January 22, 2003
comments: i just wanted people to know that hunt from hunderd took 3rd at winners choice and this is only his 2nd year not 2 bad he did loose to hashman earlyer this year but i think the outcome will be a little closer

January 22, 2003
comments: what is the ruling on when a wrestler is getting pinned, say in a cradle, and he taps out? The ref stops the match. shouldn't the other boy get 4 points? I saw this happen a few times at winner's choice, but in a finals match a boy tapped out and the other boy only got 3 points. It was just your everyday, run of the mill cradle!

January 22, 2003
comments: Cameron only beat Williamstown because they had to give up too many forfeit points. Cameron had 4 wins and Williamstown had 6 wins. If you subtract the points for forfeits, Williamstown wins 27-24. How can you possibly say Cameron is the better team. Williamstown was the top AA team at the Rotary/Winner's Choice...where was Cameron? Williamstown will be at the WSAZ. Where will Cameron be? Williamstown was at the Mid-West Classic in Columbus? Was Cameron there? NO!! They don't travel to the big tourneys and wrestle the good competition. The only big one they go to is Max Horz
Editor's note: I don't presume to speak for the Cameron fans, but I think Cameron will be at the OVAC this weekend....

January 22, 2003
Teams for Musselman Invitational:
University H.S.
Hedgesville H.S.
Jefferson H.S.
Keyser H.S.
Mussleman H.S.
Southern H.S., Md.
Clarke Co. H.S., Va.
Warren Co. H.S., Va.
Loudon Co. H.S., Va.
New Entry: Bridgeport H.S., WV
Weigh-ins 7-8; Wrestling starts @9:00 a.m.

January 22, 2003
January 22, 2003
comments: to momoney
There are some things wrong with your predictions
103 Rash handled Billings 9-4.
112 Neal beat Morris 8-2
119 Whiteman beat Meade 5-2, Snuffer tech falled Meade

January 22, 2003
From: NC Fan
comments: Congratulations to Brandon Keiper fo dominating the opposition at Big 16. Four 1st period pins. Way to go!

January 22, 2003
From: fan
comments: DOes anyone know who the business was at the Winners Choice selling the t shirts and other things. I need to order more key chains and don't have their name and phone number. Could someone post thier phone number or address.

January 22, 2003
From: ?
comments: When will the individual polls be coming out?
Editors Note: Soon....

January 22, 2003
comments: i just want whoever made the predictions happened to overlook that dustin miller from wirt county pinned nott from point pleasants at the nitro tourney. And that chris miller has beat lauderman, with ease, every time they've wrestled.

January 22, 2003



January 22, 2003
From: Ripper
comments: I think the South/PHS match could be the best dual in along time. It will come down to who gets the pins. I hope they leave the kids in their weight class

January 22, 2003
From: Youth National Results Posted
comments: Find the results at: www.worldofwrestling-roller.com

January 22, 2003
comments: Wirt county placed 10th at the winner's choice... just over 10 points below williamstown. here's the thing though- wirt was missing four starters: 103, 112, 125 daniel allen, 189 jeremy lott. wirt also has a new wrestler who should be at 152. i wont say his name, but he will be a contender at states. Go Tigers!!

January 22, 2003
From: Alicia
comments: Just wanted congratulate all my boys from Braxton County and otherwise who placed at the Big 16. Sorry I wasn't able to be there. I've really missed some of you guys this year. Congrats Ray on 1st place once again and MVW, you probably don't even remember me, it's been so long, and I never got to thank you for helping me out last year at Regionals. I really appreciated that, although I don't remember anything b/c I was unconscious, but thank you regardless. And Good Luck to Everyone this weekend, I'm gonna try to make it.

January 22, 2003
From: WV Wrestling Fan
comments: .....I am looking forward to a great weekend of Wrestling in Huntington. The WSAZ just got even better...#2 South will be present. I can't wait to read the Post's that will come out of some of the match-ups this weekend...Even the Junior High will be very Good...Edison,W-town,Blenn,Point,Shady,AJ,Milton....only know a few of the schools so far but the place to be this weekend is Hunington, WV.........
Then maybe we can get a good Who-Who Report before the State Tourney. Lets Go Wood County Wrestlers........

January 22, 2003
comments: What is the good to have all the matchs from the Nitro Tournement up if there are no SCORES to go with 90% of the mathes????

January 22, 2003
From: Just some thoughts
TOP 10!!
6.Pumphery (Point)
7.Moffat (WINFIELD)
8.Bragg (INDY)
9.Workman (MT)
January 22, 2003
comments: Valles has dropped to 103 and is seeded #1 in this weekend's giant OVAC tournament...

comments: Regarding Athony Valles, he wrestled January 4 at the Shadyside Invitational where he placed second at 112.

January 22, 2003
From: fan of all big boys
comments: I would like to comment to the parents of the child who is a heavy weight. My son has wrestled for 11 years and has always been a heavweight wrestler. You tell your son he has nothing to be sad about, it takes all weights to wrestle. It is unfair that heavy weights are always looked down, they work as hard or harder than anyone out there. If your son continues to work hard he will also suceed no matter what his weight. Tell all those low weight wrestlers to try and wrestle a kid that may out way them by 30 or 40 pounds, they all cry about 5 pounds. Keep up the good work, heavyweights are there for a reason.

January 21, 2003
comments: I would like to see some predictions now since the Winners Choice and Braxton Big 16. There where some important matches at these tournaments.

January 21, 2003
From: down in dixie
comments: I was just wondering if Valles was back on the mat yet. i am a fan and friend down in Atlanta and haven't seen his name in the forum, or the results page, for a long time.

January 21, 2003
comments: the Field House in Huntington is on 5th ave and 23rd St in huntington, u can get to it from Interstate by taking the Hal Greer Blvd exit and drive to 5th ave and get on it and go to the field house. 5th ave is one way so will have to turn left when coming off of Hal Greer

January 21, 2003
From: sugazane
comments: To my lil buddy colton gustines good luck at wsaz this weekend shoulda won last year better win it this year (no pressure) good luck let urself be great

January 21, 2003
From: RED
comments: MY guess for Wednesday night: PHS 33 South 22

January 21, 2003
From: forum
comments: How is the boy who got injured at Winner's Choice and was carried out on a stretcher? I hope he was not seriously injured.

January 21, 2003
From: University High Fan
comments: Does anyone know what teams will be at Musselman Tourney this weekend . Last year several had to cancel due to bad weather but the coaces there do a great job .

January 21, 2003
comments: Good luck Nicholas Munday at the WZAZ's and the entire Edison Wrestling team, you worked hard to get here,now it's time to shine.

January 21, 2003
From: sfan
103-South-by dec.
112-PHS- by dec.
119-PHS-by fall
125-South-by fall
130-PHS-by dec.
135-South by dec.(if Knapp does not wrestle)
140-PHS-by dec
145-South by dec.
152-South by dec.
160-South by dec.
171-South by dec.
189-South by fall
215-PHS by fall
275-PHS by fall


Good luck to all.I hope Knapp is ok, I heard he may be out for a couple weeks.I know he would have scored some points on Wednesday.Hopefully he`ll be back for Huntington. Yes I am a South fan but I hate to hear of any kid getting hurt even if it is a Big Red.

January 21, 2003
From: wrestling fan
comments: Heard there was some great wrestling in the winners choice tourn. I wonder how the 140 finals match went? I know that Gustines is tough, I wonder how it will be in states ? I think M. Smith has no one to worry about except for Gustines . Hes a true unsung wrestler. Keep your eyes open for this kid . There might be a big surprise at states this year in the 140 lb. class. Also watch the Jeffersons 130, 135 class. They are strong. S.Reynolds is a senior this this year, he wants that state title,at 135. Good luck to all!!

January 21, 2003
comments: I don't think PHS will be doing a lot of changes come wednesday night...you should wrestle where you will be every other week.

January 21, 2003
comments: the coaches in the AA-A poll must have forgot about Cameron. If you coaches didn't notice, they have beaten Williamstown which is in the poll and they have bested AAA John Marshall and Wheeling Park. Their only losses have been the opener against Brooke 22-43 (3 AAA) East Liverpool Oh (D-2 OHIO)37-42 aNd Sandy Valley Oh. 30-39 which only happened b/c the coach rested a couple regulars and Stewart inj defaulted for the day. Since the opener, the dragons have moved around their line-up to strengthen the team.Brandon Antill moved from 119 to 112, where he has been undefeated at that weight so far and he looks dominate, its a shame no one has him in the top 6, i figure he will surprise alot of kids. D.J Yoders dropped from 145 to 135. yoders has been to huntington before at 140 but since he has gone to 135,he has also been a force. he seems to be one of the bigger 135's i have seen in a while. he will definitely be in the big money at huntington. kelly hughes has gone to 130 and should be a contender at states with a little bit of hard work. Cameron is getting a 145 after OVAC's and while we wont say who he is yet, i'll just warn all other 145's to look out b/c this kid is dynamite.

January 21, 2003
comments: I was wondering if anyone had the results of the match between Beaver Local and Parkersburgh South. I have not seen any results of scores on this match.
Editor's note: Check the scores page....

comments: I think alot of people are over looking Jeremy McCarty from Lewis County at 135. This kid is the real deal. He's a freshman, and he hasn't lost many times this year, and he's an excellent wrestler and deserves some credit.

January 20, 2003
From: Big TiMe FaN!!
comments: OMG!!! Im sooo excited for the WSAZ's. This weekend is going to be awesome! Good luck to all the wrestlers. good luck to Josh Evans Zach Evans & Tyler Wilson. >From ur lil baby sisters~!! hehe love u guys!!!.. GOO WOODROW!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Simmons
email: simmons737@mailcity.com
comments: I would like to get a hold of Josh Neal of Shady Springs or his father Jimmy. Good Luck Josh!!!

From: Jim LeMaster
comments: To the parent whose child was the victim of taunting... let me echo the words of BigDon. As the coach of BigDon's son there is even more to the story. His son wrestled 190 for us as a 6th grader often taking on kids who drove to the event while he was still 12! He never once balked but went out and gave it all he had. At the beginning of practice last year he was well over 210 lbs and seemed destined to be a heavyweight as a 7th grader. After some discussion, he decided to go for 190 - not starving or cutting weight but just eating healthier foods and letting hard practices take care of the rest. He made his 190 and was successful there placing at WSAZ. He felt better, could run without his inhaler and saw a new kid emerging. He continued on with what he was doing and by seasons end was down to 170. He challenged my 170 starter and won the job and competed there at the season ending tournament. When the season began this year he was still 170! Now he is closer to 155 and could make it easily but still wrestling 170 for the good of the team. Currently he is 26-1 and having a great season. He is a good student with nearly a 4.0 average and a great young man. He's popular among his classmates and with a certain young lady (to remain nameless!). He's a credit to our team and his leadership and example is a vital part of our teams success. This is but one more example of why our sport is like no other - one does not have to be blessed with a certain height or speed to be successful - all it takes is hard work and self discipline. I see a great future ahead for both my wrestler and the youngster whose parent wrote in if they continue to dedicate themselves to the most ancient and greatest of all athletic endeavors.

From: f
comments: Thanks for all the possitive comments to my son the"fat kid" it has really lifted his spirits.He attended a tournament on Sunday and wrestled Unl and took 2nd place 11-12.He has realized that there are more people cheering for him then trying to bring him down. Thank you so much for the kind support.

comments: I thought Parkersburgh Souh was supposed to wrestle Beaver Local in a tri match at Oak Glen. Was this match set up before?

comments: i saw the stevie sayre and ty phalen both lost by injury default. i hope yall get better soon, keep winning and wrestling hard, thanks, Adam

comments: Who won the Braxton Co. tourney at 215? From what i've heard he is tough!!

From: The Sodosky Family
comments: Here's hoping that Russell Bailey of Trap Hill Middle School has a speedy recovery from his recent illness, we wish you the best. Look forward to seeing you at the County Championships.

From: EF FAN
comments: Congrats to Blane Mayle and Ben Geary on your big wins at Winners choice. Ben Defeated previously undefeated Starsick from North Marion avenging an early season loss to him. Mayle defeated undefeated MJ Parsons of Hyndman Pa in the finals by fall, this is the 3rd undefeated wrestler Mayle has beaten in the finals of tournaments this year. Keep up the good work and everything will work out for the best.... Good luck at WSAZs

From: MC
comments: Any chance PHS or South will move their lineups around to go for the win. WOuld like to see Rader/Grogg, not sure who Rader's backup is. Also does South have a good backup at 145/152/160? Might move their mid/upperweights all up one weight to match up better.
Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. ANyone know if their will be JV matches first?

comments: I think alot of people are over looking Jeremy McCarty from Lewis County at 135. This kid is the real deal. He's a freshman, and he hasn't lost many times this year, and he's an excellent wrestler and deserves some credit.

January 19, 2003
From: jeff fan
comments: would like some info on the 140 lb championship match at winners choice

January 19, 2003
From: wrestlin beast
comments: I think the top schools in A/AA are,
Oak glen

January 19, 2003
From: lilmetz03
comments: Good luck to both Phs and Pshs may the best team win on wednsday night. It will be a battle to the end and the best team in the state will pull it off. We need to be proud of both teams. Lets bring the top two AAA places back to parkersburg this year.

January 19, 2003
From: wrestler
comments: why didnt bryce pickens wrestle against beaver local?

January 19, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Does anyone know the starting time on Saturday for the WSAZ tourney? Thanks!

January 19, 2003
From: bigdon64
comments: To the Youth Parent whos kid is teased:
Tell your son for me that there will come a day when all his pain and suffering his sweat and his tears will pay off for him. Tell him for me to use that pain to focus it and to use it I know first hand and so does my son. My son was 90 pounds as a six year old we started wrestling as a heavyweight he was a heavyweight until middle school. Oh by the way as a heavyweight he won two times at the Parkersburg Jr. States and was a runner up. He is a very sucessful and accomplished middle school wrestler now. Never let anyone tell you that your son can not be sucessful because the skys the limit.

January 19, 2003
From: bfe
comments: hey no doubt AA/A practice as hard as AAA but the only thing i get irritated at is people saying well this guy in AA/A is better than this AAA guy cause he was top 3 in AA/A states but thats not true sometimes it is.

and by the way it is so hard to get people to think good of this sport and to get them to wrestle because it dont have as much prestige as basketball and ignorant people say its a gay sport so were all in the same boat trying to get many people to wrestle

January 19, 2003
From: ratteaser
comments: a hearty congrats are in order for the parkersburg big reds on their performance at the winner's choice!
rat week...let's get hot!

January 19, 2003
comments: Congratulations to Independence for there strong 2nd place showing at Braxton: 103 Rash 1st, 112 Bragg 5th, 119 Snuffer 1st, 130 Mills 2nd, 140 Hodges 6th, 145 Abner 6th, 189 Ward 1st, 275 Whitlock 3rd.

January 19, 2003

From: Half-Nelson
comments: Any predictions for 215 AA and 215 AAA

January 19, 2003

comments: I would say PHS took a hard hit when they there 135lber Derrick Knapp injured his elbow at Winners Choice, that right there might be the differnece in the dual against South.

January 19, 2003

From: Southside Rat
comments: Any word yet on the session times for the state tournament?
Editor's note: Yes, I got some information from Coach Archer last week. I haven't got around to posting it yet.

January 19, 2003

comments: Who were voted outstanding wrestlers at Winners Choice?
103-140 Brandon Rader, 119, Parkersburg
145-275 Danny Lord, 152, Hedgesville

From: Large Growler
comments: On Wednesday nite the two best teams in the state will crash in the S/Pksbg field house . My predictions South 36 -- Big Reds 33
Good luck to all

From: Large Growler
comments: Why would anybody put down the youth tourn in Parkersburg, Pksbg was hosting the State youth tourtn. before clarksburg had a wrestling team, The fee for entering is lower, and does not require an AAU card, where did you dream up this nonsence, also if you want your kids to wrestle the best this is the place to come, by the way its only 1 hr from Charleston and 1 hr. from Clarksburg, any which way you travel. Get real
Editor's note: I would rather not get in to this debate on this forum, as this debate generally produces more heat than light. I think we have had about an equal number of posts from both sides of this issue.

comments: I have the honor of witnessing two of the best wrestlers in the State of West Virginia kick butt this weekend from Frankfort High School.
(135 # weight class) Drew Myers beat Matt Howrylak of Winfield to win his second Braxton Big 16 title.
(152 # wight class) Devin Bosley beat Jeff Morris of Calhoun to win his first Braxton Big 16 title.
Both these wrestlers work hard not only on the matt but also in the classroom, Good Luck to Drew and Devin throughout the rest of the year on their quest for the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!


From: Ashe140
comments: Congratulations to Devin Bosley on winning the Braxton County Tournament. I knew you had it in you widdle guy.

comments: To the dad with the 11 year old unlimited: Yes, it is truly a shame that kids are not taught better than to tease. I hope your son stays active and believe me, in a couple of years - after puberty, he will be kicking butt in football and wrestling. I have two teenage boys. I have seen the little chubby kids become super butt kickers in their teenage years! Hang in there and encourage him to work hard! Best wishes.

January 18, 2003

From: Dl
comments: I'm living in Md. but I visit this site quite often(wv mat scores & results).I was wondering if someone could post the top five big dogs(teams) for me . I think Parkersburg is in there but who else?

comments: Since when do you get 7th at states?

From: wow
comments: How can u take 7th place at states. and to the man with the kid that said that his son gets called "fat kid" dont worry about it i was also a fat kid at my school but i was into sports and i never set at my house i was always doing something as i got older and was in highschool i became popular because my size and i always started whatever i did. i got the girl i wanted and i even placed at states very high so just tell your son to keep his head up and dont worry about the other kids because he will one day out shine them!!!! Good luck in the future

From: quarternelson
comments: Is Warm Springs Middle still fielding a team? I have not seen news about them.

January 17, 2003

From: JJ189
comments: Brandon Clark was not at Cameron this past weekend... he's currently out on injury!

From: f
comments: My son has been wrestling for 4 years now for a peewee team at an unlimited weight class.Resently the unsportsman like conduct towards my son has been unbearable.Most UNL has been starting at 120 pounds and my 11 year old son weighs 156 pounds.I think some peewee coaches need to teach their wrestlers not to taught the "fat kid ".I feel as though my son is not the basic "fat kid" he is very active in sports.The "fat kid" is a child that sits in front of a video game or computer all the time.My son participates in wrestling,football,and baseball.He is very active .It just upsets me about the ignorance that has been shown at some resent tournaments that we have attended.We wrestle every weekend .

From: B R
comments: I just wanted to say that OAK HILL despite it's low numbers has a high quality program. Oak Hill is giving up 36 points per match, yet still placed at the BNI, Greenbrier East Duals, and even came close to beating Independance. If you look at the wrestler against wrestler ratio, you will find that Oak Hill has some of the best in the state. These are the quality wrestlers from Oak Hill in my opinion:

112: TJ Callahan- (13-3)
130: Brandon Wilburn- 4th at regionals (12-3)
135: Nathan Ackison- 2nd at regionals, (15-2)
140: Shawn Garland- 1st at regionals, 7th at States, (19-1)
152: Andy Lambert- (9-3)

Watch for this team to surprise a few guys.

January 17, 2003

comments: Why would someone say Alan Tracewell of Williamstown is going to "Sneak UP" on people at 152lbs? Gosh give the boy some credit he has already placed 4th as a freshman and 3rd as a sophmore. I dont think anyone like that would be sneaking up I think he would already be noticed. I think alot of peoples perspectives on wrestling is very warped in this state.

From: Woodrow man
comments: To: Flying Eagle wrestling alumni
Mistake in that, wrestling went later than expected Friday. No one is at fault.

From: Beckley Wrestling Parent
comments: I would like to comment on the recent post by the Woodrow Wrestling Alumnus. I have known the core group of wrestling parents with kids on the team for several years now. While the funds do not approach football levels, the parents are the most involved and concerned supporters of wrestling in the southern part of the state, and have been for many years. It is amazing egos are so fragile by those so uninvolved. I am proud of the kids on the team,and appreciate their parents enthusiasm and support.

From: MoMoney
comments: 103                                112
1.Judd Billing(Ravens)         1.Matt Morris(Brax)
2.Robert Rash(Indy)            2.Anthony Valles(Mad)
3.Bryan Gungle(Cal)            3.Josh Neal(Shady)
4.Tim Cumpston(Cam)            4.Justin Goneau(OG)
5.Brandon Miller(OG)           5.Shawn Snowberger(Frank)
6.Kenny Sasser(Roa)            6.Pumphrey(Point)
119                                125                 
1.Daniel Whiteman(Hund)        1.Justin Ashley(Cal)
2.Brandon Clark(BS)            2.Casey Biddle(Will)   
3.Jesse Biddle(Will)           3.Anthony Harvey(Shady)
4.Bryan Snuffer(Indy)          4.Daniel Allen(Wirt)
5.Perry Ellis(Wah)             5.Dustin Bartrug(St.Marys)
6.Andrew Cummings(Cal)         6.Noah O'Neil(Cam)
130                                135
1.Derek Scarbro(Shady)         1.Drew Myers(Frank)
2.Brain Mills(Indy)            2.Joey Lobis(Rit)
3.J.McCoy(Point)               3.J.Chapman(Shady)
4.Tim McCoy(Wirt)              4.Nick Russel(Point)
5.Kelley Hughes(Cam)           5.Matt Howrylak(Win)
6.Anthony Dimarco(Will)        6.Sean McIntosh(OG)
140                                145        
1.Matt Dye(Wirt)               1.Eric Metz(Cal)
2.Duncan(Point)                2.Steve Flowers(OG)
3.Ryan Elder(Will)             3.Sam Dennis(Ravens)
4.Paul Goodrich(Cal)           4.Nott(Point)
5.Ian Whittington(OG)          5.Dustin Miller(Wirt)
6.Lance Hines(Brax)            6.Fitzpatrick(MT)
152                                160
1.Jeff Morris(Cal)             1.Shane Smith(Will)
2.Devin Bosley(Frank)          2.Andy Stewart(Brax)
3.Alan Tracewell(Will)         3.Issac Stewart(Cam)
4.Casey Hughes(Cam)            4.Garrette railing(OG)
5.Matt Wharton(OG)             5.Matt Mason(BS)
6.Kevin Efaw(Graf)             6.Cory Burgess(Roa)
171                                189
1.Ray Burge(Cal)               1.Trampus Efaw(Graf)
2.Mark Smith(GW)               2.Josh Clark(BS)
3.Lee Lauderman(Will)          3.Robert Ward(Indy)
4.Jamie Moore(BS)              4.Chad Tincher(GW)
5.Buster Carico(Lib)           5.Cody Potts(OG)
6.Chris Miller(Wirt)           6.Dwayne Freeland(Roa)
215                                275
1.Pete Hashman(St.Marys)       1.Patrick McGillian(OG)
2.Bill Whitehill(OG)           2.Andy Fegal(Weir)
3.Travis Boone(Rit)            3.Maynor Crookshanks(GW)
4.Brendan Hunt(Hund)           4.Anderson(HH)
5.Bishop(HH)                   5.Ferda(Lewis)
6.Tench(Point)                 6.Jacob Lowe(Wirt)
Congrats to Pete Hashman on the season and I also heard that Calhoun has a HWT is this true. Did Brandon Clark at Cam this past weekend???

comments: The West Virginia Junior State Wrestling Championships held on March 8th and 9th in Parkersburg does not require an AAU card and never has.

comments: You can contact the USYWA at 740-423-6033 or 304-489-2428. The email address is still wrestling101@att.net and seems to be working fine as we have been receiving info requests from all over the country. The Elementary and Middle School National Championships will be the inaugural event for the USYWA and will be held at the beautiful and spacious Harv Center at the Mountaineer Race Track and Gaming Resort on March 22nd. Call now for reservations as this event will book up fast! Go to the Youth/Open wrestling page on this site and click on the USYWA link for more info.

From: comment
comments: for the person from the eatern panhandle who commented about the parkersburg states and needing an aau card. unless the rules have changed this year that is false.we have wrestled the parkersburg states for years and this has never been the case.the state needs to have only one tournament but much like so many things in life its all about the money.i am not from parkersburg and quite honestly do not like many of their ways when it comes to holding the tournament. i must say though that last year it did seem to be a little better. the ideal situation would be to have a govern body and to rotate the states every year.but parkersburg does not want to lose that money and nobody else wants to step to the plate .if you happened to notice this year east fairmont has changed their annual tournament date and are finally going to it.[good choice coach robe] good luck to all the youth wrestlers outside wood county, work hard, fear no one and lets go in their and earn the respect other counties deserve. [ps] your area does have great wrestling since you are able to venture into pa ,the real hotbed of wrestling.

From: JJ189
comments: What time does the Winner's Choice Tourney resume on Saturday morning? Could anyone give me some detailed directions on how to get there, starting with the interstate exit I should take after leaving morgantown??? THANK YOU!!! Please hurry...
Editor's note: Check the Fairmont Senior page for directions.

From: Dan Lass
email: uspf@netassoc.net
comments: Information regarding the USYWA tourney. Yes this is a viable tourney ! Entries have already been received. I am not sure why the email address won't work but you may contact me at 740-423-6033. Fax number is 304-489-2733 or another contact number is 304-489-2428 and have all your questions answered. There is also a link to the website on the links page.

January 17, 2003

What do you know about the USYWA tournament scheduled for Chester WV in late March??? Any e-mails sent to wrestling101@att.net are returned - marked as address has changed and cannot be forwarded
Do you have a contact name and phone number?
Is this still a viable event?

From: 152lb. predictions
. comments: 152lb. weight class predictions
1. Lord
2. Bliss
3. Evans
4. Morris
5. Myers
Yes I did see what happened at Nitro with Myers and Evans. But I still believe Evans is the better wrestler. But if you ask me Evans will be at the top at states.

comments: This is in regards to Daran Hayes dropping down a weight class to "avoid competition" as some seem to think. Daran has wrestled at 145 all year and if you are referring to the fact that last year he wrestled at 152, that was his choice not to cut any weight and wrestle strong. It seems that if a wrestler can lose a few lbs. to wrestle in a weight class and maintain his weight all season and wrestle strong, why would he not choose to wrestle at that weight class. Nearly all wrestlers lose 5-10 lbs and are able to wrestle competively. Daran is certainly competive at 145. He can wrestle 6 minutes and not even seem winded. So it seems to me that the people who may think that other wrestlers are "running from competition" may in fact be alittle angry that they happen to be dropping to their weight class and giving them a bit of competition! There are some wreslters who drop a weight class and only make weight half of the time. At least Daran can make weight!!

comments: North Marion, you wrestled hard and nearly beat the great "BEES". As they let it be known in the Fairmont newspaper they had a few wrestlers out with injuries. Well, so did NM. They have 3 out right now. So I guess we are please that we did as well as we did.

comments: To: Whoever keeps on commenting that the overall rankings I gave from WUSA Magazine were "PRE-SEASON" instead of an updated ranking at "Mid Season." I copied the following and pasted it here (Note the date in the Editor's Note).
By Dan Fickel
National Editor
Editor's Note: Here are updated rankings of the Nation's Best 2003 High School Wrestlers as of 1-12-03. These rankings represent wrestlers regardless of year in school. Several factors were considered in determining these rankings. They include: (1) accomplishments at the state high school championships (folkstyle) (2) National Junior Freestyle and Greco-Roman success (3) Cadet National placement (4) performances at prestigious high school tournaments (5) information from coaches and parents (6) state from which nominees hail. Weight classes are projected and subject to change.

Dan Fickel
Wrestling USA Magazine
E-Mail: dfickel@msn.com
Fax: (440) 878-1150

From: WVer In Georgia
comments: To whoever commented about WUSA Wrestling Magazine's Overall National rankings being pre-season instead of Mid-season: MY BAD! The following are the corrected WUSA Magazine's mid-season rankings for all high school wrestlers (independent of class):
112 - Robert Shyver (Parkersburg) #27
119 - Brandon Rader (Parkersburg) #15
125 - Shane Grogg (Parkersburg South) #14
130 - Matt Easter (Nitro) #17
145 - Mitch Smith (Ripley) #11
215 - Lou Thomas (Parkersburg) #26
Sorry for the misinformation

From: EP Wrestling Dad
comments: To Wrestling Mom
In response to the only "true" youth states being in Parkersburg. Who cares! Generally speaking, the tournament entry fee is too high and requires an AAU card (additional expense). Couple this with a hotel stay and five hour drive makes the tournament not for everyone in the state. My children have attended the tournament hosted by the Clarksburg/Fairmont area clubs and this proves to be a very worthwhile event, for about 1/3 the cost. Living in the Eastern Panhandle gives you access to some great wrestling in PA within a 100-150 mile radius and the competition is there. Nobody loves the state of West Virginia more than me, but realistically, Parkersburg is out of reach for us. Also, the petty argument over the "true" youth state tournament is a meaningless point.

From: South fan
comments: this year i have been following the Jr.High division very closely. I've been surprised by what i've seen. The wrestler that most impresses me is Matt Dunn. I've always known he was a good wrestler but i've never seen him this aggressive before. He is probably the most intense wrestler i've seen this year in Jr.High. if he keeps this up i don't think anyone will be able to touch him.

From: WVWrestlingFan
comments: Just wanted to give a huge good luck to the Williamstown High School Varsity Wrestlers this weekend at Fairmont and a huge congratulations to Pete Hashman from St.Marys on a undefeated season!!!!! Go Yellowjackets

comments: what was the score to hayes of north marion and metz of calhoun
Hayes 6-3

From: calhoun wrestler
comments: wvu wrestler it starts @ 1 on friday and then its 10:00 on saturday

From: Flying eagle wrestling alumni
comments: To woodrow man, Don't make excuses for the flying eagles they need none. Not getting enough sleep is no excuse for them they will rebound at the winners choice and show some people what they have to look forward to in the years to come. And when you say mistake do you mean the coach made the mistake or the A.D. or the parents because sometimes parents want the best for their child but will not help the program. Because the way I understand things the guy who took the program over is doing the best he can with what funds he has raised So just remember Rome was not built in a day.

January 16, 2003

comments: To--GRAFTON WRESTLER-Trampus Efaw of grafton may have beaten Josh Cleark of Berkeley Springs at Cameron this past weekend, but that doesnt set ni stone Efaw as top top contender for #1 at states. Clark and Efaw are both excellent wrestlers, but waht it comes down to is who makes the least mistakes because neither is a better wrestler. Efaw managed to make the least mistakes at Cameron, but who can tell who will make the least mistakes in matches to come, and most importantly, at states!

comments: How about Isaac Stewart from Cameron? He lost 3-2. This kid is for real, and if you don't believe it you should have been there. Stewart can win at 160. Watch out!

From: WV Wrestling Fan
comments: Congrats to Alan Tracewell on his win over Casey Hughes. Keep it up Alan, you're gonna sneak up on some people at 152. Also congrats to Smith on his win over Stewart.

From: Robert Hickman
comments: To Brad Petrocca, It's good to hear from you. Hope things are well with you. Keep in touch. About the comments on coach Eakle from East Fairmont Junior High. You will not find a classier, hard working , mature individual as Mr. Eakle. He has a passion for East Fairmont wrestling and for life. I'm proud to call him a friend and great young man!!! Keep working hard and praying hard Shane. We believe in you!!

comments: could someone post the times and sessions for the Braxton Big 16 This weekend?

comments: starsick 2-1 in double ot over geary geary had choice in the second and defered it over to starsick and starsick got the first excape for the choice in double ot

From: Ashe140
comments: to 152 predictor Devin Bosley has already beat Hughes this year at the Berkley Spring tournament. The kid has an excellent work ethic, speed, strength, and most importantly can think. He should not be a dark horse for second or third, but a contender for first. I guess we will find out in Febuary what will happen and who's predictions were right.

comments: This is for anyone who thinks the hwt classes aren't just as worthy as any other. I challenge you to to step into the spotlight with any of them. You will be counting the lights on the ceiling faster than you can imagine. Good luck to ALL the wrestlers at Winner's Choice this weekend.

From: WV Wrestling Fan
comments: In response to the comment about Isaac Stewart being for real. You haven't seen much wrestling if you didn't know about Isaac Stewart. He's been real for a long time, just had some bad luck with injuries the last few years. That match against Smith from Williamstown could have gone either way. Both are very good wrestlers and were being very cautious.

From: RE:WVU & youth Tulsa Nationals
comments: WVU got a break in the first round of the National Duals against Oklahoma. The Sooners dismissed an All American from their team this week according to Intermat for headbutting someone in their Arizona St. dual. ALSO--does anyone know the website for results of the WOW youth Tulsa Nationals taking place this week? Thanks.

comments: Efaw and Clark are not the only two wrestlers in A/AA in the 189 weight class, so I think it's a little arrogant to have already placed them both in the finals and declaring the winner to be the one who makes the least amount of mistakes. The cream will rise in the Civic Center!

January 16, 2003

From: Harry Dunn
comments: WVU #6 lost to Ohio State #7 On Jan.9- The Mountaineers are still 1 of the BEST teams in the country, despite the disappointing loss. Look for them to go undefeated in the EWL & take home a second straight EWL Conference Title. With Tom Mcmath, was 9th now 18th due to injury, back in the line-up will be at full strength going to National Duals. 133lber Brandon Lauer, slight ankle sprain but should be back for the Tournament.

From: guess who
comments: I just wanna wish the best of luck to all my guys at Greenbrier West while they're at the Pizza Hut Invitational up in Braxton County this weekend. Especially to my unfavorite brother Brandon and my unfavorite cousin Chad. And I hope this embarrasses you too! But anyway, good luck fellas!

comments: To the Parent of the South Wrestler: What was the comment about Jeff Jordan all about? If someone is willing to pay a coach or trainer to help improve their son/daughter (camps, etc) in their chosen sport, who cares?

From: Don
comments: To Youth Coach:
Who ever said wrestling was fair ?? Its not it is the best man or boy that wins and two month age difference won't mean nothing when it comes to middle school or high school. Example from my own personal experience my son when in six grade wrestled some ninth graders that is an age difference between 11 years his age and 15 or 16 their age. I would have welcomed a date like the one that you are talking about when we wrestled youth because my son had a late December birthday.

From: Woodrow man
comments: Josh Evans was at Nitro and didn't have a good outing. Woodrow's team as a whole didn't perform up to expectations. While excuses aren't going to be made by anyone involved with the team, a mistake was made in traveling home Friday night and not staying at Nitro. Woodrow's team arrived back in Beckley after midnight and the wrestlers ended up trying to compete Saturday on around 4 hours sleep. The competition at Nitro was to tough not be at 100% and on your game, and as a team Woodrow paid the price. I'm sure this weekend at Winner's Choice the team will regroup and be ready to show what they are made of. Congratulations to Ryan Bostic at 112 for his fine performance at Nitro in placing 4th.

comments: To WVer in Georgia
Like I said your overall rankings were (pre season). There are more than 3 WV wrestlers in the overall (mid season)rankings.

From: Wrestling dad
comments: Someday I'd like to shake your hand and personally say thank you for the unselfish contribution you make to the wrestling community by hosting this site. Most readers forget or don't even realize that you provide this site for free and spend huge amounts of personal time keeping it going. Even though my wrestler has graduated, we both check the forum daily. Thanks again.

From: Brad Petracca
email: bapetracca@hotmail.com
comments: I wanted to compliment the Parents, Coaches Mat Maids and Wrestlers of East Fairmont High School, East Junior High East Pee-Wees. Your performance this season has been outstanding and it's great to see how all of you have worked together to establish this program. The WVMAT web page is great for people like me who can't actually be there to see how well your doing. The only way for me to stay involved is by checking this site daily for updates to the forum and scores section.

In regards to the High School and Jr. High, I have to say it's awesome to read what other people say about your performance. Since I can remember, East Fairmont has never been displayed as a team that was in the top 10 of the state. Over the last 4 years you have displayed how your programs have grown into the top ten rankings. But more importantly, you have made it evident that you can wrestle with the "BIG DOGS" in and out of the state of WV. . . that alone has earned a great deal of respect within Marion County and the state. The respect you have developed originates from the your attitudes and the sacrifices you have made during your careers, as well as the precedent left behind by those individuals that came before you. Take pride in what you have accomplished, it is a wonderful paradigm change for East Fairmont Wrestling and it instills confidence and pride in the feeder programs to come. For that alone, I commend all of you!

So for what its worth . . . "Peel the onion back! " Realize that you're mid-way through your season! Review your team and individual goals and make the necessary changes to your training that will give you an advantage and allow you to achieve them.

Best Wishes and Good Luck!
Brad Petracca

From: David Haas
comments: I would like to send a huge thank you and great job! out to Marvin Shaffer, founder and coach of the Bruceton Bandits. I'm a coach with the Morgantown Wrestling Club who wrestled against Mr. Shaffer and the Uniontown club on 1/14. We had a great time! all of our wrestlers loved the experience and can not wait to hit the mat again! Marvin's club is about having fun first! and that's the right approach.
Thanks Again,
David Haas

From: fan
comments: Could someone please post the starting times for the rounds at the Winner's Choice. Trying to get an idea for travel plans. thanks
Editor's note:
Haven't got any official word on this year, but this is the way it has gone in years past....
Session 1
Weigh ins - 10:00 AM to NOON
Championship Rounds I & II -- 1:00 PM on 5 mats
Consolation Round I -- 6:00 PM on 5 mats
Championship quarterfinals -- 7:00 PM on 5 mats
Consolation Rounds II & III -- 8:30 PM on 5 mats

Session 2
Weigh ins -- 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM
Consolation round IV -- 10:00 AM on 4 mats
Championship semifinals -- 11:30 AM on 2 mats
Consolation quarterfinals -- 12:30 PM on 2 mats
Consolation semifinals -- 2:00 PM on 3 mats

Break -- Gym closed and doors will reopen at 6:00 PM

Session 3
Championship and Consolation Finals -- 6:30 PM on 4 Mats (Place Eight)

Again, this is LAST YEAR'S SCHEDULE...

From: wrestler
comments: what is your predictions for heavyweight this year. I think the heavyweight from greenbrier east has a chance to place high in states. he is a very sound and exciting wrestler to watch. if you are a heavyweight fan watch out for pat. burns from east.

January 15, 2003

From: midlife looser
comments: I like this site! For an ex WV wrestler it is awsome! I went to the Nitro wrestling tournament over the weekend and it was so fun. Ive been away from the sport for 8 years now because of a painful past. Going to that tournament was sort of theraputic. I forgot about all the great people that are involved in wrestling. Heck, i'm going to an open tournament and acting like i'm 17 again.

From: Wrestling Fan
comments: Does anybody know what the score was between Starsick & Geary at the Nitro Inv.

From: Youth coach
comments: They changed a long-standing rule and made Jan. 1 the new state youth cut-off date. WHY? This means kids that have been 13 for 2-1/2 months can wrestle 12 and under. What's fair about that?

From: Coach Jarvis
comments: I'd like to echo the comments from Coach Eakle about Coach Darst at Pt. Pleasant, but to also comment on the outstanding job that Coach Eakle and staff at East Fairmont do. Their kids are hungry and motivated to achieve. Coach Eakle seems to me to be a fine, young coach. Point and East Fairmont wrestled well all day at the "Clash", but both seemed to elevate their wrestling to a new level when they went head-to-head in the finals. It was an exciting finish. I know and respect Coach Darst, but as a coach, I wanted Coach Eakle to know how impressed I am with his program as well.

From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Someone asked for predictions on the PHS/South match next Wed.(1-22).I think the match will be close with a few key match-ups determining the outcome.The Shyver/Osuna Cotto match,Norman/Cornacelli match and the Radcliff/Wilson matches may play key roles in the final score.It may come down to who can stay off their back too!It should be exciting!Good luck to both teams!

From: in response to bfe
comments: mabe you wouldn't see very many A or AA state champions but that is becouse AAA has more kids to pick from. i know this to be true becouse if they didn't have more kids to pick from than they wouldn't be AAA. and i know that A and AA practices are just as hard as AAA.

From: Wrestling Mom
comments: To: Wrestling Fan
My son started wrestling when he was 4 he is now 10. We have been around a lot of teams and tournaments and I can positively say without a doubt the only youth state tournament is in Parkersburg, and I do not live in or near Parkersburg. Not only do they have a very good program they have a lot of class. I know alot of parents who try avoid wood county tournaments so there kids have a better chance of winning. Honestly, folks your not doing your kids any favors. Mat time is important! If they lose well hopefully they can learn something from it. It only makes them better.

From: ratteaser

comments: cameron might be strong enough now to beat oak glen at regionals. lets just say cameron has been lucky enough to get a few aces back in its deck.

From: wv allum
comments: I think this is a great site, I think it is a good thing that people come on here and talk trash. My coach used to come on here and print out sum of the things people say on here and either read it to us, or post it around the wrestling and locker rooms. Alot of the trash talk is fuel for the wrestlers fire.

comments: myers from huntington high beat evans from beckley indouble ot. myers had first takedown and chose bottom. and got away.

From: gd
comments: (forum) Dose anyone have a prediction on South and PHS match.

From: wrestler
comments: Who is wrestling and how good is the 145 for Ripley and woodrow

From: WVer in Georgia
comments: TO: Whoever commented that the WrestlingUSA.com rankings I posted were preseason rankings.
I double checked and these rankings are as of 01-01-03 and are titled "Mid Season Rankings". If you enter the website, they are the first news items on the list.

From: Fatty
comments: What are some predictions foe 215 and Hwt. as of now?

January 15, 2003

comments: hey dilworth i dont know where you came from but im glad you did all this predictions just prove you can never predict what will happen in wrestling this sport is unpredictable any thing can happen at states i have seen it many times before it happens evry year

January 15, 2003

From: bfe
comments: hey about peeps that were defending 2 a saying their is alot of wrestlers better than 3 a well sorry your wrong 2 a and 1 a has a lot of talent but if they did just make the tourney 1 big tourn and not segregate into 1a and 2a and 3a you wouldnt see many 2 a or 1a champs 3 a is very tough if thats what most of u peeps want thats fine but it wont be fun for any one it would make 3 a work alot harder and 2 a it would kill their chances of winning states og kicks butt but i dont know if any other 2 a school could hang with park south

January 15, 2003

comments: No matter what you say and no matter what you do people will argue that is why this forum is so tempting to see who is saying what.... about what wrestler. Just do your best and walk away thats all you can do. If you don't like this it may be better not to read it because lot's of these folks feed off of it....they have nothing more important to do.

January 15, 2003

comments: TO WVer in Georgia: The overall rankings are not out as of today. (you put the overall pre-season rankings up). January 15, 2003

From: Wrestling Babes
comments: In response to Eastern Panhandle Watcher's comment about who is better between Easter and Smith;I would have to say that there should be no debate between the two. They are good friends and work out together to better their talents. Please respond to this Watcher. We would like to know who your pick of the two is.

January 15, 2003

comments: The Nitro tournament was great! My son is a sophmore and wrestled for the first time there. It was a great experience. I was impressed with the quality of wrestlers that were present. Matt Easter, I must say, was most impressive. He made wrestling look like "boys play". I had an opportunity to speak with his grandparents, they, as should be, are thrilled with all three of the Easter boys. May God bless them. Have any predictions changed for 130lbs.?

January 15, 2003

comments: Was Josh Evans at the Nitro Invitational and if he was who beat him?

January 15, 2003

From: Wrestling2003
comments: TO NITRO FAN:
I was also at Nitro, and I was very well pleased with the endurance that Daran Hayes showed. Being a dedicated wrestler my whole life, I will have to agree if someone can drop down to a weight class, and not breathe heavy or loose strength then they are a He*L of a wrestler! Keep up the hard work and determination hayes. This is a war you can win! Good luck at Winners Choice.

January 15, 2003

comments: CONGRATULATIONS To Mitch Casto & John Evans on your wins at the Nitro Invitational. Keep up the hard work, it will pay off for you at states.

January 15, 2003

From: wrestling fan
comments: Does someone out there no where the West Virginia Youth States will be held this year? Not talking about Parkersburg. The State Tourn. that was held at North Marion last year. If someone could tell me , I would appreciate it. About the best in the state... lets not leave out B. Malyle....or D. Lord. two great wrestlers. ALSO THOSE TOUGH KIDS FROM JEFFERSON, THEY WILL BE TOUGH THIS YEAR. They will be at winners choice.

January 14, 2003

From: pr comments: The younger Hashman from St. Marys is Dylan and he did wrestle at Jackson county in the 152 pound class and failed to place. But the older Hashman who is Pete is in the 215 pound weight class and pinned his way through the 215 pound class. At this point of the season Pete is undefeated and has only given up 11 points total on the season winning all but two matches in the first period by pin and the other two matches were won in the second period by pin. And this past weekend St. Marys traveled to Beallsville ohio for their invitational and won the tournament. The top four in the tournament were 1st- St. Marys 2nd- Caldwell Oh. 3rd. Tusky Valley Oh. 4th. Belpre Oh.

January 14, 2003

From: WVer in Georgia
comments: WrestlingUSA.com just came out with it's midseason rankings of all high school wrestlers in the nation. Many WVa wrestlers were included in this ranking. They ranked them by grades 1) Seniors, 2) Juniors and 3) Sophs/Freshmen combined. Then they ranked all wrestlers together for an overall ranking. It can be noted that many of these wrestlers are not currently wrestling at the weights they are ranked. The following are the rankings:


103 - #20 Lucas Cappas (Morgantown)
125 - #9 Shane Grogg (Park South)
125 - #30Tie Casey Biddle (Williamstown)
130 - #11 Matt Easter (Nitro)


112 - #6 Robert Shyver (Parkersburg)
112 - #9 Kyle Turnbull (Morgantown)
112 - #28 Felix Ossuna-Coto (Park South)
112 - #30T Anthony Valles (Madonna)
119 - #30T Justin Ashley (Calhoun)
140 - #30T Brian Williamson (Parkersburg)
160 - #15 Shane Smith (Williamstown)
160 - #30T Kyle Walters (Park South)
215 - #7 Lou Thomas (Parkersburg)

Freshmen & Sophmores

112 - #25 Anthony Easter (Nitro)
119 - #3 Brandon Rader (Parkersburg)
130 - #18 Chance Litton (Parkersburg)
145 - #1 Mitch Smith (Ripley)
152 - #26 Codi Norman (Park South)
171 - #16 Bryce Pickens (Park South)

Overall (All grades)

103 - 30T Robert Shyver (Parkersburg)
125 - #14 Matt Easter (Nitro)
140 - #7 Mitch Smith (Ripley)

January 14, 2003

From: old wrestler
comments: I would like to tell everyone that i think jeff morris has improved in the last two years and i think he will win the states this year.

January 14, 2003

comments: If i am not mistaken several coaches including Jeff Jordan have helped the development of some of the most outstanding wrestlers here in West Virginia. Thanks to a good bunch of coaches from the Patriot Wrestling Club Parkersburg ,South has been leading the way for years!! My son is a South Wrestler!! Thanks for being in this sport for the Kids not money!!

January 14, 2003

comments: Just a food for thought.Remember that there are usually 3 top wrestlers that end up loosing in the State Tournament. So when the dust settles Saturday night you will see some new faces standing on the #1 spot. Parkersburg South should win another Team Title along with 3 to 4 State Champions. Dont let the 160 lb class fool you. Kyle walters will win his second Title .Not many sophmores win stepping in a weigh class above 140.He is in wrestling shape now so until he and the rest of the Team have their Titles taken away you cant have them anywhere but #1 They didnt win the Region last year but when it is SHOW TIME they will be there at the top again!!

January 14, 2003

From: SuperMan

email: superman.com

comments: I was just wondering about this:
First we see this

Tournament Team Rankings

1. Oak Glen
2. Williamstown
3. Point Pleasant ******
4. Calhoun   ******
5. Wirt
6. Berekely Springs
7. Independence
8. Shady Springs
9. Frankfort
10. Greenbrier West

Then this

Nitro Invitational 

Date: January 10-11, 2003

Team Scores
East Fairmont 203.5
Huntington 192
Calhoun Co. 159    *******
Nitro 144.5
Sheldon Clark 131.5
North Marion 129
Buckhannon Upshur 128
Shady Spring 100.5
Point Pleasant 96     *****
Cabell Midland 81
Nicholas Co. 70
Woodrow Wilson 63.5
Wirt Co. 58.5
Winfield 41
Riverside 36.5
Lewis Co. 28
Hurricane 25
Spring Valley 23
George Washington 21
Robert C. Byrd 21
Sissonville 21
Logan 14

It just go's to show how much faith you can put into polls!

Go GET EM Calhoun!!
January 14, 2003

From: In the know
comments: Word from the Parkersburg South followers is that the Best Wrestler in the State Of West Virginia is possibly going to the Big Ten to wrestle!! Keep those grades up Shane Grogg!!!!!!!!!

January 14, 2003

comments: Did Bridgeport get their high school wrestling team started?

January 14, 2003

comments: Didn't Hashman from St. Marys wrestle at the Jackson County Invitational and not place? How can he be undefeated?

January 14, 2003

comments: cappas vs turnbull on wednesday at university; should be a great match

January 14, 2003

comments: jr high comment--I would just like to say Blennerhassett has 2 wrestlers that chose to move to South as 9th graders this year If they would have stayed in the jr high program they would be making lots of noise and scoring losts of points. Good luck Blennerhassett!

January 14, 2003

comments: Does anyone know who the top place finishers where at 160 in Nitro?

January 14, 2003

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January 14, 2003
comments: i would like to say GREAT match to MiTCH CASTO...GREAT COMEBACK! and to BLaine Mayle good job man....i could see that u were in control the whole match.....it is my medical opinion though that u need to be in a little better shape to win states.....but u did save you energy til about 20 secs. to go and then just took it to him, he could not stop that nice high crouch......once again great job u 2.

January 14, 2003
From: Wrestling2003
comments: Nitro was a good tournament, to many breaks, but very nice. 145 weight class was another nail biter with Hayes. I predict him to be state champ for 145.

1. Daran Hayes
2. Foltz
3. Young
4. Waldeck

Hayes looked very impressive out at Nitro.

January 14, 2003
From: BU Wrestling Fan
comments: I would like to thank the person/persons that keep this site up to date with all the wrestling information. It must be a full time job. I personally come home from a match and pull the site up to see what has happened around the state. I would like to congratulate the winners at the Nitro Tournament and BU keep up the good work.

January 14, 2003
From: Bearcat Fan
comments: For the forum:
To everyone still making comments about the Hughes/Leach state championship match that wasn't. Please leave this subject alone. Casey Hughes is a great wrestler, and granted he was hurt last year at the State Tournament. Adam Leach finished the season with a 51-1 record with the one loss being to Mr. Hughes at the Cameron Tri-State Tournament, in early January 2002. Who knows what the outcome may have been if Leach and Hughes had gotten to wrestle in the State Tournament, almost 2 months later. As it happened this match could not and did not happen. Please let Adam enjoy his State Championship and quit talking about the match that never happened. Adam pinned his way through the State Tournament and was very deserving of the title. Best of luck to Mr. Hughes this year.

January 14, 2003
From: To: the Basketball player
comments: what r u talking about because i for one dont have a clue to what u r talkin about good luck to all wrestlers and "basketball players" at states look for IHS wrestlers at states. GO Indy!

January 14, 2003
comments: I see the perdictions for 189. You are leaving one good wrestler out from Herbert Hoover, Mccoy. He is a good wrestler. I think he will place high in states.

January 14, 2003
RE: Jefferson Invitational
Jefferson placed 2nd, while Arch Bishop curley lost to Jefferson at a tri meet but manged to finish 1st in the JIT's. For Jefferson Cody Gustines won 1st at 140, and Stevie Reynolds also 1st at 130. Jefferson had five wrestlers go to the finals they were John Smith, Darrell Dorsey, and Justin Hawes. Jefferson had nine wrestlers go to the semi finals they were Scott Chapman, John Smith, Zane Carroll, Steve Reynolds, Darrell Dorsey, Codie Gustines, Corie Gustines, Justin Hawes, and Bill Walters.

103 Championship: Codie Gustines at 140 1st
112 Championship: Stevie Reynolds at 130 1st
119 Championship: January 14, 2003

We are the wrestlers, we work hard not for fame...but because it's what we have to do to survive out there! Eight month's out of the year we work...just to get ready for a four month season! Wrestlers do all of this so that the people we love are proud, not so you can live your life through us! I love this forum and I think it's a great tool for everyone...but sometimes, I swear that I am reading stuff from Hannity and Colmes! Don't get me wrong, different opinion's are just as good as constructive critism...to a point. All of these predictions from parents, all of these ill feelings for certain successful teams, and for all of the kids that get left out of "your" rankings...Im tired of it!

Let the State Rankings decide who is who! Wreslers wrestle, coaches coach, Parents cheer, and if everyone does there job...we can rid this added pressure! I have never been one to spit out more than I was willing to have to swallow in the long run! It happens every year fans...the best man that day, wins! Upsets happen, the best sometimes get stuck, beating me today may not happen tomorrow, but it's all apart of the sport that we love...thank's for allowing me to "voice my opinion"!

January 14, 2003
comments: come on people we need to get some more predictions and stuff this forum is slowing down we need to get it going again, also we need the individual place winners from Nitro

January 14, 2003
From: nitro fan
comments: I agree the wrestling this year at Nitro was exceptional. I think the most impressive thing i saw though wasn't really wrestling but the endurence of a certain wrestler. I watched this kid, who is also a quite gifted wrestler, wrestle 3 matches all fairly close and he never seemed out of breath at all. I also heard alot of complaining about the same kid because he dropped a weightclass saying he was "avoiding good competition" well if you can drop a weight class and be in that good of shape more power to you. But all I know is North Marion's Daran Hayes earned at least one fan this weekend. good luck Daran and keep up the good Hard work!

January 14, 2003
From: wrestling fan
comments: I Have Heard That parkersburg South Is Going To The WSAZ Tourn. This Year. If This Is True This Tourn. Has Just Tougher, Thanks SOUTH.

January 12, 2003
From: St. Marys Fan
comments: Congratulations to St. Marys on their big win at Beallsville, OH this weekend, dispite the fact that 5 wrestlers had to move-up due to Ohio's weight allowance not kicking in until later in Jan. Special congratulations to Pete Hashman on his undefeated record of 19 Pins-0, 17 of which never made it through the first period. You go ANIMAL!! Also, a big congrats to Bobby Loar and Dale Everett on their first place showing. Go SMHS!!!

January 12, 2003
From: grafton wrestler
comments: I see that Trampas Efaw & Josh Clark's names have been tossed around about who is the best at 189 AA. Well, this weekend at the Cameron Tournament, Efaw beat Clark 8-4, so I hope this will clear some things up for you all.

January 12, 2003
From: The Basketball Player
comments: I got so mad the other day when I got ready to go to practice and some crazy backwoods mountain folk had put a blue thing on my basketball floor that they their said was a RESILITE. Well before I got even a chance to dribble my ball on this nice little soft cushion two little snot nosed kids that could not have weighed as much as a big sack of taters started a ruckus in a pair of spandex overalls that had been cut up above the knee. Well,I decided to throw in a chaw of bacca and began to sit down with all them there other folks in the folding chairs on the side of that RESILITE. And do you want to know what I saw? I'm gonna tell ya.

First of all for the person who talked about the dirty wrestler and how people brag and brag about him. For the very small amount of people in this state who actually knows about wrestling we know which wresler you are talking about. I have seen this "wrestler" many, many times and know the family. I am not from his area and am looking at this totaly from afar. Wrestling is a toughman sport. If this wresler is as dirty as you say he is he would never win a match due to disqualification. I do not believe in flagrant cheating and would like to say this kid is no where near there. Intensity is not dirty! On average about five percent of all West Virginia state champs each year receive a full division one scholarship! I would like to say to the dirty wrestler that if all the wrestlers in this state would work as hard as you [on and off the mat] this state would be a lot better off. And about the comment on what his coaches and parents are gonna turn him into.
Editor's note: Am I missing something here????

January 12, 2003

January 12, 2003
comments: to 152 predictor
did you not see what everyone else saw at nitro!
morris did not just win but did so convincingly!
you better hope hughes gets by tracewell first before you say he is #1.

January 12, 2003
From: wrestling fan
comments: I agree that there was alot of great wrestling at Nitro. The tournament was good for the kids except I have never been to a tournament that took so many breaks and long breaks......

January 12, 2003
comments: well , you do have to be a TOUGH man to wrestle. If it was an easy sport, everyone would do it. If you can't take the pain, then quit.

January 12, 2003
comments: is it true that grim is coming back for hedgesville when the report cards come out and if he does he will be a big help.and what will he be wrestling

January 12, 2003
From: ZZZ
comments: what were the individual results of the nitro invitational?? also..103 AAA easter would be my choice to win state...

From: ZZZ
comments: to wrestling dad....are you sure about your top wrestlers in AAA...grogg and gibbs didnt even win state last year..the might this year but heres how i see it...mitch smith, matt easter, rader..those are my top 3

January 12, 2003
From: WVwrestlinfan
comments: So what did you think about the Nitro tourny? Pretty good turn out. Oh yeah, did you see Chapman, looks like he's back!

January 12, 2003
From: Coach Shane Eakle
comments: I would like to take a minute to congratulate Point Pleasant Middle school on their performance at the "Valley Clash 2"! I would also like to say that not only does point pleasant represent thier community on the mats, but off the mats as well. They are really a class act!! I think you guys wrestled your butts off and it showed. I think this is a direct reflection of thier head Coach. Coach Darst is one of the best coaches in the middle school ranks in WV and the commitment and respect he shows his kids is easy to see in the way they respond to him. Good luck to all of you on the rest of the season. And to Point's 135-45 pounder James Casto one of the best i've seen in a long time at the middle school level keep up the hard work.
Congrats again and best wishes,
Shane Eakle

January 12, 2003
From: FAN
comments: anyone have 103 predictions for AAA????????

January 12, 2003
From: Fan
comments: Come on people. Lets here some stuff about Middle schools and Jr. Highs. Lets have some predictions, scores, and some talk about wreslters. Thanks

January 12, 2003
From: WrestlerDad
comments: Best in State (AAA) 1 Mitch Smith, 2 Matt Easter or Daran Hays, 3 Grogg, 4 Lord, 5 Gibbs, 6 Rader

January 12, 2003
From: 152 predictor
comments: correction on the AAA 152. thought the older gustines was at 152, my bad. Evans moves to 4th (sorry Norman took a top 20 wrestler to OT at Va.Duals so he keeps 3rd for now and is probably the "newcomer" most likely to win states.adkins from JM goes to 5th after beating cornicelli. any suggestions for 6th?

casey hughes looked impressive at tri-states pinning 15-1 Efaw in 56 seconds in semis and having King from Magnolia forfeit to him in the finals after gaining a victory 3 days before. Dont blame King, it wasn't his choice, but it wont be close when they meet up again. they may not though as i see king finishing probably 4th in the region and Hughes 1st. even though he got one from hughes,it was a motivational loss. i dont even really see a rematch being close. my #1 and #4 will meet at tyler this week as hughes meets tracewell. tracewell is my #4 but i believe he is a better wrestler technique wise than morris or wharton. tracewell and bosley are my dark horses for 2nd and 3rd, so dont be surprised if they beat morris and wharton at states

January 12, 2003
comments: i love how everyone from outside of region 1 thinks there kids are going to walk through states and when they get to huntington, 3 or 4 kids who place are from region 1. just because you dont see oak glen every week at your little coal / backwoods duals, doesn't mean they dont have good kids. you dont hear about them because shaw and crew dont get on here and talk about how good their kids are. could u ppl please give the toughest region some respect.

January 12, 2003
From: wrestling fan
comments: comment to ZZZ: Starsick did drop to 189. He won at Nitro Invitational though I heard he had the flu. I think he could beat at 189 or 215 in Huntington. Congrats to all the champs at Nitro. Way to go guys!

January 12, 2003
From: Sick of the dirt
comments: Has anyone else noticed that unsportsman like behavior such as temper tantrums and refusing to shake hands is becoming acceptable behavior out on the mat. Also, I understand that there is pain involved with this sport but certain wrestlers are dirty, dirty, dirty and you all just brag, brag, brag about them. I am finding it very hard to like this sport when I see adult, role models, encouraging the behavior that I am witnessing lately. Is this wrestling or is it the Toughman constest period. Should I trade my kids headgear in for the boxing headgear so that he can practice? You adults set the future and standards - I hope that you can handle what you create.

From: Southside fan
comments: Can anyone tell me if the WSAZ has a website - or if there is a schedule posted somewhere? Thanks.

January 12, 2003
From: Ken Chertow
email: ken@kenchertow.com
comments: Congratulations to Matt Easter on his commitment to Cornell. Hard work truly does make dreams come true.

I see Matt's name along with Mitch Smith's getting tossed around as best in WV. They definitely have my vote, and I look forward to seeing them compete at State.

I have known Matt and Mitch were destined to achieve great success for a long time. When they were kids training at my Huntington Wrestling School, they always drilled together twice as hard as everyone around them, and rest assured we had plenty of other dedicated kids in the wrestling room. Matt and Mitch drill and train with much intensity and have worked hard for many years to perfect their diverse arsenals of attacks.

It has been rewarding to Matt and Mitch progress every summer at my camps. Their commitment and intensity is paying off. Anthony Easter is also a very dedicated wrestler. Though he does not possess the power of fellow super sophomore Mitch, his skills are extremely good. I expect Anthony to climb to the top of podium at States the next 3 years. He may end up being only one wrong move away from winning 4 titles.

I encourage wrestlers of all ages, parents, and coaches to make plans to go to Columbus, Ohio this weekend to witness some awesome college wrestling at the National Dual Meet Championships. I hope seeing this event inspires many WV Wrestlers to shoot for the stars.

Please note competition is Saturday and Sunday, so if you have a competition Saturday, you can still go Sunday.

When I was a sophomore in high school my most dedicated teammates and I went with some dads to watch the NCAA Championships. W ehad to drive to Ames, IA, much further than Ohio. It was an incredible experience for me. Watching the NCAA's anyway, NOT the drive. I still remember that NCAA's vividly to this day, and I have since been to over 20 NCAA's, hundreds of major events, and thousands of matches.

Witnessing that first NCAA Championship at age 15 helped me realize what I wanted to achieve in the future. Earning a college schoalrship and becoming an elite college wrestler became a very real goal for me, rather than just a vague dream.

Make plans to go to Ohio next weekend if at all possible.

Ken Chertow
Huntington High '84
Penn State '89
1988 U.S.A. Olympian

Gold Medal Training Camp

January 12, 2003
comments: Congratulations to East Fairmont for their performance in the Nitro Invitational. You boys made us proud! A special congrats to Blane Mayle for getting his 150th career win with his championship title. You're a fine young man and one of a kind. Good luck to all!!

January 12, 2003
From: ZZZ
comments: to wrestling fan.....i dont know who all is in 215 but i do know that starsick is at 189 now... and other than that i dont know of any really tough competition for him

January 12, 2003
comments: When will the undefeated wrestlers be posted?
Editors note: We usually start keeping track after Winners Choice and Braxton Pizza Hut.

January 12, 2003
From: chuck

January 12, 2003
From: Mr Wrestling 2 and a half
comments: Best in State (AAA) 1 Mitch Smith, 2 Matt Easter, 3 Grogg, 4 Lord, 5 Gibbs, 6 Rader

January 11, 2003
comments: that is bulls*** that u did not post my comment about wanting to know what coaches vote on the polls

January 11, 2003
comments: I would like to see more information about Wirt and Williamstown. They don't seem to post their duals or other scores. Why is that?

January 11, 2003
From: Fan
comments: 130 AA/A predictions are fair only one thing catches my eye Jessie Mayhan? How can you have this kid winning it as a freshman over Derek Scarbro/Shady and Brian Mills/Indy. Good luck to all wrestlers

January 11, 2003
From: wrestler
comments: it looks like somebody is running from some people in 112. He is looking for the easy way to be state champ.

January 11, 2003
From: Jeff H.
comments: Who do you people think the top freshman (disincluding Wood County Jr High) in each weight class are in this area? (high school weight classes, OH and WV, atleast 2-3 ppl in each class)

January 11, 2003
From: wrestling 101
comments: To wrestles2live: My opinion is most likely a bit biased as I mostly see region 1 wrestling, but no wrestler has impressed me as much as Rader. I would also say that Easter and Mitch Smith could easily be argued as the best in the state. Both wrestlers are more than impressive and likely have very bright college wrestling careers ahead of them. Who would you consider WV's best? There are some good ones. Also, why would you assume that I am from Ohio (close but not quite)? I have either coached or been a fan in WV for quite some time (and I do reside in WV) now and feel that my comments are quite researched. Later,101

January 11, 2003
From: wrestling 101
comments: That Hayes from North Marion is tough. Heard he had a nail biter with The kid from Morgantown. He might be another one to watch at 145.

January 11, 2003
From: wrestlin fan
comments: to ZZZ: sayin lou thomas will have no competition in 215 is sayin alot dont u think...its is a pretty tough weight class this year and to say that he will walk through it with ease is pretty hard to believe

January 11, 2003
From: ready
comments: who has match predictions for phs vs south

January 11, 2003
From: Dean Moore Patriot Wrestling Club
comments: I know there is alot of talk about who is the best wrestler out there but if you look at what Matt Easter has done so far how could you not consider him the best wrestler in WV. Not only is he a good student , his grades and his goals for himself in life is outstanding. He is tough,very hard-nosed kid and a 3 time State Champion. I think that this young man is outstanding and if i was a wrestling coach in the High School level i would want a entire team like him!! Maybe there are a few younger wrestlers working their way up, none compare to Matt!!

January 11, 2003
From: dg
comments: Gilmer County does not have a wrestling team. Whoever wrote or said that probably got Gilmer confused with Calhoun.

January 11, 2003
From: fan
comments: This is just my opinion of the top five wrestlers in the state.
1. Matt Easter
2. Mitch Smith
3. Shane Smith
4. Danny Lord
5. Brandon Rader

January 11, 2003
From: FaNz2003
comments: For the person that predicted Daran Hays to be 3rd in the state for 152, you need to catch up on the news bud.. Hays wrestles at 145 and he will be STATE CHAMP ALL THE WAY!! Now for the AA-A Class, I think Daniel Whiteman (119) will be the state champ for that weight class.. He's been making peoples heads turn as well.. GOOD LUCK DARAN HAYS AND DANIEL WHITEMAN

January 11, 2003
From: Woodrow man
comments: I know who Norman is and I know what he has done at the youth level.I also know that the 152 pound class AAA (not AA) last season was a meat grinder and Evans was in the thick of it. I know that Porter, Kelly and Norman are very talented. I also know that Wharton finished 5th "AA" at states last year at 145. I also know that Gustines is the younger brother of the Gustines who finished 2nd at 140 AAA last year ( the one you refer to was in Junior High). I also know that Norman was 2-2 at Ironman and did not place.

January 11, 2003
From: wrestle2live
comments: To-wrestling 101. No doubt Rader looks good again this year, but I think you're being a little biased. You need to also look outside Wood Co. and see some other wrestlers.
I know you live in Ohio, so you need to make sure that you've researched a little better prior to posting such on this forum, especially since you aren't from WV.

January 11, 2003
From: ZZZ
comments: 215 AAA lou thomas should win with ease because starsick dropped to 189..he beat geary from east fairmont 7-1 whcih from what i know will be his only competition this year

January 11, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Brookie: Thanks for the kind words and I'll shake your hand too.Souths not in the OVAC anymore(were several years ago).I had a good friend's son(Dan Jones-Martins Ferry ) who won the OVACS and finished 2nd in Ohio states a few years ago.The OVAC tourney is one tough tourney with brackets larger than the WV state tourney.Did'nt know we played Brooke in football next year..should be fun to watch! Good luck Bob "The Brookie"..look forward to seeing you and many South and Brooke wrestlers in Huntington!

January 11, 2003
From: wt
comments: i'm still wondering why everyone is putting ashley over biddle in the predictions for a/aa in 125. if you're going by records then you need to realize that biddle was up against AAA and out of state schools in some of the regular season matches. ashley may have wrestled some AAA and out of state but definitely not as many as biddle.

January 11, 2003
From: Private007
comments: I have been inspecting the AA/A matches, and I think that the 119 weight class predictions are wrong.
1. Daniel Whiteman
2. Brandon Clark
3. Jesse Biddle
so put that in your pipe n smoke it !

January 11, 2003
From: Rhinocort
comments: I think the AAA 145 weight class predictions are out of this world.. It should be:
1. Daran Hays
2. Davis
3. Foltz
Daran Hays will be the State champ for 145 !!!

January 10, 2003

Steve Flowers
Eric Metz
Sam Dennis

Matt Wharton
Jeff Morris
Casey Hughes

Shane Smith
Andy Stewart
Garrett Railing

Ray Burge
Chris Miller
Mark Smith

January 10, 2003
From: brookie
comments: hey gator...did you know that brooke & south are playing football this year coming up. if you come up for that and need a place to crash...let me know so we can tip a few.

January 10, 2003
From: brookie
comments: south wrestling fan........i will look you up at states and shake your hand.......i'm that kinda guy. does south wrestle the ovac's? you have restored my faith have a great day. bob

January 10, 2003
From: coach
comments: Roadrunner, the Jr. high/Middle School/Freshman Poll is not an exact science. There is no system for judging strength of schedule, power points, etc., like high school football, for example. In some cases the people voting go with past reputation and may not be informed of the most recent developments for team comparison. It is strange how a team will sometimes be ranked ahead of a school in their own category, yet ranked behind them in the overall. My position is that it's nice to be recognized on the poll, but all we can do is keep trying to wrestle better. It has very little to do with how successful you have been, but I understand your point.

January 10, 2003
From: to whoever asked about the gustines
comments: codie is at 140 again and his younger brother corie is at 160. and to th person who asked where the jefferson invitational will be held...ITS AT JEFFERSON H.S.

January 10, 2003
From: LKC Fan
comments: I seen that Gilmer Co. is suppose to go to Nitro but I did not know they had a wrestling team, is this true??????????

January 10, 2003
From: Jordan
comments: To Old school I put Gungle first and I have him third right now its not because the weight class is weak its because the competion of last year left and the competion this year is different just because there are not a lot of strong kid that stand out does not make the weight class weak. I thought the weight class i wrestled in my sophomore year was weak because I only 10 matches but I was wrong I was getting stronger....
Good Luck to all wrestlers and i hope that all of you improve as your career goes along!

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