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January 23, 2004
comments: WSAZ update for South fans: All varsity wrestlers still in the championship bracket and only two JV wrestlers out of the tournament. Lots of pins tonight. Sean Smith (152) is not wrestling - fluid on the knee I think.

January 23, 2004
comments: Many great wrestlers can ride their opponets and hold them down for a period, but that doesnt mean the bottom guy can just do nothing, they have to fight to get up and out. Stalling is a good rule, if we didnt have stalling, then how many guys would stall the whole match if they faced someone real good? Way to many OT matches if the stalling call was not a rule.

January 23, 2004
From: Just a thought
comments: Many people throughout the state send a message as if the probable top three state finishers are almost always going to be Oak Glenn, Williamstown, and Cameron. All three have wrestled quite well this year and are always very tough. As powerfull as they are I feel as though not really a sleeper, but a solid core of wrestlers from Calhoun may suprise not fans or writers but wrestlers themselves. Price, Cummings, Gungle, Ramsey, and of course Goodrich are all good wrestlers not necessarily overlooked. Athletically i believe if those wrestlers stay focussed those wrestlers can place very high in States and should place 1 or 2 in the LKC's. Then the simple picks to finish 1st in both LKC's and states arrive when you talk about a dominate senior in Justin Ashley, and an absolute athletic machine and workhorse in Eric Metz. If a few guys here and there dont perform well from the opposing schools, Calhoun should have a definate shot at winning States. This weekend Calhoun hosts their Invitational, I expect 4-6 Champions from the Red Devils.

January 23, 2004
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: I was impressed by several of the South and PHS boys in the Wednesday dual.South had great performances from Kellar,McCray,Dunn,both Smiths,Norman(because he was sick)and Walters.Not all is lost in losing as Aaron Kelly and Josh Davis both performed well.Parkersburg high has a 4 timer in Rader and a 3 timer in Thomas.Dearman,Lindamood and Litton wrestled well.Zac,you are right on schedule and are stepping it up at the right time! PHS may be # 16 or 17 in the country,but for now they are # 2 in the state of West Virginia!

January 23, 2004
comments: RE: OVAC tournament results
Anyone interested in seeing what is happening in Wheeling at the OVAC tournament can go to www.ovac.org to get information. They keep this pretty well updated.

January 23, 2004
From: Homer Northwood
comments: I think one of the goals of every wrestler who steps on a mat is "not to get pin". Thier first goal being to get the pin.
I find it hard to believe when the defensive wrestler from the referees position WORKS (not given) his way up and garners an escape, faces his opponent and has him backing up when the offensive wrestler side steps and pushes the defensive wrestler out of bounds, and the defensive wrestler is called for his third stall. It's obvious the defensive wrestler was the aggressor and doing all the work. I don't understand the logic of the stall call.

January 23, 2004
comments: what time does the wsaz start wrestling tonight.haven't seen it posted as of yet.
Editor's note: Check in the Headline Events section near the top of the front page, click the links...

January 23, 2004
From: Crossface
comments: Can someone keep us updated on the OVAC matches asap?

January 23, 2004
From: Jenny Sullivan
email: sullivj2@ohio.edu

comments: To WVer in Georgia: Thanks for the nice words! I know I tend to write long articles a lot and I appreciate it when people take the time to read them.

I actually played around with taking some short video clips with my new digital camera (that I've only had a few days), but I haven't had a chance to load the software on my computer yet. My goal was to have a small clip of each match, sort of like Doc did with the Winners Choice finals, but I need an SD card with more memory to do that. But I'm still playing so who knows.

But anyway, thanks again for reading. And hey, could you email me sometime when you get a chance? I have a question for you. Thanks! Jenny

January 23, 2004
From: Buddy
comments: Fairmont Senior wrestled North Marion in a close dual the Polar Bears came out on top though because they did some revising of thier lineup which stunded the Huskies Because they were tottally unaware of the change ups in the Bears line up they started at 135 and Mike Michalski got a well deserved pin on Tra Mchenry to start off the match then it went to Spencer Ford who Maj. decisioned Miller, the bears were up 10 to zip then it went on to 145 where DRew retton wrestled watson that was the first win fot the huskies the match was set at 10-3. Then to 152 the polar bears stephan mick wrestled Cambell which was a close match mick locked up a craddle in the second but could not hold on the match ended with a decision now 160 was a great match with jason davis comin out on top of a overtime win. 171 john strother had a nice pin for the bears to bring the match to 19-6 Bears advantage. Matt delligatti picked a pin along with drew muck .Matt Bosley got a forfeit. That br! ought the bears out to a 37-6 run and the huskies started to win some matches but the bears were just out on top to far the bears won the dual 37-34 in a well deserved win for the Polar Bears

January 23, 2004
From: Rebel Wrestling Fan
comments: Good luck to the Rebel wrestling team led Seniors Brad Swiger, Travis Boone, Jeremy Wince and freshman Chuckie Richards,Adam Congdon,Shawn Robinson and Donovan Suttle Saturday @ Calhoun. Wrestle to the end and good things will happen!

comments: Good Luck to 215 Jacob Lowe of Wirt County this weekend @ WSAZ's

January 23, 2004
comments: Here is the WVSSAC rule on participating in outside events.
127-2-10 Non-School Participation
10.1. During the school year and while a member of a school team, a student shall neither participate on any formally organized non-school team in the same sport, nor shall the student compete as an individual unattached in non-school formally organized competition in the same sport. The following sports are exempted from the provisions of this rule: cheerleading, cross country, golf, swimming, tennis, track, and wrestling, providing:

10.1.1. participation is approved by the student's principal.

10.1.2. the student misses no school-sponsored athletic contest involving a team in that sport.

10.2. A student may participate as a member of a national team (and the actual, direct tryouts thereof) which is defined as:

10.2.1. one selected by the national governing body of the sport,

10.2.2. while representing the National Federation in an International Schoolsport Federation, or

10.2.3. as a representative of the United States in recognized national or international events.

10.3. A student who has participated on a non-school team or as an individual unattached in non-school formally organized competition after the beginning practice date of that sport will be ineligible for participation on that school team for that season in that particular sport except as provided by Rules 127-2-10.1 and 10.2.

January 23, 2004
From: AK
comments: Just wanted to wish Jeff Noechel (former east fairmont state champ) good luck with his East Fairmont middle school team at the WSAZ's

January 23, 2004
From: dg
comments: Matt Ashley and Malcolm Ashley both won the LKC title twice or more. Matt won it four times for Spencer and Malcolm won the title for Spencer and Calhoun.

As a matter of fact Chuck and Joe Mills -- both from Wirt County -- won two LKC titles each. So the Lowe brothers, while doing very well for themselves, aren't even the first two Tiger brothers to win two LKC titles.

January 23, 2004
From: answer to quetion
comments: Yes, stalmates can be called any time in a match regardless of period, time, or sudden death. I stalmate is simply; " a situation which never wrestler can imporve his position and score." I would think you would defintley want stalmates called in sudden death or the clock is running. I thought it was a good call. WOW what a match

January 23, 2004
comments: Is it possible for two teams from West Virginia to be ranked in the top 25 in the country? Or are West Virginians content when we just have one team ranked? The Mid-Ohio Valley should be proud of what their area is accomplishing on a national basis.

January 23, 2004
comments: How can Seth Easter wrestle in Tulsa the same weekend that his school team hosts it's own tournament? I thought the WVSSAC had a rule against competing when your school team has a scheduled event.

January 22, 2004
From: parkfan
I just got back from the first round of the OVAC, Great pool of talent this year. Park's Green103, Rush 112, and Humphrey 119, remain undefeated. Other wins for Park by Nelson,Kennedy, Mestrovic,Gibson,Tominack, and Staub. Brooke is currently in first. It's just the first night for the 401 wrestlers, so the matches can only get better for the next two days. 20 bucks for the all session pass and -10 below wind chills, it can't be beat. I'll try to post some team scores Friday night. Cameron's HWT Manning got beat for the second time in a week by Park's HWT. First time in double OT.

January 22, 2004
From: got a question.
comments: after watching the phs /south dual Iam a bit confused about a call made during the 119 match. I am not saying the ref. made a bad call in any way. what Im refering to is in the 2nd o.t.period phs chose down,the south wrestler gets legs in and rides out until the ref. calls ,what appeared to me a stalemate with 3 seconds left. Are stalemates called in 2nd o.t.periods? or did something else happen here that I missed?

January 22, 2004
From: South Fan in Huntington
comments: The south/big red match last night was the best I have seen in my 35 years of watching wrestling in this state. I hate to admit it but I still think that PHS has a better tournament team and will have to beat themselves to lose it...kinda like in 2002!

January 22, 2004
From: SSWrestler
comments: TO: mathMATician
I meant it as work ethic it was a typo and you cant unsubmit once you have already sent it in I jus figured u would know what I was talking about. Guess I was wrong

January 22, 2004
comments: Swami, your crystal ball must be busted. After your top 2 or 3, your projections are way off. Some examples are: Ripley will be much higher than you have them. Williamstown will definitely be much higher, nearer to or in the top 5. Clay, although tough and with a few good seeds, won't be near as high as you have them. Spencer should be a little higher- they have several that could make it deep into the tournament. Blennerhassett won't be as high as you have them. Edison is way too low. Cabell Midland 9 may be higher, Trap Hill, etc. It goes on and on. You basically have them all out of whack, but that's your projection and you have the right to your opinion and support whatever teams you like. What do you know about the Miami Trace and Inez guys? They seem to have garnered respect with the actual tournament seeds and in your projections. Can you vouch for their perceived high status going in? Any common opponents with the other teams, ...?

January 22, 2004
comments: Chris Morris won LKC's 3 times and brother Jeff Morris won it twice. So Jacob and Mark Lowe wont be the first brothers to win it twice

January 22, 2004
From: WVer in Georgia
comments: I just wanted to say "thanks" to Jenny Sullivan on her vivid description of the PHS-South dual last night. Being a South grad and living in Georgia, it is nice to get a little more insight than just the "box score". Thanks for the visuals!

January 22, 2004
From: to whd
comments: the 130 class this week at musselman should be great. with smith- jeff, grim-hed. brewster-un. and va. state champ from clark co. childs who grim lost to 3-1 at berkeley springs.

January 22, 2004
From: The Editor
We put up some video clips from the Winners Choice tournament AT THIS LINK this week - just to see if it could be done. I'm not sure Internet technology is quite to the point of displaying video clips. Unless you have a fast computer and a fast connection, and a lot of patience, it can be frustrating trying to view video on the internet. Have any readers actually been able to view the video clips? What's the verdict of the readers??

January 22, 2004
comments: hey i was checkin out last year's rankings and on Feb.1 individual rankings..Dustin Richey from JM wasnt ranked and he went on to win a state title...does anyone have any sleeper predictions for this year

January 22, 2004
From: Iron
comments: South Wrestling Fan: We saw who the better team was LAST NIGHT, the best team will win the state tournament. As you can recall, PHS did finish alot better at the ironman(not trying to compare this to the state tourny because there is no comparison). Anyways I'm not making excuses, I do believe though that the majority of the state finals matches will include south and phs wrestlers. Also for the rankings, I dont know if south will be ranked because of their not so high finishes at the ironman and reno tourny. PHS will prolly drop a few spots. Oh well, the national rankings dont really matter because its to hard to predict who is better than who. Other than that, phs still has tons of matches left, a big quad saturday. They also wrestle great bridge whcich i believe is ranked in the top 10 nationally. And a big dual with brooke which should be good. South with JM and universtity will be a couple good duals. But one loss isnt gonna stop the big reds, south may be on a high right now but they gotta continue to focus to. Theres still about a month a a few days before the big dance. anything can happen

January 22, 2004
From: Retired ref
comments: I saw south beat Oak Glen and watched them come out ahead of PHS.Both very well wrestled matches.South-PHS match was possibly the most evenly contested bout I have ever seen.From where I sat,both teams gave a fine accounting of themselves.The official was very consistent,his line calls were made the same every time,all the rest of the calls in a match like that will take care of themself.I thought conditioning was a factor for some of the matches,but when you get to the level of these two teams the wrestling will almost seem like stalling,but the number of stalemates called indicate some very good wrestling..I look forward to watching the state tmt.Should be a donnybrook..Good luck to both..

January 22, 2004
comments: How about some predictions for WSAZs.

January 22, 2004
From: Edison Parent
comments: The comment made about the Edison vs. East Fairmont wrestling match was a little misguided. Per the schedule that Edison coach's had Edison would be wrestling Ripley 1 & 2 and East Fairmont. It did not state that Ripley would be wrestling East Fairmont. These two teams had already wrestled twice before and Edison had not wrestled Fairmont yet. So when you are wrestling on a school night and your last match isn't gonna start until 8:30 and end somewhere around 10:00 and the East Fairmont team had a 2 hour travel back time it looks like the smart thing to do here was let Edison and East Fairmont wrestle the second match and forget about wrestling Ripley again. I don't know about these other schools but our kids have to be at school the next day or are not allowed to wrestle their next match. It's okay if adults want to stay up late but these kids need sleep or they can't perform at school the next day. Gee, I thought education was supposed to come first before extra curricular activities. The parents from East Fairmont weren't any happier than the Edison parents were about the situation and it looks to me like the decision about changing the schedule should have been up to the two teams it was gonna affect.

January 22, 2004
email: 189 WSAZ
comments: this is how it is lined up for 189
1 Robert Ward IND.
2 Jacob Mccoy Hoover
3 James Nelson HHS
4.Lauderman Williamstown. Not to sure about fifth and sixth
5. Radcliff PS
As u can see this is going to be a tough weight class to watch.

January 22, 2004
comments: Congradulations to SETH EASTER on winning the TULSA NATIONALS.. at 135lbs
I scrolled through the results and he is the only WV wrestler I saw that placed.. Look out Easter will be a freshman next year.
I saw Mike Prince from Shady was seeded 6th but failed to place.. Good Job though.....

January 22, 2004
From: Wrestle
comments: im going to have to say, that the Best WV wrestling tournment of the year will be this weekend at WSAZ. It features 3 of the top 5 teams in the state. Other than this tournment, the only tournment that beats its, and is by far the best in the state is the MSAC tournment. But since it is a conference turn. I was not counting it. MSAC has, Parkersburg, Huntington, Ripley, Nitro... and many more good teams.

January 22, 2004
From: retired matmaid
comments: South wrestling has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. Now, away at college, not really knowing any of the wrestlers, it is hard not to be there to see the important matches like the one South wrestled last night. I have no doubt in my mind that south could, would and will beat PHS and any other team that challenges us. Just keep your head on straight and always wrestle from the heart, that is what leads to the big wins and has always given south wrestlers the advantage everytime! GOOD LUCK BOYS, can't wait til you come down to my town to win the state!

January 22, 2004
comments: State will be very interesting to see who wins, heres who i think will place fromsouth and phs. placers: kelley, porter, smith, cotto, smith, norman, walters, radcliffe, dorton
PHS placers:ewing, hayes, shyver, rader, litton, lindamood, thomas, and dearman....South with 9 PHS with 8. South should have shaun smith, sean smith, norman, and walters in the state finals. PHS should have shyver, rader, litton, thomas,. and dearman. Im not knowledgeable about the point system of state tournament but it will definitely be a barn burner.

January 22, 2004
From: Swami
comments: Projected WSAZ finish
1 Point Pleasant;
2 East Fairmont;
3 Western Greenbrier;
4 Miami Trace;
5 Charles Town;
6 Clay Co.;
7 Mannington;
8 Spencer;
9 Milton;
10 Inez, KY;
11 Blennerhassett;
12 Independence;
13 Edison;
14 Andrew Jackson;
15 Cabell Midland 9;
16 Elkview;
17 Ripley;
18 Taylor County;
19 Williamstown;
20 Calhoun;
21 Sissonville;
22 Wirt Co.;
23 Cammack;
24 Braxton;
25 Cabell Midland 9-B;
26 McKinley;
27 Trap Hill;
28 Park;
29 Chesapeake;
30 Shady Springs.

January 22, 2004
From: DUDE
comments: Hey north marion wrestles fairmont west tonight i think the huskies are in for a long ride and even if they do some weight class fliping the bears will still come out victorious!!!

January 22, 2004
From: watchingjr wrestling
comments: The comments that were made regarding Henry Miller and Mitch were not putting Mitch down at all. It just seams that everyone who has commented knows Henry. He is a great kid and for his work ethic, he not only went to Quest 3-4 times a week but also wrestled with WVU's Shane Cunanan during the summer and preseason. He wrestled 5-7 days a week sometimes both places in one day. There are not many kids that have his commitment and it will pay off for him. Maybe Mitch does but I do not know him, only Henry. We will see great things from him in the future. GO HENRY, we are wathing you!!

January 22, 2004
From: not sure
comments: correct me if i'm wrong, but i think that if lowe wins LKC's this year than him and his brother mark will be the first pair of brothers to win LKC's twice. but please correct me if i'm wrong.

January 22, 2004
From: unbelievable
comments: Souths victory was amazing, their guys stepped it up and they got the job done. They were much more aggressive than PHS and seemed more determined. Phs thought they had it in the bag, now they have a reality check and will have to work harder if they want to win regionals or state. Both teams have a long way to go still.

From: I BE OLD
comments: to PHS fan. Several bouts on both sides were "DO NOT GET PINNED". In a way, some mathes were a little boring, but each team was trying to keep the other team from scoring points. It was a fun nite. Good luck to both teams.

Wrestling Fan
comments: Wow what a duel. PSHS and PHS both showed alot of heart. The Lindamood and Radcliff match showed what kind of heart these kids have. Both had their heads busted open when the butted heads. Each one got bandaged up and went back at it again. Both sides when severly overmatched with opponants chose to wrestle to not get pinned and that was interesting also. Even though Josh Davis lost to Lou Thomas that was still a "win" for Davis. Codi Norman and Kyle Walters looked impressive and Kellar is coming along. Nathan Hall was really agressive against Rader and even though he got pinned he didn't back off and went after him. Dearman is definetly the best heavyweight in the state. It amazedd me how a kid of his size could dbe so quick. Congrats to both teams and their is no doubt they are 1-2. If PHS is No.17 in the Country what is South?

From: sfan
comments: congrats to all the winners at the south/phs dual.remember south,that regional and states will be the more important victories, stay focused and keep workin hard. dont let up now because i PROMISE you the big reds are going to work twice as hard now to get revenge....as for the phs fan saying south wrestlers were `wrestling to not get pinned`north side invented that tactic and used it last night also

January 22, 2004
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Guess we all know now who has the best team!! Number 17 in the nation goes down!!

January 22, 2004
From: SlimmyMcBizzle
comments: Wow... I have chills running all up and down my spine after tonight's match between Parkersburg and Parkersburg South...

I have to give props to PHS who is an outstanding team, but I think the Patriots' victory is going to make people really question the outcome of the state tournament.

Here's something I am going to being doing that is called "Rise and Fall", where I plan to check in routinely and list a wrestler whose stock is rising, and a wrestler who is slipping up a bit. I will not be doing this to belittle any wrestler, because all WV wrestlers have my fullout respect and love, but to let these people know that I believe some work still needs to be done.
Editor's note: Er, um, sounds like a good idea, but I'm not going to post any lists of wrestlers who fans think are slipping a bit. We will post the scores, and I think best to leave it at that...

Week 1: Rising: Parkersburg South 119 pounder Zac McCray. Anyone who saw his match against Jake Hays of PHS knows what I'm talking about. I've always had faith in this kid, and everyone else should watch out for him come tourney time. Falling: Kyle Dowler of PHS at 152 lbs. I think this guy is a flat out good wrestler, with no doubts in my mind. However, he was owned in this match against Shaun Smith, and will need to figure out whatever went wrong if he hopes to overcome Smith in the next dual.

January 22, 2004
From: mom
email: comments: To the dissapointed fan. Get your facts straight. xxxxxxxxxx did not get up and walk out on your team. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is the one responsible for the xxxxxxxxxx fiasco at xxxxxxxxxxx. yes, I am sure both teams were dissapointed but xxxxxxxxxxx had nothing to do with that decision!!!
Editor's note: Er, no names were mentioned in the previous post, so I took the names out of this one....

January 22, 2004
From: Future Rat Pack Member
comments: While it was most interesting in Parkersburg on wednesday evening it showed me that 125 Kelley from Parkersburg South has stepped it up. Being sick the last week, he really showed me that Parkersburg South could have 6 in the State Finals. Parkersburg should have possibly 6. Things will be very interesting at the State Tournament this year with the Team Champions winning by as few as 7 points or less. I have been 100% picking the team title each of the last 15 years even when North Marion won it i was laughed at by some of the home town people. Remember this, usually each year there are 2 to 3 MAJOR UPSETS!! Parkersburg South by 5 points!! 4 or 5 State champions

January 22, 2004
From: To: WHD
comments: The following tems will be at the Musselman Tournament:
from WV Hedgesville, Jefferson, University, and Keyser;
from Virginia Warren County (last years winner, I think), Bridgeport, Loudoun County, and Clarke County;
from Maryland Southern Garrett, and Tuscarora (very new program).
I think University should win it. At 103, Haislip looks tough. 112 has Shetler from Hedgesville, Nathan Durr from Keyser, and Matt Earle from University. At 119 a no brainer with Turnbull. You still have Codie Gustines undefeated at 135. The obvious match-up again at 152 between Corie Gustines and Foltz. Lots of other good wrestling to be sure. If anyone has any interesting possible matchups in mind for those teams, lets hear it!

January 22, 2004
As an observer of this match i must say that the referee chris diserio did an outstanding job!!!

January 22, 2004
From: This South Fan Bleeds BLUE!
comments: I'd just like to say that I was at the South vs. PHS wrestling match and all I gotta say is ANYONE ..... I mean ANYONE who doesn't think that South deserves RESPECT from every single person that wears "red" has got to be CRAZY!!!!! Those South Boys were UNBELIEVABLE and they deserved that VICTORY over the Big Reds..... They wanted it more and they worked hard and got it!!!!! Way to go South! I think you shocked alot of people, but never us True Blue Fans... we will always believe in you!!!!

January 22, 2004
From: Fan
comments: The results listed below were not quite right. Ice did not get pinned, as 103 was the other pin for South.

comments: Another correction. 112 was a pin for PHS. 275 was only a decision for PHS.

January 22, 2004
From: PHS Fan
comments: Congratulations to South. You had a plan, and it worked to perfection. It appeared that South was extremely motivated, whereas PHS seemed flat, with the exception of a few wrestlers. Good job Ewing, Rader, Litton, Combs, and Lindamood. It appeared that wrestling to not get pinned worked to perfection for several of South's wrestlers. The state should be very interesting.

January 22, 2004
From: disappointed fan
comments: I just want to say that I think it is a sad day in Jr. High wrestling in this state when a team can travel 2 hours to wrestle another team - only to have that team get up and walk out on them! The wrestlers on both teams were disappointed! Shame on the adults responsiable for this.

January 22, 2004
From: asouthfan
comments: Dorton wasnt pinned...he fought a good match and stuck it out. I think he should give dearman a good match at reginols........good job south!!!!1

January 22, 2004
comments: What weight class is Radar from South wrestling? Because I have heard a couple different things.

January 22, 2004
From: a fan of great wrestling
comments: I think the South PHS dual will go down in city history as one of the best of all time. Both teams pulled off some upsets and in the end only a point separated the two. I know that both teams have an enormous amount of respect for each other after tonight. My hats off to both teams and both crowds for being so loud. Great job Coach McCartney. Good luck to both teams down at the state tourney. I know it'll be a barn burner!!!

January 21, 2004
From: East Panhandle fan...
comments: heres a lil sumthin for u P.south people...great job
Admission ticket:$5.00
Watchin ur boys beat the cross town rivals,defending state champs and previously but not no more No.16 in the NATION:whats that? thats right... PRICELESS

January 21, 2004
From: person
comments: i bet parkersburg is rockin tonight...and girls from fairmont...litton did beat osuna-cotto....gimmie the CASH!!!

January 21, 2004
From: J.A.
comments: South 29 PHS 27
Congrats to south!

January 21, 2004
From: New South Fan
comments: Here's how it went down:
275  PHS  6   SOUTH 0
103  PHS  0   SOUTH 3
112  PHS  3   SOUTH 0
119  PHS  0   SOUTH 3
125  PHS  3   SOUTH 0
130  PHS  0   SOUTH 6  Rader switched to 135  Ice got pinned
135  PHS  6   SOUTH 0
140  PHS  0   SOUTH 3
145  PHS  3   SOUTH 0
152  PHS  0   SOUTH 5 
160  PHS  0   SOUTH 3
171  PHS  0   SOUTH 6
189  PHS  3   SOUTH 0

January 21, 2004
From: Southfan
comments: 29-27 South BABY NUMBER #1

January 21, 2004
From: Iron
comments: Well congrats to south on that very close win, it was the most exciting dual ive ever been to. I know phs swopped ice and rader and it bit them in the butt.

January 21, 2004
From: TiCk
comments: I was at the PHS South match tonight and it was an exciting one. Come states I think south will pull it out because they have more wrestlers that can win in the consolations than does phs. But it was a good one. maybe phs shouldnt of switched ice and rader and maybe they woulda won. They took a risk, and they couldnt quite pull it out.

January 21, 2004
From: Rip
comments: Coach McCartney and the rest of the SOUTH wrestling team should be congratulated for one of the best wins I have ever seen. Coach I know it won't shut them up but maybe it might quite them down and allow you to finish your job. Super job SOUTH WRESTLING (#16)?
Josh remember the steak dinner!

January 21, 2004
comments: To Fan of another origin.......your forgetting bout 3 freshman in Eddie Burrows at 103 or 112...125 Justin Ramsey....and 160# sophomore Paul Goodrich will all 3 place also

January 21, 2004
From: thebearsmom
comments: Yes I have attended the pkg states. I do not like it because it is a 2 day event. I also think that a state tournament should be passed between all of the peewee teams in Wv. That is what I like about the OTHER state tournament. It helps to support different area teams. But that is my opinion.

January 21, 2004
comments: I've seen a few scores for Lincoln. Is this a new team? What region are they in?

January 21, 2004
From: south observer
comments: as far as wsaz. Lokk for edison to do good. Look for DeLancey,Baldwin,Buckbee,Beatty,and new kid Austin to finish. These kids have great skill. They need to go in confident and they will do good!!

January 21, 2004
From: to indians fan
comments: who is cavendar? and do u really think that he is better than dennis and bonecutter

January 21, 2004
comments: My 145 predictions for aa
1. Elder
2. Cavendar
3. Hughes
4. Dye
5. Dennis
6. Bonecutter

January 21, 2004
From: Nancy
comments: Here is (152-171)
* I left out some of the Brooke Wrestlers from 103-145 Sorry!

          AA/A              AAA

     1. Metz - Cal       1. Smith - South
     2. Northcraft - OG  2. Thomas - WW
     3. Bosley - Fra     3. Adkins - JM
     4. Efaw - Graf      4. Moore - EF
     5. Miller - WC      5. Foltz - Hed
     6. Whipkey - Cam    6. Jarvis - Mart
     7. Hereford - PP    7. Gustines - Jeff
     8. Hodges - Indy    8. Chichester - PHS

     1. Smith - Will     1. Norman - South
     2. Stewart - Cam    2. Runyon - Hunt
     3. Railing - OG     3. Rexroad - BU
     4. Mason - BS       4. Davis - Brooke
     5. Adkins - Clay    5. Golden - Univ
     6. Goodrich - Cal   6. Moye - CM
     7. Hashman - SM     7. Shaffer - Hurr
     8. Warner - PP      8. Shephard - EF

     1. Tracewell - Will  1. Walters - South
     2. Charnoplosky - PB 2. Ammons - Hed
     3. Carr - PP         3. Cremeans - CM
     4. Thompson - Shady  4. Ray - EF
     5. Dennis - Rav      5. Miller - Pres
     6. Burgess - Roa     6. Combs - PHS
     7. Waugh - BS        7. Antoine - WW
     8. Tanner - Brax     8. Maynard - Hunt
189-275 to come.........along with team predictions and latter regional predictions.

January 21, 2004
comments: Any AAA predictions for 189, 215, 275 for WSAZ's

January 21, 2004
From: In The Know
comments: In response to the person touting a "close" 10-2 match against Casey Hughes last weekend, do you realize how drained a wrestler is when first making base weight at a lower weight? He will never have to make 145 again (147 minimum). He also seemed to be pressing mightily for a toss-n-pin to respond to the thirty second pin from his teammate Jeffrey Cumpston (eventual tourney MOW) that preceded his match. He was hoping for a most outstanding wrestler of the tourney honor (MOW) if he pinned quickly. He was a four-time tourney champ that hung major victories on good wrestlers in that tourney in years past (Stiles and Leach). That turned out to be Leach's only loss (46-1)as he went on to win a well-deserved state title while an injury left Hughes wrestling with a bad wheel before succumbing in the state semis that year. He has never won the MOW award before (or been named Mat Warrior of the Week, hint, hint) despite beating quality wrestler after quality wrestler while capturing two state titles already. In the last two days he made a statement by pinning Elder (many of you picked him to win 145)and Tech Falling (for the 3rd time)the Tyler kid (Yost) that gave Cameron's Josh Whipkey (pins over Gustines and Foltz twice at Berkely) a one point match (11-10) at Cameron a week ago. Hughes still has a ways to go to reach his best, but I would be more than a little concerned if he was on my dance card this year. I hope some of the local "experts" finally give him the respect he has earned, something they never gave his two older brothers who "only" appeared in four WV state finals and three OVAC finals between them. I'm sure Oak Glen and other regional powers wouldn't deny their ability to "make some noise" with the great wrestlers they met and often defeated. I wouldn't overlook "little brother" Kelly also, as he pinned a quality Magnolia wrestler (King) last night, who, I'm sure, was hoping for a more competitive outcome. As he rounds into shape, recovers from football injuries, and polishes his technique, should begin to be considered at least a dark horse to win his ultra-tough region and make a real run at his first varsity state title. Kelly has yet to enter WV states without injury baggage, but seems to be doing better dealing with these nagging injuries. Did anyone notice Cameron's 135lb Jeff Pettit's overtime win over 2x state champ Bartrug last night at Magnolia? How about Jeff Cumpston's pin of new star, former Parkersburg Cougar, Mitch Herb (also from St. Mary)? Cameron's Chris Lyons debuted, after returning from injury, at the slightly inflated weight of 171, and pinning both wrestlers in his first two varsity matches ever. Lyons was undefeated in junior high the year before. Jury is out on Cameron's state runner-up at 160, Stewart's return from an injury, but the return of Mike Simms from injury at 215 may also be in the works. Could this be the year that Cameron, Williamstown, Calhoun, and Shady unseat Oak Glen? I don't know, but I'll keep you posted. See you at OVAC!

January 21, 2004
From: Webster fan
comments: Harris is doing good this year but not as good as expected but the season isnt over. Ive noticed a 1st year guy(Corey Bragg-215)
I heard Tyler websters Heavyweight is out for the season io think harris should bump up he is better with those biegger guys Bragg is 10-0 in his last 2 tournaments i look for him to at least go to states.

January 21, 2004
From: a fan of another origin
comments: i'm glad to see price from calhoun predicted to place , i would put him a notch or two higher after his match with jordan flynt. he took it into overtime and wrestled very well. you'll get em next time price. watch out for calhoun this year!!!!! they've got a pretty solid lineup filled with possible placewinners.
gungle-103, sampson-119, ashley-130, cummings-135, price-140, metz-152, i'd be scared when their big boys step it up!!!! good luck and take home states guys!!!!!

January 21, 2004
From: ????????
comments: since cameron has 2 really good 112 lbers in cumpston and antill who will they have wrestle for the state tournament?

January 21, 2004
comments: What happened to the old weight classes for the State Tournament? I don't blame the host this year as he inherited this issue. Heavy weight is heavy weight. It has been proven over and over that the good solid wrestler who weight a few pounds into the heavy weight division will beat the heavy heavy or for lack of better term "fat" kid 9 out of 10 times. These kids learn very early in the year not to "fall" under someone who weighs alot more than them. If your son is on the heftier side then maybe you should do him a favor and for HEALTH CONCERNS or SAFETY consider weight management and an exercise for him. The heavy weight division is determined by what the normal or healthy weight for such age is.

My issue is that Penn. has weight classes for my child, however, if we compete in WV he is unlimited. My real issue is what in the world is going on with this weight class every three pounds in the lower weight classes and the addition of even lower weight classes that have been added in the last few years. Kids as a general rule are getting heavier not lighter. I feel as if special weight classes were made to provide the optium opportunity for certian kids and to _____ with the heavier kids. I think that the tournaments have been ruined by people in charge with the "this is my tournament, I can do what I want to"

It is not just the State, look at the Nationals in Chester. It was my kids down year last year and guess what, it is his down year again. Will it be yet again next year? My guess is yes. The Elementary Nationals tried this tactic and guess what, they are no more. I would like to see a "standard" developed for the state of WV as to what age groups and weight classes are standard. Yes, you could still have an odd age tournament but wouldn't it be more fair for them to be consistant. Not for one child to always be in a down year or for there to be 16-32 kids in heavy weight and 4 in light weight. Has it come down to being that important to win win right now at age 4-5-6-7?

No child will ever make it in High School if he is not challenging himself. Creating or controlling weight classes or age limits is of use to only the tournament director. Shame on you, you should be proud of your kid even if he were to finish second. I think the issue needs to be addressed but on both sides light and heavy. Could we set up a poll on this site somewhere as to what the majority would like to see as the weight classes?
Editor's note: We did a poll in the past to see what fans thought about putting youth wrestling in WV under a sanctioning body. It was 50-50 for/against.

January 21, 2004
From: WHD
comments: Does anyone know what teams will be in this weekends Mussleman Tournament? If so please list them. Who are the favorits at each weight class?

January 21, 2004
From: Two comments
comments: TO BEARSMOM--I agree that the youth state tournament in Parkersburg is BY FAR the more difficult to win. Just check the results (although Lewis Co. did not post theirs last year). In previous years, kids that finished 4th or 5th at Parkersburg won the other "state" tournament. However, Oak Glen has always had its youth tournament the same weekend as the Parkersburg youth states (see tournament listings) and the Oak Glen Jr. Bears never attend in any great number.
TO WVWRESTLING SPECTATOR--there was ONE (factual) post that Smith and Miller had a few close matches. The rest of the posts praised Miller and Smith for the way they acted on the mat. Smith is nationally ranked and earned it the hard way--by winning. No one said Miller is better at this early stage in his career. So, relax and enjoy the wrestling.

January 21, 2004
comments: what about the other kids that are undefeated???
Editor's note: Someone need to email us with the info....

January 21, 2004
From: wrestlefan60
comments: any predictions for the msac tournment on feb 7

January 21, 2004

January 21, 2004
comments: from I BE OLD. Two Youth States? This is like a church group splitting off because they do not like the song leader.Parkersburg began this tourn. many years ago and have put on a quality show each time. They have made mistakes, who doesn't? If you want another tourn.,don't call it "STATE". If someone didn't like the way Huntington runs the high school tourn., and started another, what importance would it carry?If you want your wrestler to face the best and be the true champ,come to Parkersburg and then go to the other "state".

January 21, 2004
From: to pinsalot
comments: tate and moffatt are related , they are half brothers. meeks is doing great on the mat and is still improving. and yes the lower wieght classes are gonna be worth watchin at wsaz , it'll be fun.

January 21, 2004
From: ed
comments: weight class 145 is the best weight class in AA-A this year.at least 10 very good wrestlers in this class. here are my predictions at states.


I have wrestled most of these guys,and have seen the others so I think I know them fairly well. I won't be off too much, maybe a couple changes, but this is close. this is the class to watch.

January 21, 2004
From: pinsalot
comments: hey i think that this year is going to be great for the lower classes and for the middle classes as far as states goes, but what about the upperclass, i think that some of the heftier wrestlers could really do some damage, like one i have been watching is kile meeks from winfield. i know that if he could learn to pull of some shots or duckunders he could rule the mats, because he is quick, he has strength, and he doesn't just move around like a glob of jelly, so winfield coaches tell him that HE NEEDS TO SHOOT TO WIN THE MATCHES, and make him do it, and he could really give the crowds some big upsets. another thing is that i noticed moffatt and tate are they related, they are both really good and they both look alike, is there any relation? i think that their records are moffatt~14-2 and tate~10-3 and one last thing i need to find out is how is gungle doing, i heard that he has to get surgury on his acl is it true, if so then why is he still wrestling and why is he ranked cuz he surley will not be at the tourny with a torn acl. and lastly i think that a few other people want to know these two questions, is it true that justin ashley lost at nitro, and what are the predictions for wsaz all classes, especially the lower classes because i love to watch those wirey kids just get out there and kick some @$$. get back to me on those would ya?. later!!!!!!!!

January 21, 2004
From: #1Fanof JWW
comments: I realize many people are focused on the upcoming High School State Tournament, but can we get some feedback from those in charge of the Jr. State Tournament re: the concern of the Unlimited weight class? This tournament will be here before we know it and I would like to start making plans for being there. However, it is not looking like our concerns are being addressed. I know there are many parent's and other fans concerned that have not written any comments on this website but have addressed it through other outlets. Can we please have some feedback? My son wants to wrestle in the tournament, but safety remains a most important issue....

January 21, 2004
From: Youth States
comments: The best youth states I'm sure is the one that YOU go to. But the true West Virginia Jr. State Championships are held in Parkersburg March 6th and 7th., If you're not too busy during this weekend come be with us! Maybe you'll make it even better!

January 21, 2004
From: wondering
comments: why are thier no wvmat or coach's poll individual rankings out yet???? just wondering?!

January 21, 2004
comments: to nancy your predictions were good but a view i seen were u had gustines at 103 finishing higher than haslip and haslip has done beat him twice . shetler can beat greynolds at 112. and grim has already beat henry at 130 so them 4 can be better

January 21, 2004
comments: Cameron probably wont beat Oak Glen as a team.... especially since they lost Stewart possibly for the year, they have 2 good 112 pounders and neither will go to 103. As for the Park match, Cameron didn't match up real well and were a little short handed, nevertheless, Park came to take care of business. On that note, I do think Cameron has alot of good wrestlers that are going to score some points in the region along with Williamstown, which may hurt Oak Glen's cause in sending kids to state in good pills, which may open the doors for the Shady Spring's and Calhoun's in the state.

January 21, 2004
From: Jay
comments: To bearsmom : have you ever been to the peewee state in parkersburg it is a much better tournament than the lewis county states.

January 21, 2004
comments: Dont be surprised if this is the way it happens at the Feildhouse Wed. night. 103 Kellar by dec. 112 Ewing by dec. 119 Hays by dec. 125 Shyver by dec. 130 Rader by pin 135 Porter by pin 140 Smith by m.d. 145 Litton by dec. 152 Smith by pin 160 Norman by pin 171 Walters by pin 189 Radcliff by dec. 215 Thomas by pin HWT Dearman by pin Final South 34 PHS 30

January 21, 2004
From: Wondering
comments: Did cory gustine from jefferson wrestle in the winners choice this past weekend at 152? And if he did,where did he place?
Editor's note: Complete results are posted...

January 21, 2004
From: wvwrestlingspectator
comments: all this talk about Mitch Smith wrestling close matches and how people will beat him like Miller from University but even though some of these matches are close no one has shown that they can take down or really score on Mitch..just my opinion

January 20, 2004
From: Panhandle Fan
comments: Not that it really has much bearing on my question about WV competition against other states, but www.ohiovalleysportsonline.vze.com has ranked WV teams (Oak Glen, Brooke, and Park) as the top three teams in the upper Ohio Valley.

January 20, 2004
comments: Why is Oak Glens Middle School, ranked so low in the middle schools, when they seem to be winning tourements. The kids that are in the high school used to wrestle middle and they didnt seem to be ranked very high as a team either. Just doesnt make sense. Is it because they are way up in the panhandle and dont wrestle anyone in the state?

January 20, 2004
From: Nancy
comments: Rankings for both AA and AAA. (103 - 145)
            AA               AAA
     1. Rash - Ind       1. Knapton - EF
     2. Flowers - Will   2. Green - WP
     3. Davis - OG       3. Fraley - Hunt
     4. Gungle - Cal     4. Gustines - Jeff
     5. Boggs - Roa      5. Haislip - Muss
     6. Smailes - LC     6. Phalen - Rip
     7. Tate - Win       7. Stilgenbauer - PHS
     8. Highlander - GW  8. Kellar - South

     1. Moffatt - Win    1. Easter - Nit
     2. Miller - OG      2. Ewing - PHS
     3. Cumpston - Cam   3. Rush - WP
     4. Geary - Pet      4. Greynolds - EF
     5. Johnson - Will   5. Shetler - Hed
     6. Hanson - HH      6. Efaw - NM
     7. Stuart - Brig    7. Townsend - South
     8. Burrows - Cal    8. Earle - Univ

     1. Neal - Shady     1. Turnbull - Univ
     2. Valles - Mad     2. Humphreys - WP
     3. O'Neil - Cam     3. Riner - Hunt
     4. Billings - Rav   4. Hays - PHS
     5. Baker - OG       5. Ward - BU
     6. Griffen - Roa    6. Barrett - Muss
     7. Snoberger - Fra  7. Meade - WW
     8. Howrylak - Win   8. Shumate - NM

     1. Biddle - Will    1. Shyver - PHS
     2. Scarbro - Shady  2. Garvin - Morg
     3. Digmon - Brax    3. Dixon - Hunt
     4. Wright - OG      4. Kelley - South
     5. Hughes - Cam     5. Cooper - Rip
     6. Ramsey - Cal     6. Kesecker - NC
     7. Grilli - LH      7. Waldron - Univ
     8. Painter - GW     8. Smallridge - BU

     1. Ashley - Cal     1. Rader - PHS
     2. Harvey - Shady   2. Hetzer - Hunt
     3. Mahan - OG       3. Lodge - NM
     4. Adams - Brax     4. Ward - BU
     5. Haws - Brig      5. Smith - Jeff
     6. Cullen - PP      6. Henry - Mart
     7. Leach - Graf     7. Brewster - Univ
     8. Morris - HH      8. Dunn - South

     1. Pettit - Cam     1. Gustines - Jeff
     2. Dartrug - SM     2. Porter - South
     3. Cummings - Cal   3. Gerasimovich - Morg
     4. Chapman - Shady  4. Conner - Mart
     5. McCarty - LC     5. Evans - WW
     6. Chambers - OG    6. Ice - PHS
     7. Allen - WC       7. Richey - JM
     8. Mollohsn - HH    8. Myers - Nit

     1. Cumpston - Cam   1. Smith - Rip
     2. Flynt - Brax     2. Miller - Univ
     3. Dye - WC         3. Smith - South
     4. Casto - PP       4. Dunlap - Nit
     5. DiMarco - Will   5. Cook - Hunt
     6. Price - Cal      6. Bailey - PHS
     7. Young - Web      7. McQuillen - WW
     8. Timmons - OG     8. Barbour - Mart

     1. Hughes - Cam     1. Litton - PHS
     2. Elder - Will     2. Osuna - Cotto - South
     3. Hines - Brax     3. Nelson - Hunt
     4. Dye - WC         4. Richey - JM
     5. Bonecutter - PP  5. Campbell - Univ
     6. Stevens - OG     6. Demastes - BU
     7. Dennis - Rav     7. Connor - Mart
     8. Wince - Rit      8. Wilson - WW

The Rest of the classes (152 - 275) will be submitted latter this week.

January 20, 2004
From: hedg
comments: Congrat.to hedg. winner's at the Winner's Choice this past weekend...103 shetler- 3rd 152 foltz-3rd 189 nicholson-5th and ammons-2nd.sorry to here ammons had to forfiet the championship round due to injury.could have possiably had a 1st place.hope your injury doesn't take long to heal.nice job foltz on your 2nd win over gustine's and jarvis!keep up the good work!good luck to all hedg wrestler's and other team's this weekend at musselman!!
P.S.when are the result's from the winner's choice for hedg.and musselman going to be put in the journal?who is responsable to do this? mart.jeff.and berk.sprgs. was in there sun.and b.s.was in tues.paper.

January 20, 2004
From: thebearsmom
email: catchermom@hotmail.com
comments: Does anyone have any info. on the other wv states for peewee. Last year it was held at Lewis County. Can not wait for this tournament it is the best state tournament.

January 20, 2004
From: Wretling Fan
comments: As far as the greatest go lets not forget Mike Lantz of PHS 83-86. Undefeated all three years and 3X State Champ.

January 20, 2004
From: H
comments: Cameron lost to wheeling park 60-18? How can you say they'll beat Oak Glen when Oak Glen beat park 39-21.

January 20, 2004
comments: David and Lance Hines were the first BRAXTON father/son to win Big 16. They did not mean it had never been done.

January 20, 2004
From: Rick Dunbar
email: dunbar.fowler@charter.net
comments: Thank you for the positive comments about the Blue & White Tournament. In response to your inquiries about the bouts system cards, we had the cards and poles made locally. If you're interested, I can contact the individuals to see if they are willing to make them for your league. Give me a call at(304) 863-0448.

January 20, 2004
From: Iron
comments: Twas the night before the big dual, and already all the south fans have no fingernails left to chew on. GO BIG REDS!!!!

January 20, 2004
From: wrestler
comments: Mahan beat Dunn from south 4-0

January 20, 2004
comments: Did you see the 189 pound weight class at braxton big 16. Smith, Ward, Mccoy all there. This was a tough tournment for these guys. Its going to be interesting in states.

January 20, 2004
From: Rob Reds
comments: PHS vs South
                                 PHS      South
103 Stilgenbauer by pin           6         0
112 Ewing by pin                  12        0
119 Hays by close decision        15        0
125 Shyver by major               19        0
130 Radar by pin                  25        0
135 Porter by points              25        3
140 Smith by Major                25        7
145 Litton by points              28        7
152 Smith by Pin                  28       13
160 Norman by Pin                 28       19
171 Walters by Pin                28       25
189 Lindamood by points           31       25
215 Thomas by Pin                 37       25
HWT Dearman by Pin                43       25  Final

January 20, 2004
From: a fan
comments: any predictions on the jr. high wsaz finishes

January 20, 2004
comments: Congrats to Rick Dunbar and staff for putting on the blue and white tourney at south.The bout system did the job as usual.Also thanks Rick for the extra for the 3 year old. That showed us alot that some do care about these kids. I also would like some info on the bout system cards as to where to purchase these items,I feel this is the way to go in the future for others to follow.
Thanks again.

January 20, 2004
comments: How did the match between Jessie Mahan and Matt Dunn go?

January 19, 2004
From: wrestlefan60
comments: any predictions for AAA region 3, and has anybody heard anything about greenbrier east and how there team is doing

January 19, 2004
From: wrestlefan-former coach
comments: to: wrestlewhatyouweigh
most coaches don't decide where and what weight kids wrestle. most come up through pee wee knowing what weight they will be most effective and come into high school knowing where they want to be. they set the bar, coaches only suggest sometimes (most to no avail). i have sat in with several different programs and have not seen kids get certified at a weight that would be a health risk. this is an urban legend perpetuated by some overprotective mothers whose kids can't wrestle where they want because they can't beat out their competition in wrestle - offs. if i'm wrong on this or if some of you out there think i've hit this on the head let me hear you.

to: sos-you sound pretty much like a musselman fan. at 140 don't forget that behind M. Barbour in the E. Panhandle matchups is Justin Everhart (Hedgesville), Michael Felix (Jefferson), and it is Whittington (Musselman) at 140 as their wrestlers have all bumped up to make room at 125 for the new phenom Jesse Miner. i belive region 2 will go at 140 like this:
Champ: Drew Rhetton (Fairmont Senior)
2nd: Mike Barbour (Martinsburg)
3rd: H. Miller (North Marion)
4th: Justin Everhart (Hedgesville)

January 19, 2004
From: wrestling fan
comments: Who is Ben Waldron from university? He's beating some really good people.

January 19, 2004
From: formercoach
comments: as someone who has seen and coached against henry miller , i would have to say that there isn't a finer young man out there. he puts in long hours in the gym and one of the few young men out there that is willing to sacrafice all his free time to become a better wrestler. i have coached my son against this young man and even though at the time he was much better than my son was he never let my son give up and would in a since help my son on things that would make him a better wrestler.between matches he would take my son to the side and work with him on things that he had done wrong in there match. at a time when this sport is so competitive that you can't even get kids from different teams to even talk it is nice to see a young man like henry out there . although mitch has beat henry twice, (and mitch is another in the same class as henry willing to help another) henry's time will come and he will be a high school state champion and i wish him and his family all the best

January 19, 2004
From: WrestlingFan
comments: Where can I find the results for the Cardinal Conference that was held at Winfield?

January 19, 2004
comments: comments Hughes led Elder for 2 1/2 periods before giving up the lead briefly before Elder got pinned.

January 19, 2004
From: mathMATician
comments: sswrestler:
Not exactly sure what you mean by "the work ETHNIC and the will to win is much greater than it used to be......in my opinion". What exactly is "work ethnic"? Do younger guys with great "work ethnic" wear tribal colored singlets/each carry a flag? You must be right. I can name several guys who you would consider old timers each of who had a great work ethic, but I cannot recall a single one who had a great "work ethnic". As for the "thousands of matches" math, ssgrapler said it, if it wasn't true, talk to him. I simply used my calculator like someone before me did to a quote by the great Wilt Chamberlain, Wilt wasn't talking about wrestling though.

January 19, 2004
From: Ex-HuskieWrestler
comments: How is everyone leaving Jason Ward out of their lists of the all-time greats from WV? I mean c'mon, the guy was awesome...and also Regalbuto....both were icons in WV wrestling. Every single person, no matter what weight, knew who they were when they were in HS

January 19, 2004
From: anonymous
comments: Congratulations to Jake Lowe on his win at the 2004 Winners Choice/Rotary tournament this past weekend. Well on his way to a 215 state championship if you ask me and congratualtions on your 104 carrer wins!

January 19, 2004
From: past_wrestler
comments: I was at the Big 16 this weekend and metz is a very good wrestler. Bosley is also a good wrestler that got caught and pinned. This isn't to downplay the skill of Efaw from Grafton but i think in the end you will see Metz and Bosley going far in the State Tournament Best of luck to both young men.

January 19, 2004
From: ejmaimleys
comments: lets hear some predictions for 103-112-119-152-275!!!!! any region 4 state qualifier predictions or finalist predictions!!!!!!????

January 19, 2004
From: West Fairmont Fan
comments: I think west fairmont has an exceptional team this year and about 5 of our guys will place in states this year with Spencer Ford at 135, Drew Retton at 140, Matthew Delligatti at 189, Drew Mauck at 215, and Matthew Bosley at 275. I think our heavier weights are going to have a great season.

January 19, 2004
comments: devin bosley was pinned in semi finals at braxtons big 16 by efaw from grafton

January 19, 2004
From: SSWrestler
comments: To mathMATician u say that SSgrappler0548 hasnt wrestled thousands of matches well what does it matter if he has wrestled thousands of matches or not thats not what he was trying to get across he was sayin wrestling has changed and the work ethnic and the will to win is much greater than it used to be......in my opinion

January 19, 2004
comments: I am a coach and I was wondering. I see this West Virginia Coaches Poll, who votes on that. I would think the coaches do and if they do, how do we vote. Not only for team but Individual.
Editor's note: We have been working in concert with the coaches this year in an attempt to get the polls released to the AP wire service on a timely basis. For the first time in a few years we have seen polls show up in some newspapers this year. Rather than get in to a discussion of the mechanics of the polls here on this forum, perhaps this can be a topic of discussion among the coaches at the coaches meeting at the State Tournament next month.

January 19, 2004
From: the mathMATician
comments: to ssgrapler:
I understand that wrestling has changed over the years but so have many other factors. I agree that wrestlers are wrestling more in the off season and gaining valuable experience, conversely, and it is certainly a statement that every generation makes, but this generation has been raised "softer" than the last one. (Don't get mad, I remember my granddaddy complaining/saying the same about me). The technique and experience of some of the current wrestlers would fall (in some cases) to the physical and mental toughness of past stars. As for your claim that you have wrestled "thousands of matches" in 11 years of wrestling, surely you exaggerate. If you have wrestled for 11 years and have wrestled "thousands" of matches, you must have been very busy. This means that (being conservative and saying that "thousands" means 2000) you have wrestled 3.5 matches per week every week, every year, all 11 years! Sure, while you were in pee wee/club wrestling in the traditional season, I'll give you that you can average 3.5 matches, but when high school starts &/or the footballers and baseballers are out doing their thing in the "off season", it's hard to get such a high frequency of matches. The high school season is 12 weeks, so you would have to wrestle 42 matches each season and then keep that pace in the off season. To keep up your average, you better hope your coach/ad doesn't schedule many duals (only 20 events allowed by SSAC). Here in Parkersburg, we don't see enough free style or greco tourneys in the off season to make your boast accurate. Are you sure that you've wrestled in thousands of matches?

January 19, 2004
From: Fan
comments: RE: Jan. 18 post about Henry Miller of University High whom Mitch Smith has decisioned twice. Henry is a freshman who traveled 3-4 times a week up I-79 to Canonsburg Pa last year and summer to train at the Quest School of Wrestling with former WVU All American Jim Akerly. He was a national middle school champion in Virginia last year and won the 13-15 bracket at Parkersburg youth states in his wt. last year. He is a good kid and a hard worker and alot of his fans are looking forward to seeing him wrestle for the next 4 years.

January 19, 2004
From: PHS fan
comments: It is not fair to say that the past wrestlers can not compare to today's wrestlers. I feel that if the wrestlers of the past were wrestling today, they would be given the same kind of accolades as today's wrestlers are given. Granted, it may be true that the athletes of today are more skilled due to training and perhaps stronger due to the emphasis put on strength training, but the guys who were great wrestlers in their time, would probably be the great wrestlers of today, only in stronger bodies and endowed with greater knowledge and experience. Just my thoughts.

January 19, 2004
From: SSgrapler0548
comments: Year after year I see comparisons of current wrestlers and past wrestlers, and it would be interesting to actually see these matches durring both wrestlers career high. But you hafta think, wrestlers these days put way more time into the sport than anybody from the past could ever even think about. I started wrestling when I was in the 1st grade and have been wrestling 11 years now. Since then Ive wrestled thousands of matches and been to atleast 12 camps. My point is those wrestlers may have been good in their day, but now they would just be above average. Just my opinion.

January 19, 2004
From: Lmob
comments: PHS has a great team this year but PHS's 88 team is the best in school history and the only team that comes to be as good as the 88 PHS team is South's 95 team...11 of 13 in the finals for that South team and the state record for points by the Big Reds in 88...the two best WV teams I have seen...

January 19, 2004
From: southern fan
comments: does anyone have any predictions for the AAA 152# weight class?

January 19, 2004
From: dg
comments: What happened to Devon Bosley at the Braxton Big 16? I didn't see his name in the championship match. Was he injured?

January 19, 2004
From: someone
comments: i think to be one of the most outstanding wrestlers in wv history...it takes more than wrestling.. you have to have a good attitude and present yourself with a good outlook.. you can't have people talking about how much of a bad sport you are.. you have to portray someone who encourages wrestlers and doesn't get mad if they lose ONE match.. so no... I think some poeple shouldn't be one of the most outstanding wrestlers in WV just because of that fact...

January 19, 2004
From: Te Bears Mom
comments: I support making an additional weight class for heavy weights. My son weighs 185 pounds and wrestles in the 11-12 year old div. It scares me every time he has wrestle a kid at 120 pounds I am afraid that he will hurt them with his weight. Heavy weight has been a popular class this year at the last few tournaments we have attended it has been the largest div.in the 11-12 because they have started at 116 pounds. I feel this is a serious problem . It is not fair to the lighter weight wrestler or the heavier ones either.I feel as though they should be a max weight or a light weight and then a heavy weight div. Planners of such tournaments need to keep this in mind . Our children are suppost to be having fun and learning not taking th chance of being hurt by a kid that out weighs them by 20 plus pounds. I also feel the reason tournaments don't make a heavy weight and light is because of the extra money to purchase the extra trophies . I also feel as though more people would attend a tournament if their child is heavy weight and there were a split division.

January 19, 2004
comments: Does anyone have the results from the middle school wrestling at Spencer Saturday?

January 19, 2004
comments: Congrats to Williamstown on their 2nd place finish at Winner's Choice/Rotary WOW!! Ryan Flowers - 5th at 103, Jesse Biddle - 7th at 125, Anthony DiMarco - 5th at 140, Ryan Elder - 2nd at 145, Chad Bryan - 8th at 152, Shane Smith - Champion and Most Outstanding at 160, Alan Tracewell - 3rd at 171 and Lee Lauderman - 2nd at 189. Also Craig Johnson and Evan Landers. You men are doing a great job even without a full team. Keep it up. It's a joy to watch all of you.

January 19, 2004
comments: The score of the Elder - Hughes match was 4 - 3 in favor of Elder before he lost in the final seconds.

January 18, 2004
From: Historian
comments: The 04 PHS team is very good but to say that it is the best ever ignores history. I didn't wrestle for either squad and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings because both teams were/are very good, but I have a dual win by 88. Here's my look at the matchup with 1988. People all over the state should recognize one common factor in nearly all of these great wrestlers: MIKE LITTON. PHS wrestling owes a big thank you to Mike and the Cougar staff for creating these super teams. It would be interesting to see who Mike thinks would win of the teams dualed.
103: Rexroad vs Stilgenbauer: Scottie is a hard worker and will be good in the future. At this stage of his career he could not compete with Doug (Champ in 88) Rexroad WINS BY PIN.
112: Brown vs Ewing: Assuming that Ewing makes weight he could stay close to Brown (Runner up in 88) but Brown gets the nod by decision.
119: Frank Cox vs Hayes: Cox placed 5th Hayes would have placed higher. Hayes by major decision.
125: Brooks vs Shryver: Great match. Both were/will be state chapmps for their respective years.Toss up, give it to Brooks by decision.
130: Koreski vs Rader: Another matchup of the great ones. This too is a toss up but I give it to Rader by decision.
135: Casey Ice wins by forfeit
140: R Tuttle vs Bailey: Richie was young this year but would still get his pin.
145: Steve Cox vs Litton: Cox was a champ and Chance looks like he might be too. After watching Chance handle his JM opponent, I favor Litton in a close one.
152: Gary Tuttle vs Dowler: Tuttle is among the (if not the) best to ever wear the red and white. Tuttle Pins.
160: Brightwell vs Combs: Brightwell was an unexpected champ in 88 but his pin in this dual is expected.
171: Joe Anderson vs Myers: Joe finished 3rd and would handle Myers in this one by pin.
189: Swarr vs Lindamood:Swarr was a senior and Joey is still young in 04. Give the nod by decision to Swarr (but if Joey keeps progressing he will surpass Chris's 3rd place finish as a senior).
215: Thomas wins by forfeit.
275: Fleming vs Dearman: Fleming as a soph versus Dearman as a senior. I like Fleming in a close one (I think if you compare their senior seasons Aaron wins more convincingly).

January 18, 2004
From: lilcalhounfan
comments: Congrats to Calhoun for winning the Braxton Big 16. Great job everybody! 1st place winners- Justin Ashley, Andrew Cummings, Eric Metz and Paul Goodrich. Goodluck at our invatational!

January 18, 2004
From: Pointer
comments: Congratulations to James Casto(3rd), David Bonecutter(5th), and Heath Shirley(7th) for all placing at Winner's Choice in Fairmont. Good job to all the wrestler's this weekend, you wrestled some hard close matches. I'm sure Coach will have you in the locker room working extra hard for WSAZ's this weekend. You all do such a good job and I'll be there cheering all my "bubs" on!! Good luck boys!!

January 18, 2004
From: AAA Watcher
comments: Everyone who saw the semi's at Winners Choice saw Garvin pull one out with the undefeated PA wrestler in the last 2 seconds. Then move on to beat Cooper to win.

January 18, 2004
comments: Since Ewing will be at 112 for PHS, south has no chance, even if they change their lineup

January 18, 2004
comments: Matt & Justin Ashley have both also won the Braxton Tournament and so have Big Paul and Little Paul Goodrich.

January 18, 2004
From: to frankfort fan
comments: were you at the big 16 this weekend? i think metz won the tournament! :30

January 18, 2004
From: Knight Fan
comments: Congratulations Wellsburg Middles placers in the BMAC; Jim McFarland, 1st; Charlie Taylor, 4th; Drake Kowcheck, 3rd. Good Luck at JR OVAC

January 18, 2004
From: deer HUNTER
comments: SALUTATIONS to Matt "MEATBALL" Delligatti on his championship at the Winner's Choice. I have to say im the biggest Meatball fan in the state. Matt just remember this "you cant have no in your heart, you just gotta keep on keepon, lifes a garden... dig it" and you will be alrite this year.

January 18, 2004
From: Pa Wrestling fan
comments: Does anyone know who they chose for outstanding wrestler at the Winner's Choic Tournament? Thanks
Editor's note: Shane Smith, Williamstown

January 18, 2004
comments: PHS vs. Christiansburg match was ACTUALLY 42-16

January 18, 2004
comments: congats to jake lowe for a great weekend and over 100 wins

January 18, 2004
From: fan 123
comments: hey the score for the PHS vs. Christiansburg match was 42-18 because they lost a team point when their 171lb guy got disqualified for punching Myers

January 18, 2004
comments: Miller from University is a freshman. He is pretty good and has a shot to place in the state. Mitch is an awesome wrestler, but rarely has wins by large point margins due to his style.

January 18, 2004
From: Army Man
comments: Iron: Thanks for the update, but the post only had their match with Christianburg, didn't they wrestle a quad? Again thanks for your help, as you can tell by my name I'm in the army, have been for 17 years but I still follow the best sport ever invented.

January 18, 2004
From: Philip Bojangles
comments: Congratulations to the Oak Glen Middle School wrestling team on there 1st place finish at the BMAC and congrats to all the individual champions.Ryan Asbury 80Lbs (7th Grade pinned his way through),Troy Eckleberry 86Lbs (7th grader),David Mahan 82Lbs (7th grader & first JV wrestler to win BMAC's), Ethan Drey (pinned his way through, Cody Miller (pinned his way through)and David Collins (first year wrestler pinned his way through). Good job boys your the future of Oak Glen Wrestling.

January 18, 2004
From: aaa observer
comments: can anyone explain the match between nelson of hunington and richey of john marshall last night?

January 18, 2004
comments: on everybody that has their greatest picks where is matt ashley at after all he was the first four time state champ in west virginia history

January 18, 2004
From: Iron
comments: Army man: I just posted PHS's results with the VA quad

January 18, 2004
From: Chris Craddock
comments: Congratulations to Sam Craddock of Roane Co. for picking up his 100th win at Braxton this weekend. Good luck the rest of the year. I'm proud of you.

January 18, 2004
comments: hey how ya doin?
nothing against south, because they have a pretty good lineup this year...but this is PHS best team ever, maybe next year

January 18, 2004
From: hd
comments: I want to say good luck to Chip Schrader from North Marion. He's the underdog for 2004. He may not be the most impressive wrestler, but with his determined work ethic and amazing conditioning, he has a shot at the title. best of luck Chip

January 18, 2004
From: Wondering.....
comments: I have a friend thats says Florida Wrestling in MUCh better that WV wrestling......just wondering if anyone can give me some good info to use to help state my case that our wrestling is superior to the southern wrestling. Editor help please.

January 18, 2004
From: D Rankings
comments: As the 1/2 way point of the seaon has hit there are 3 interesting classes to me. 140,145, and 152. Mainly it is interesting in AA/A.

In 140 you have - Moore of Berkley if he wrestles, I havent seen him in a while. Dye of Wirt. Dimarco of Williamstown. Cumpston of Cameron (the Favorite as of right now). An Up an comming Freshmen Casto of Point. * Key point Casto and Dye split at Winners's Choice. Oak Glen will have one in the hunt too. Also Flynt of Braxton is here.

In 145 you have the MEAT of AA. Hughes of Cameron is the favorite. Elder is #2. Dye of Wirt moves in at #3. Bonecutter (PP) and Hines (Brax) and in at 4 & 5. Sam Dennis of Ravenswood is in at #6. Others to note Stewart of Indy, Wince of Ritchie, Meadowns of Shady, and Stevens of Oak Glen could be tough. * Key note - look for someone to drop to 140 from this class. I could see a Hines, Stevens or Bonecutter dropping and being #1 at 140. I would do it. * Also look for Dennis to move back to 152, I can see him being the # 4 guy at 152 i know he lost to Miller but I still feel he is better off at 152, Just a thought.

152, with Hughes and Dennis dropping to 145 it has weakend 152. Still you have Bosely of Frankfort, Metz of Calhoun and Northcraft of Oak Glen. After that its kinda open. Look for Whipkey of Cameron and Efaw of Grafton to be the 4 & 5 guys here. Miller of wirt would be next arter that the next spot is WIDE open. * Look for some 145pounders could move into the class.

Look for some MOVERS!!! Good Luck wrestlers

January 18, 2004
comments: Where are the Rest of the Results from Braxton, because they place top 6 there.

January 18, 2004
From: Fan from...?
comments: predictions for AAA region

152-Foltz hedg.. yeah maybe ya'll think he'll get beat but you have no idea.. oh yeah and he definately beat Gustines at Fairmont
189- Young hedg. .. he's got it even if he broke his ankles
215-Nicholson hedg... he's sure impressin me i think he's got it this year

January 18, 2004
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: The Top weight class in the State is by far 145 in both AAA and AA/A.......

Litton - PHS
Richey - JM
Osuna-Cotto - South
Campbell - University
Demastes - Buckhannon-Upsur
Connor - Martinsburg
Wilson - Woodrow Wilson
Nelson - Huntington
Page - Nitro
Just to name a few!!! WOW!

and AA/A is loaded too!
Hughes - Cameron
Elder - Williamstown
Dye - Wirt
Bonecutter - PP
Hines - Braxton
Dennis - Wirt
Wince - Ritchie
Stewart - Indy
Meadows - Shady
Stevens - Oak Glen

145 is CRAZY!!!!

January 18, 2004
From: wrestling fan
comments: Just came from the XXXXXX and disagree with the way some coaches vote for out standing wrestler.
Editor's note: Nope, we're not going to go there...

January 18, 2004
From: Coach Beane
comments: Congratulations to Lance and David Hines on becoming the first father-son combination to win an individual title at the Braxton BIG 16 Invitational Wrestling Tournament. Lance won this year at 145 # and his dad, David won in 1981 at 150 #.

Also, congratulations to Brandon Digman 125#, Jordan Flynt 140# and Lance Hines 145# for winning BIG 16. James Adams put up a good fight with Justin Ashley from Calhoun in the 130#.

January 18, 2004
From: SSWrestler
comments: Congratulations SHADY on a stong 2nd place finish w/ an injury filled team 2 of the best wrestlers in the state were gone and still we got 2nd. Good job Neal(119), Thompson(171), Mcmillon(HWT) on there 1st place finsihes, Chapman(135) on his 2nd place finish and Meadows(145)on his 3rd place finish. Also congrats to Turtle Rash(103) for 1st and robert Ward on his 2nd place(final match was the best match of the night and best match i have seen in a while)

people can say what they want about how calhoun beat shady but it doesnt matter till Feb. 28 thats when the true winner will come out and dont b surprised if shady is #1

January 18, 2004
comments: Mitch smith has wrestled miller from university 2 times this year and both times mitch only beat him by dec. I've never heard of miller. Did he wrestle last year?

January 18, 2004
From: ....
comments: Anyone know the score of the elder-hughes match before elder was pinned?

January 18, 2004
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: Can anyone explain to me what is the importance of the Cardinal Conference?
If you wrestle in this conference and win does this help your seating at any time?
How does the Regionals work.....State's.....how are you picked to wrestle in these matches?

January 18, 2004
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: Thanks to the coaches and staff at Andrew Jackson Middle School for hosting their tournament today. All the wrestlers got a lot of mat time and we were still done early. The awards were nice and the hospitality room and concessions were excellent as well. We'll see everyone at WSAZ this weekend. Everyone think "No Snow!"

January 18, 2004
From: The Fan
comments: To Panhandle fan. A good question about out of state teams against WV teams. The teams that South and PHS meet in tournaments such as the VA Duels, the Ironman, Reno, ect. are teams that are generally nationally ranked for the most part and are very tough state championship caliber teams for their respected states. So if South or Phs or any other WV team that would compete in these nationally ranked tournaments, beat another team from another state it is usually a great win. The eastern panhandle produces some fine wrestlers, but they have yet to produce the caliber of "teams" that come from the city of Parkersburg. These teams are strong from top to bottom and are produced by having the youth wrestle at a very early age and they have the committment of parents and coaches to help them become the best wrestler possible. These athletes from the Parkersburg area have the fortune of having 2 wrestling clubs and year round competition and coaching. Beating out of state competition is a good thing to show the rest of the nation that West Virginia is a state to be dealt with when it comes to high school wrestling. Maybe they feel the smae way when they beat a team or wrestler from Parkersburg.

Now to open a can of worms, I am sure, the rest of the state needs to start working as hard as the Parkersburg South and PHS programs if they want to be a represenative of WV at these national tournaments. So far, there are no other teams in WV that could even come close to beating a nationally ranked team as both South and PHS have done this season and have done in the past. Put your programs into these tournaments that are rated as some of the toughest in the country and see just how tough they are and how well your teams fare. There will always be some great individual efforts by some other teams but not the finishes that South and PHS have had over the years.

January 18, 2004
From: nc
comments: I don't know if they were "best ever" and I understand the differences between AAA and AA/A, but R.C. Anderson and Todd Kendall in the late 80's early 90's were both very good.

January 18, 2004
From: Army Man
comments: Is there somewhere I can go to find out the results of the PHS matches down in Virginia? Thanks in advance.

January 18, 2004
comments: To: Fan
You seem to forget probably the best 102 pounder in the state...Taylor County's Cameron Gallagher. He is heads above the kids on your list...

January 18, 2004
From: Ex-Cougar
comments: comments about the best wrestler ever in WV
this is very hard to compare considering athletes these days are bigger faster and stronger than ever b4 its almost wrong to compare a wrestler from back in 1970 to a wrestler now the style is much different and kids wrestle at a higher level now
my greats would have to be Gary Tuttle,mike mason,doug moore,Matt stevens, Matt Easter, and soon to be Brandon Rader

January 18, 2004
comments: Souths 135 Chad Porter was runner-up last year, will without a doubt will be in the finals . Look for him to be the 135lb State Champion. Cant believe you expert predictors havent watched this kid wrestle. Souths very close to be team Champions this year. Probably will pull it off!! 5 should make it to the finals with the rest scoring alot of points wrestling back!! Not sure PHS will score alot of points wrestling back???

January 18, 2004
From: Huntington Fan
comments: if you go on and count the "the next level" after high school as one of the best to come out of wv, then you have to include huntington high's James Branch 4x national qualifier, and 3x all american (naia qualifier,naia 8th,ncaa d2 3rd, and you can check any webiste about the ncaa championhips about wrestling, the first and still the only wv native to win a ncaa wrestling title at any level) his sr season was a state wrestling champ who beat the 2x defending champ gabe frangos in the semi finals and won a hard fought 7-6 win over george washington's eric fisher , who beat him a year earlier.

they are several wrestlers that have enjoyed great things at the high school level and college level.

January 18, 2004
From: Iron
comments: Looks like the southside is gettin a little nervous, just hoping that south will change their line up in hopes of beating the Big Reds. Dont know who ratteaser is, but I love mad max, always energetic and a great guy. Anyways, count ewing in at 112 for 6 I repeat 6. I think everyone underestimates how good litton is. Losing to easter the 2 times he has been in the state tourny is not bad considering you lost by dec. to him every time. Easter usually teched or pinned everyone else. Dont get me wrong cotto is a great wrestler to, he has also been in some extremely tough weight classes also. It'll be a dandy, better get to PHS early if you wanna good seat because that place is gonna be packed and rockin. I cant wait!! Good luck to all wrestlers wed. night.

January 18, 2004
comments: AAA should easily be Sean Smith From Parkersburg South.

January 18, 2004
comments: Well since what the wrestlers acomplishes after highschool dont count. Ill put up my top 10 list from what ive seen over the years. Ive been around the sport for 15 years.
#1 Mike Mason 3X Champ- 2nd as fresh
#2 Mark Samples State Champ- 2nd High School Nationals
#3 Matt Easter 4X Champ
#4 Chad Burge 3X Champ 2nd as Fresh
#5 Jason Taylor 3X Champ
#6 Doug Moore 4X Champ
#7 Mike Miller 4X Champ
#8 Jermy Hart 2X Champ
#9 Mitch Smith 2X and still going
#10 Matt Stevens 3X Champ

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