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October 31, 2002
From: Barker
email: Barker674@aol.com
comments: Mineral Wells Wrestling begins on Monday November 4, 2002 at the Mineral Wells School Gym at 6:00 p.m. Try to be 15 minutes early if possible. If you missed sign ups you can show up on this night and still sign up through the whole week. There will be a parents meeting while practice is being held.

For all others the Mineral Wells Tournament has been moved up to November 23, 2002. Check out the Youth Wrestling page for tournament info. I am looking forward to seeing every one again this year.

. October 31, 2002
email: parthenakis@yahoo.com
FOLLOW http://www.nshs.net/sports/wrestling/

October 31, 2002
From: yo yo yo
comments: i dont see why everyone is predicting who would win the matches of the aa and aaa state champions. they didnt wrestle and most will never see each other on the mat. anything could happen, people get caught, make bad mistakes both guys are state champions and leave it at that and to the heavyweight wrestler who said hes in great shape, i know that there are some strong, fit wrestlers in the class but on average most would agree that many are overweight and out of shape and you can see that during the matches

October 31, 2002
comments: I would like for JUST THE FACTS to rethink his line-up.

October 31, 2002
From: AA/A Guru
comments: Well, the results are in. I'm a joke. Ha ha. Anyway, that's ok, everyone has their own opinion. As far as too many pins in my picks...perhaps. I mean no disrespect, that's just what I think from my years of watching and participating in HS wrestling. Anyway, a little more info on the questioned matches. In 112 AAA, probably one of the toughest classes in the state period, Rader thrived and dominated. Ashley was much better later than he was early, true, but Ashley still couldn't separate himself as THE power in the class. Ashley is very good, but I just don't think he can compete with Rader. At 19', I saw Easter physically and technically tear apart wrestlers I thought would give him a match. Biddle was quick enough to keep up with Easter for a while, but his style was aggressive enough that he could be caught. Easter will catch you if you give him a chance. Biddle always wrestles to win, which I love, but that's why I think Easter would pin him. Major decision maybe. 125 Morris is a VERY good wrestler, and a 2-timer. Metz was a GREAT wrestler when he needed to be. Morris would have tested him early, maybe even got a lead, but it would have only brought out the lion we saw in the Metz-Stevens wars of 01'. That's why I think in a single match, Metz pins. Best of ten, Morris may take a few, but I just think Metz is better. Preseason picks coming SOON, any other explainations (of a past pick or a future pick), opinions you'd like, or comments, feel free to post.

MATCHES TO WATCH 112-Justin Ashley (Cal) vs. Daniel Allen, Noah O'Neil (Cam)vs. Jesse Biddle (Will) vs. Dustin Bartrug
Allen was the only in-state AA/A opponent I saw beat Ashley last year, and they are always a great match. And if you want to see a fun trio of wrestlers, check out O'Neil/Biddle/Bartrug...these three have traded matches with one another over the past 2 years and they never fail to excite. All are Region I and face at least one of the other two before regionals, and they never turn out quite as you expect them to. All-time records vs. are (Bartrug 4 O'Neil 0, O'Neil 1 Biddle 0, Biddle 4 Bartrug 1).

October 31, 2002
From: just wondering
comments: With the new rule change- What 9th graders will be coming up to the two Parkersburg schools?

October 31, 2002
From: Ex-HuskieWrestler
comments: You said that Gustines, Mayle, Bliss, and Gibbs made 140 tough last year. I think maybe you're forgetting about a guy named Wes Lane. You know, the STATE CHAMP at 140 last year?!?

October 30, 2002
From: Youth Coach
comments: REMEMBER that the Smitty's Fall wrestling classic is this Saturday Nov.2 at the new Harv at Mountaineer Gaming Resort near Oak Glen High School--10 mats and an open class filled with former college wrestlers--WOW. Walk-ins are permitted. See further info on this website under youth tournaments.

October 30, 2002
comments: to the person who shot down the heavy weights. i am a heavy weight wrestler. i was in better condition than any single person i wreslted this year. when it came down to the third period, i owned the mat. i was in the best shape out of any heavy weight wrestler out there. for you to say that they are not in good enough shape is a joke to wrestlers like me. mabe you should look at some muscle mass. i would lay money down that this year when i get in a close match in the third period, i will be in better shape. and i will win becouse of that. also i have seen 103 wrestlers in worse shape then heavy weight wrestlers. i know this for a fact. next time get your facts stait.

October 30, 2002
From: Dan Lass
email: danlass@att.net
comments: North Parkersburg Youth Wrestling will be conducting sign-ups Oct.30th, Nov. 4th and Nov. 6th at Jefferson Elementary between the hours of 6 - 8. For more info call Dan Lass at 740-423-6033 or visit www.eteamz.com/npjrwrestling/

October 30, 2002
From: Fan
comments: Good luck to the eastern panhandle wrestlers this year especially the six good seniors!!(Reynolds,Dorsey,Halls,Lord,Jones,and Hudson) watch out for these potenetial all states and state champs

October 29, 2002
From: AA fan
comments: looking for opinions on point pleasant's place in AA. i think they should be an interesting team to watch at AA states.

October 29, 2002
From: Fan
comments: Just the facts........ Intersting predictions ..I know its hard to include everyone in your predictions but where is Kyle Walters a definite contender no matter what weight.. Overall nice job though..

October 29, 2002
From: S
comments: How can a fifth year senior wrestle. I thought only Mercersburg Ac. had those

October 29, 2002
From: shady fan
comments: Was wondering how many WSAZ place winners Blennerhasset and Edison have returning, They are proably the teams to beat again.

October 29, 2002
From: ToJustTheFacts
comments: Chris Gibbs will dominate at 152 this year.

October 29, 2002
this is a wrestler from hundred and i was wondering about the rule 4-4-1? what does it mean? cuse it dont make since to me or to other wrestlers.
Editor's note: Perhaps I'm missing something, but I thought Dr Welkers commentary was pretty clear....

October 29, 2002
Why is 215 not an option any more???
Editor's note: The National Federation apparantly changed the rule. Now its like any other weight class.

October 29, 2002
From: to AA GURU
comments: man you kill me you have got to be kidding me you think that rader would pin ashley and easter pin biddle and metz pin morris thats a joke ashley would beat rader or give him a really close match....easter woudl beat biddle but wouldnt pin him......and i think morris could beat metz oncea again AA Guru your a joke

October 29, 2002
Wrestling will be here soon enough. The Bees want to see what Delligatti and the rest of the polar bears can do on the football field first in the East-West game Friday. I want to encourage any fans in the Fairmont area to come and watch the Bees Friday night at 7:30. My early prediction: EAST FAIRMONT 2002-2003 STATE WRESTLING CHAMPIONS! GO BEES!!!!

Thank You

October 28, 2002
From: Fomer Bee
comments: I believe that East Fairmont could be a sleeper team in the ranks of AAA this year i see that nowone has any bees in championship matches and i believe that talk is cheap and work sweat and blood is what wins matches and titles but if the bees are willing to give these three things i think, who knows state title. We shall see good luck to the Bees this year and Coach Geary and Boyers.

October 28, 2002
From: East Fairmont Mat-maids
comments: What teams will be at the WSAZ Tournament in Huntington on January 24 & 25?

October 28, 2002
comments: To: AA/A Guru
NO offence intended toward your predictions infact I think that you would be right on most of them, but there are two things that i would like to bring to your attention: There are just too many Pins in them you have to remember Just how much it really takes to pin someone w/ such skill as some of the boys that you hvae mentiones, and the last THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that Metz would pin Morris, OK so he might be smalll but you have to remember that they put dynomite in small packages! I see me Getting pinned before Morris! Sorry I The spelling is Bad!!

October 28, 2002
comments: Good point mentioned on the October 28 forum by the person who noted that I had "overlooked" a few non-region I wrestlers. I honestly believe that the 140# weight class top to bottom was the toughest in the state last year. Gibbs, Gustines, and Mayle making it the toughest along with Phil Bliss. However, I think that of the four, Bliss seems to have the edge. It will be very interesting to see which weight class these wrestlers end up. Bliss had an extremely good showing in the NHSCA over the summer, and showed that he can hang with the big boys at 160#. I gave Walters the edge due to his history of stepping it up to win the big one. Until any of these kids raise there game to peak at the state, I give the edge to those who already have either won the state or performed high at the national level. In defense of region I, they held 14 of 28 spots in the finals last year, and all indications are they will be stronger this year. Look for PHS and South to fight it out again with John Marshall taking a fall due to graduation. Any other information out there? What weight class will Matt & Anthony Easter or Kyle Turnbull be at this year? Brian Williamson? THANX!

October 28, 2002
You have some interesting points and 140 was a strong weight class last year and all of those returning will be force to contend with. Mayle has gotten big and will probably be 171, The younger Gustines is Corey and he is as good as his brother Codie only a little bigger. Mayle and Lord did wrestle this summer and it was in freestyle not folkstyle and only a scrimmage. I saw where Bliss wrestled 152 this past weekend in North Carolina and won the l52 weight class again another strong 40lber. Its gonna be a good year for WV wrestling. Good luck to everyone.

October 28, 2002
From: #1 Cougino
comments: Matt Delligatti will be bad news for anyone seeking a state title in his weight class this year. 215 or Heavyweight.
-Knibb High Football Rules!

October 28, 2002
From: Virginia Challenge
email: wpittman2@cox.net

comments: Time for the premeir preseason event in Virginia to start rolling.

AA team state champions Christiansburg are bringing the motherload, and gearing up for the season. We're also looking for a strong West Virginia presence this year!

The 4th Annual Virginia Challenge Fall Open at Granby H.S. in Norfolk, Va. will take place on November 2.

Already online registration has netted several top wrestlers from around the state of Virginia and North Carolina.

Click here for flyer and link to online registration, directions, etc. "Building tomorrow's champions today" Virginia Challenge www.virginiachallenge.org

October 28, 2002
From: New Wrestling Mom
comments: My 6 year old son would like to wrestle this year but I am unsure if there is a pee wee team in our area. Does anyone know if a pee wee team exists in the North Parkerburg (Walker-Davisville) area?

October 28, 2002
From: J.R. X-St. Albans Wrestler
comments: I heard that St. Albans is going to have a good team this year. There new head coach is now Pete Roberts and he is one of the best coach that can train the boys. They will get in shape!

October 28, 2002
From: fan
comments: Will Mitch Smith be at 140 or 145 this season ?

October 28, 2002
From: Brent Sams
comments: Photos are available from Ohio University's Clinic at the Little Kanawha Cauliflower Club Website.

Thanks to all the campers who attended and special thanks to Bob Patnesky, Jason Daviaux, Matt Smith and Matt Stevens from Ohio University for a great day of wrestling and instructions.

October 28, 2002
From: AA/A Guru
comments: First off, I'd like to say that on average, AAA would win more than AA/A in state champ match ups. AAA is tougher MORE OFTEN than AA/A, but not always so. When it comes to individual match-ups of champs last year, AAA would have won handily. My rundown:

103:Shyver md Valles-Shyver too good to lose, but Valles was too good to be pinned.
112:Rader p Ashley-Poor class for AA/A, taking nothing away from young Mr. Ashley.
119:Easter p Biddle-Easter unbeatable? Wish he would have stayed at 25' to find out vs. Metz!
125:Metz p Morris-Morris no match for the animal known as Metz.
130:Smith md Metz-Metz too solid to pin, but Smith would have put on a school.
135:Smith d Leach-Leach was good, but I can't help but wonder what Hughes would have done had he been healthy match with Smith may have been VERY interesting.
140:Lane d Flowers-close, Flowers was very good defensively, but a little short on O for Lane
145:Smith d Lord-Smith may be best in state...
152:Walters d Westbrooke-Walters outstanding, Westbrooke close but no cigar.
160:Kupfer d Pickens-Kupfer possibly most underrated wrestler in state last year, he dominated his class and has moved on to WVU as did Pickens, but I love Kupfer's wild style.
171:Stickles d Taylor-Great match, goes to Stickles in shootout on speed.
189:Courtney d Hebrock-Courtney also possibly best in state.
215:Magnone d Thomas-Match of Starsick convinces me.
275:Caughey d Morrison-Caughey won on the biggest stages every time.

That's what I believe, my pre-season picks coming soon.

Finally, the first of my major matches to watch for AA/A starts today at 103 with Anthony Valles (WM)vs. Tim Cumpston (CAM)vs. Zac McCray (WILL). I saw Valles and Cumpston wrestle in two wars last year with Cumpston's being undersized leading to his defeat. McCray I hope will go to Williamstown and make this class more interesting. Where is McCray by the way? That's it, peace.

October 28, 2002
From: Eastern panhandle wrestler
comments: Why doesn't Parkersburg South go to Winners choice in Fairmont...? just wandering ...
Editor's note: They have attended this tournament recently.....

October 28, 2002
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: Reading with interest the column on referee recruitment and retention. Honestly, they work extremely hard for what they get payed and are always the butt of criticism. As a coach, I sometime second guess referees, but it is very rarely warranted. I refereed our scrimmage last year and after a couple of hours I was dragging. With the number of matches they do and the number of calls they are called on to make, perhaps if the wrestling community gave them a little more respect and of course, money, we would have more bright young referee prospects who want to stay in for the long haul. All of the ideas proposed make sense and if we do not do something, we will not have any matches or tournaments because there will be no sanctioned refs left, especially for middle school and Jr. High matches. We may not always express it but what you do is appreciated. This is not brown nosing or "sucking up" to the refs just a plain statement - there could be a drastic shortage of refs and soon. The folks that are addressing this problem are on the right track.

October 28, 2002
From: Wheeling Wrestling Fan
comments: Ron Green from Wheeling will be wrestling at Wheeling Park. Wheeling Central does not have a team.

October 28, 2002
Let me guess you are from Region 1... There are a few other great wrestlers you are overlooking in the state that just might have something to say about your predictions. Chris Gibbs from CM is always a tough competitor and Im sure will give Lord a run for his money at either 52 or 45,, Codie Gustines of Jefferson is another from the loaded 40lb weight class that will make some noise dont be surprised to seem him at 40 again. A third 40lber from last year that you are overlooking is Blane Mayle of East Fairmont I saw him destroy Lord this summer and he looked bigger/stronger-I understand he has been putting on weight since last season and will be at 171. Codie Gustines is another Jefferson wrestler that will do well probably at 52 as will Steve Reynolds at 35. The list goes on but I think that a person is making a mistake if they believe that the majority of matchups will be Region 1 this on Sat. there is a good crop of wrestlers out there that might have something to say about it. I will say that Parkersburg and South will be tough overall but they wont be unbeatable individually.

October 25, 2002
comments: The countdown is under way and the 2002-2003 wrestling season is almost upon us. This time of year there are always preseason predictions and in most cases totally rediculous. I think that everyone should keep in mind that all the kids returning to try to lay claim to a state title, are another year older and who knows how much they have grown. But by keeping that in mind, I do believe that it may be a good way to start a healthy exchange of information about the kids from all over the state. I think that this year in particular, many state titles will be won by the athlete most adept at weight management and conditioning. That being said, let me upset everybody by giving my First Annual Preseason Picks (FAPP).

103 - Very deep competition last year at this weight. Don't be shocked to see a repeat in Robert Shyver(PHS). Could there be an Easter holiday in his championship basket again this year?

112 - This could be one of the easiest picks of the year. If Brandon Rader(PHS) stays here(and the magic eightball says "YES"), he walks his way to his second of four state titles.

119 - The one that didn't get away. A very deserving young man lays claim to his first state title. Could have been a two or three time state champ, but enjoys this one. Shane Grogg(South). Top competition, Turnbull(University)?

125 - Topping off a great high school career with his fourth trip to the top of the podium, Matt Easter(Nitro). Competition? You tell me!

130 - Who wants this one? Well with kids bailing out of other weight classes trying to find an oportunity to win the big one, this may end up being a very tough class. Lets give the early edge to Chance Litton(PHS). Top competition could come from an extremely tough Shaun Smith(South).

135 - Shaun Smith could easily end up here. But if he does he will run into cross-town rival Derrick Knapp(PHS). Knapp may have a little bit too much for Mr. Smith now, but you better get him this year, because next year will be too late.

140 - This may be another class that is as easy to pick as 112. If Mitch Smith(Ripley) decides he wants his championship title to say 140#, then thats what it will say!!! Competition? Yea right!

145 - Finding a spot. This may be one of those spots. After testing the waters at 152, this title is happily won by returning state champ Daniel Lord(Hedgesville).

152 - This class is going to be won by a kid that some of you don't know about yet. But hang on, you will. This is a great kid who will get only better and better through out the year, taking advantage of his schools incredibly tough schedule. And the winner is......Cody Norman(South). Competition everywhere.

160 - Somebody has to lose. This will be round four of a great match. And returning champ Kyle Walters will edge out Phil Bliss(Brooke) 2-1(OT) for his second.

171 - Another tough call. A bigger version of a very good Bryce Pickens shows up on the 171# scene looking for his first state title, but once again comes up short. This trophy goes back up I-79 and the winners name is Geary.

189 - Who wants this one? They all come down to who wants it worst and who works the hardest. I'm going out on a limb and go with a tough kid from Elkins and everyone will know Mr. Ray Linger.

215 - Last year a much undersized Lou Thomas shocked the 215 class by beating all the top kids. This year he will be bigger, stronger, faster, tougher and the state will be shocked if it's not Lou Thomas(PHS).

Hwt - Look for weight management to get shoved in reverse here as some smaller kids beef up to compete here for the title. Look for Andrew Starsick to edge out Ryan Dearman for the final state title. Now, let the debate begin.

October 25, 2002
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: To Former Panther -
Check out the team website "Only the Strong Belong" @ http://www.teamdiscovery.com/PantherWrestling/

The pre season preview is up with a rundown of all the returning starters and newcomers. Thanks for your interest and good luck in the coming season. The harder we work the luckier we get!

October 24, 2002
comments: On the topic of Referee recruitment. I graduated from High School about 4 years ago, and with my great love of wrestling I wanted nothing more than to stay in touch with the sport. I was very interested in coaching, but as a college student, I also had my eye on becoming an official. Well, at the time, I didnt really know who to contact about how to go about doing so. So, I posted a message on the forum expressing my interest and asking for input. Well, a few days later, one official came back with a reply, telling me "Officiating is alot of harder than it looks..." and so on.... I later contacted Dr. Welker about becoming an official and he was more than enthusiatic and helpful in my endeavor. However, I never forget that official who was so negative about new officials coming on board........

October 24, 2002
From: Brent Sams
email: brentster@casinternet.net
comments: There is still openings for the Cauliflower Clinic on October 26 with Ohio University Asst Coach Bob Patnesky. Assisting Coach Patnesky will be Bobcat Wrestler's Matt Stevens, Matt Smith, and Jason Daviaux. Daviaux is a former Kentucky State Champion. Smith is an alumni of the Jr. Patriots and Ripley High School and last year's West Virginia State Champion. Stevens is a productd from the Cougars and Parkersburg High School, a 3x West Virginia State Champion and Dutton Award winner. The Clinic will be held at Edison Jr. High with registration starting at 8:30 AM and Wrestling beginning at 9:30 AM.

October 24, 2002
From: Former Panther
comments: I wondering if any one can tell me how Milton Middle will be looking this year. I heard that Chappy and Miles has been working out alot in the off season. They should lead the quest for county champions, and hopefully be on top at the WSAZ'S. I hope the panthers are on top again this year

October 24, 2002
From: Point 215
comments: I got a question. In the rule changes, it says the 215 pound weight class is not an option. Ok, so it goes from 189 straight to heavyweight now? Also, it said under it, in italisized words, "No change for us" someone PLEASE explain to me what this means...i'm so lost
Editor's note: I think what this means is that EVERY state will have the 215 lb wt class. For instance, Maryland has not had this class in the past, and when WV teams would wrestle in Maryland there would be no 215 class. It looks like now there will be.

October 24, 2002
comments: Here is the link to what teams are in what regions by the WVSSAC
Editor's note: The region maps as outlined on this website appear to be accurate.

From: Fan
comments: Thursday ( Oct 24 ) last day to pre-register for N.C. Super 32 tournament. See Bulletinboard Sept.22. There are over 500 H.S. Wrestlers already registered and should be a good kickoff for the season. Good luck to all the w.v. wrestlers going, and time for the rest of you to start thinking mat, and getting in shape.

October 23, 2002
From: Mike Surbaugh
email: msurbaug@access.k12.wv.us
comments: I would like for someone to confirm the various changes to the A/AA regions. Are Wirt and Ritchie now up in the Eastern Panhandle region and are both Roane and Hoover in their previous spots? What other changes did I possibly miss? Where are the regional tournaments scheduled to be held this year (particularly the region with Calhoun/Winfield/etc.)? Thanks.
Editor's note: Good question, Coach. I'd appreciate it if someone "in the know" would check the region maps for AA/A and AAA as posted on this site to make sure the information is accurate.

October 23, 2002
From: webmaster@phswrestling
comments: http://www.phswrestling.com

Big Reds 2002-2003 schdule and more!

October 23, 2002
comments: i don't know how you people can say that Thomas would have beat Magnone. There is no need to debate such an assumption because the match will never take place. On that note, I must make a couple of points. Magnone's only loss was to the Ohio State Champ (Hoppel, Beaver Local) Also, and very important, one of Magnone's victories was a convincing one against Starsick (runner-up in AAA). I firmly believe that you will generally find better wrestling in AAA, but I am also a believer that sometimes there are AA wrestlers that would win it in both divisions. Some of you need to quit being so biased and realize the same. While Magnone was wrestling in the AA (or Junior High tournament), he would have been the favorite to win the AAA tournament. October 23, 2002

comments: Glad to see EF at the WSAZ's

October 23, 2002
From: ex wrestler
comments: To the guy that thinks heavy weights are not in shape. I guarantee that Chris Morrison, Chris Satterfield, and Nate Tyree were in better shape than half of the kids at 215 and 189. Chris Morrison and Nate Tyree were both over 240. There are people out of shape in every weight class as well as in shape. You just pick on heavy weights because they are bigger and slower. They wrestle a different style and would still beat smaller kids. Thank you.

October 23, 2002
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Instead of wondering who would beat whom in the AAA vs. AA battle of state champs, wouldn't it be great to see them meet each other in a huge tourney somewhere along the regular season ? I know South high has some problems scheduling teams to wrestle them,especially the smaller schools.I STILL think that wrestling is great in both AAA and AA and there is no greater sport to build character in a young person.

October 23, 2002
From: PSHS Wrestling Fan
comments: With Wrestling season just around the corner does anyone have any idea about South's starting line-up? I know they will have most of the lower/middle weights covered but not too sure about the heavy weights. Good luck to all the teams this season.

October 23, 2002
comments: I think Metz would beat Morris , Heck Metz won the IRON MAN. i think Westbrook would beat walters and i think Magnone would beat thomas at 215,

October 23, 2002

east fairmont wrestling schedule 2002-2003

October 23, 2002
comments: Metz and Thomas would have easily won the AA title. Thomas had one of the toughest weigh classes in the state at 215.

October 23, 2002

parkersburg south 2002-2003 wrestling schedule

October 22, 2002
From: Dean Moore Patriot Wrestling Club
comments: After mentioning Branden Rader and Mitch Smith last year as freshman to watch i will again mention another group to watch this year. Aaron Kelley 103?, Chad Porter 112? and Cody Norman 152? along with sophmore Shaun Smith 130 135? could very well be wrestling Saturday night on Mat 1 for Parkersburg South. Ron Green from the Wheeling area is the real deal. I am not sure what high school he will be wrestling for but he will be there on Saturday night .

October 22, 2002
From: AAA Wrestler
comments: Dear Fan you say AAA schools have better equiptment more wrestlers and etc thats not true the school i go to doesnt have good equiptment no body wrestles its hard to compete when you dont have all your weight classes filled at our school we cant even get buses for our trips we have a great coach who figures out ways to take us where we need to go our student body and staff dont really care about wrestling. now your answer to which is better AA or AAA neither is better

October 22, 2002
From: mat fan
comments: who are all the 103 pounders this year? Any thoughts on the top 6?

October 22, 2002
comments: you have got to be kidding me you think that metz would beat morris and thomas would beat magnone and morrison would beat caughey

October 22, 2002
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: I noticed that there was an Eddie Weible entered in the Sunkist kids tournament this year. Does any one know if it is the same Eddie Weible that went to Oak Glen High School. Thanks

October 18, 2002
AAA vs AA State champions, AAA wins 11 matches to 2.
shyver d Valles
Rader d Ashley
Easter d Biddle
Metz d Morris
Smith d Metz
Smith d leach
Lane d Flowers
Smith(AA) d Lord
Walters d westbrook
Pickens d kupfer
Stickles(AA) d Taylor
Courtney d hebrock
Thomas d Magnone
Morrison d Caughey

October 18, 2002
From: just wondering
comments: As a former WV wrestler living in California, I check out your site to keep up on the latest wrestling news. I think instead of all of the trash talk and AA vs. AAA worries, a lot of the posters should be more concerned with their poor spelling skills. Proper spelling will get them further in life than if a AA wrestler can beat a AAA wrestler.

October 18, 2002
From: jerry
email: islanddelights aol.com
comments: looking for tournaments to attend that have 16 or more teams in oh. ,pa., or.,wva. any information would be appriciated. can be high school or middle school.need help from the forum. thanks

October 18, 2002
From: Bart
email: bart@ohiotofc.com
comments: **In case any of you know of someone that may be interested**

Dear Parents/Wrestlers:
Recently, the Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team selected 13 of the 16 wrestlers for next summer's Ohio All-Star Tour, with a 14th to be named (pending receipt of his application in the mail).

Those selected include: 7 Ohio, 3 New Jersey, 1 Pennsylvia, 1 Delaware and 1 Massachusetts wrestler. Four are past TofC champions, while 9 have placed 6th or better within the past two years.

We did leave the final two spots unfilled for the time being, in hopes of finding a more qualified applicant. While we are not "tied" to a certain weight class (and wrestlers do not need to maintain a certain weight on the tour), we are looking for wrestlers in the general ballpark of (current weight): 74-80 and 102-108. (Wrestlers need to be in 6th-9th grade and have been born April 1990 or later.

If interested in one of the openings, please e-mail me at bart@ohiotofc.com or call me at 614-833-5885.

Yours in Wrestling,
Bart Freidenberg
Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team

October 18, 2002
From: ShanonMetz
comments: I Would like to wish my son Tommy little the best of luck in the upcoming wrestling season! I Have no DOUBTS he'll dominate!
Love, Mom

October 18, 2002
comments: Well look at it like this look how many people from AA come out of high school and go to college and now look at the people in AAA who come out of high school and wrestles and college a lot more people wrestle in college that come out of AAA. October 17, 2002
From: 215 v. Hvywt
comments: The fact is that there are very few high school boys who are anywhere near in shape over 220 lbs or so. I say LOWER the limit on high school hvywt to 240 and make the big guys lose some much needed wt. It will be good for their hearts and great to see some athleticism return to hvywt.

October 17, 2002
comments: what do you think the prediction from last years AA state champs against AAA state champs???????

October 17, 2002
comments: the 215 lb weight class was a nice addition to high school wrestling, but another weight class before hwt would not be so good. Look at wrestling on the collegiate level and you will see the highest weight class before hwt is 197.

October 17, 2002
From: jyd
The WV State Tourney should be for WV wrestlers & WV resident officals. (And a bunch of other stuff) Editor's note: Sorry, I'm just not gonna go there....

October 17, 2002
comments: If I understand the WVSSAC guidelines correctly the reason the difference in the AA and A and AAA is the number of students in each school. The statement wasn't....That the reason they wrestle in these divisions was because of the number of wrestlers. It's because of the number of students in any given school. Don't believe it look it up. Why is it such a big deal anyway... It is beginning to sound very ridiculous.

October 17, 2002
From: yo yo yo
comments: to imp: you said it is hard for you to comepete against heavyweights that weigh 275 while you are only 240. chris satterfield was 2 time runnerup at heavyweight and weighed only 215-225 weight doesnt matter when you are a talented wrestler

October 17, 2002
From: ex champ
comments: on the AA/A , AAA coments. I won State Championships in both AA/A and AAA in consecutive years. There is little Difference in the Quality of Competition. The only difference comparitavely speaking is AAA may have more Quality Wrestler's per weight class because of the greater numbers. Although the top 3 have not much difference. I've wrestled alot of tough small school kids as well as big school kids. It comes down to a wrestlers background in big tournaments, drive, will to win, and mental confidence. It doesnt matter who you are, or where you're from. Walk out on the mat everytime knowing that you will win and you will, Division doesnt matter. Thanks

October 15, 2002
comments: Oct. 5 a coach asks about 6th graders wrestling for Jr. High Wrestling teams. Yes, our son has been approved to wrestle on our Jr. High team. You need to get the approval from the Board and the principals involved. There is a state policy on this subject and the counties throughout WV are going to be going by that policy.

October 15, 2002
comments: I hadn't been on the forum for a few days and was just reading the Oct. 7 email where you gave your opinion on 6th graders moving up and wrestling for middle schools and Junior Highs. I'm glad to see that people realize the need for this to happen. I think it will raise the level of competition but as you the editor said, there is much more to gain. Thank you for your imput. It was well-said.

October 15, 2002
From: old golden bear
comments: the AA AAA discussion is going to last until oak glen quits beating teams that all you AAA fans think they have no buissness being in matches with well guess what that is not going to happen any time soon yeah oak glen has had bad years but they have had more good than bad and it is becuase of coach Larry Shaw and the toughness of the kids year in year out so is it tougher to win AAA than AA probly but rember the best team in wv wrestling last year was a small AA school the home of the golden bears Oak Glen

October 15, 2002
From: hancock county proud
comments: hi, can anyone tell me if justin goneau will be wrestling at 103 this year, if not, where and who will be taking the spot, also who will wrestle joey's spot, big shoes to fill, right? thanks.

good luck golden bears!!!!

October 15, 2002
From: Former WV Heavyweight
comments: To IMP,
SUCK IT UP! As a former heavyweight wrestler that wrestled weighing 225, I have a couple of comments. First, I can say that weight doesn't have that much of an effect when the smaller wrestler is more skilled. Second, if you pay attention to history, the smaller, faster, and more skilled athlete will beat the "big guy" everytime. Most heavyweight champions have been the solid wrestler, not the heaviest (ex: Josh Waugh, Mike Fortier, R.J. White, Chris Courtney, Matteo Magnone...the list goes on and on). I had a considerable amount of success becuase I was quicker, more athletic, and better skilled than my opponent. Stop making excuses for yourself, or for somebody else, and find a way to become a champion. The weight classes used to be 189 and then 275, the 215 weight class took alot of quality wrestlers out of the Heavyweight bracket, making it, in my opinion, a pathetic bracket to watch. It has recently become more like a Sumo pushing match than a wrestling match of skill and athleticism. How much easier do you want the sport to become in order to win the championship. Stop looking for an easier route, and start earning the title that is there.

October 15, 2002
From: Mike Stalnaker, Central WV WRestling Sect.
email: WresRef009@aol.com
comments: The Central WV wresting board is in the process of setting up an officials training class for 2002 - 2003. If you are interested in becoming a Wrestling official please contact Mike Stalnaker by e-mail or phone (367-1224h or 367-2167w) as soon as possible. We plan to begin the class the last week of October. This will allow you to complete the rules training so new officials can work this year. You must be 18 years of age to register.

October 15, 2002
From: past wrestler
comments: there is no contest aaa is much tughter than aa if you had every wrestler that won stats in aaa wrestle every wrestler that won states in aa the aaa wrestler would probly only lose like 4or5 matchs. wrestling has nothing to do with money or nuber of kids it about hard work and exspreans

October 15, 2002
email: spiralctmgr@yahoo.com
comments: i am a wrestling booster president (2yrs.) and a wrestling parent and have been involved since pee-wees. my son is now a junior and has wrestled 215 for the last 2 yrs. couple of comments.....drawing wt classes for wrestling order. i think it is great. for years we have had to register at 6:00 - 6:30 am for tournaments and not get to wrestle for 3-4 and sometimes almost 5hrs. we love the new method. as for the 215 to hwt classifications. 215 is a tough wt class to start with. after wt. training and football i doubt my son will ever again see 215. the jump to hvwt is a bit much. i would love to see at least one wt. call added between 215 and 275. you don't see many 112's wrestling 170 or above....do ya?

October 15, 2002
From: Ken Chertow
email: chertow@olympianwrestling.com
comments: Camp of Champs will be November 22-24 at Ripley High School. It will be a great weekend of wrestling! Make plans to attend!

This Camp of Champs has been a huge success the past three Novembers. I have moved camp to the weekend prior to Thanksgiving this year instead of the weekend after.

As you know, I moved summer camp from my hometown of Huntington to Ripley last summer. I hope this more central location proves to be more convenient.

For complete camp details, visit the camp section of kenchertow.com and/or e-mail Missy Smith msmithx4@yahoo.com

October 15, 2002
From: Chris Brown
email: browncl@concord.edu
comments: Concord College is starting a wrestling club but we don't have a mat. We have a small home mat but thats all. If anyone knows where or how we can get a mat donated or purchase one dirt cheap please e-mail me. Thank you.

October 12, 2002
There will be a meeting to discuss the location for the W.V. Youth Championships, and the election of officers for this year. The meeting will be held at Robert C. Byrd High school, Sunday October 27, at Robert C. Byrd High School, at 4:00 pm. All interested parties are welcome. We look forward to your input. For further information call Steve Daniels @ 623-4373, or Tim McIntyre @ 622-2553.

October 12, 2002
From: BU-FAN

October 12, 2002
From: Woodrow Wilson Wrestling Fan
comments: Althought it is not yet official, last years assistant coach Kevin Wilson should provide the needed structure and guidance that this talented young team deserves as their new head coach. Kudos to the concerned citizen, who is willing to take time away from both family and work to sacrifice when many would not.Good Luck Kevin, you are tops in our book.

October 12, 2002
From: IMP
comments: there is a big difference between 275 and 215. as a heavyweight wrestler, it makes it rough wrestling people that weigh 275 and i weigh 240 or 235. i think there should be a weight class in between these to in order for there not to be such a weight difference. these two weight classes are spread to far apart.

October 12, 2002
From: wv wrestler
comments: well it's not just the number of students in each school. in almost every state AAA is better than AA. And whenever you reach college and they ask you about winning states they ask if you were AA or AAA. there is a difference. Now there is always going to be one or two AA kids that can win AAA but for the most part AAA is more dominant than AA.

October 12, 2002

October 12, 2002
From: fall wrestler
comments: does anyone know if jefferson will be having a tournament this fall??

October 12, 2002
comments: where is greene from wheeling wrestling this year?...wheeling park or central?.....what weight?

October 12, 2002
i look on this site daily for new infomation about wv wrestling well what i want to know is what are the weight classes. because even tough i have acheved win and titles in the heavy weight divion why must the 215 weight class be taken out.
Editor's note: To my knowledge, the 215 has not been taken out.

October 12, 2002
comments: does anyone know what east fairmont's, west fairmont's, and north marion's line-ups should look like this season? I am a marion county wrestling fan stationed overseas and appreciate the info, thanks!!!

October 12, 2002
From: E Berry
comments: I read posts on the Forum dated October 7. One from the editor whose thoughts were consistently stated in terms of what is best for the student athlete. Instead of criticizing, I'll exhalt "Doc's" viewpoints, and thank the Parkersburg Cougar Club who always took in any kid that wanted to wrestle, no matter where they were from. My children benefitted on and off the mat from their association with families from all over WV and Ohio. Thanks.

October 12, 2002
From: j
comments: AAA is a lot tougher to win a state championship then AA

October 7, 2002
From: Jess Green
email: WJessGreen@aol.com

Jr. Patriot Wresling Club Sign-ups
The Jr. Patriot Wrestling Club will hold sign-ups for new team members starting Oct. 8th. The Jr. Patriots are a traveling Wrestling Club and you must attend a feeder school to Parkersburg South High School. Please call Mary Jeffrey 489-2428, Dean Moore 474-3327 or Gary Porter 863-5699 for more information.

October 7, 2002
From: ratteaser
comments: What weight will Kyle Walters be wrestling at this year?

October 7, 2002
From: Jeff Capaldo
comments: I want to wish Greenbrier East good luck this year. Make me proud. You guys are a talented group of wrestlers and you have a great coach. P Burns, I'm looking for you to win states. It's all about hard work and determination, and I know you've got it just by wrestling you once over the summer. Mike Hambrick, Carter King, Matt Vance, Josh Workman, Brandon Roberts, Jack Longanacre, Collin Bennett, Charlie Baldwin, Lindsey Ormsbee, Eric Thorne, Jeremiah Weakley, and everyone I forgot to mention, you can win it all if you set your minds to it. Your whole team is made of potential state champs if you're willing to work. You have a coach behind you who can make it all possible. Follow his directions and it's all yours.

October 7, 2002
comments: Hoover is going to have a tough team this year so AA watch out.

October 7, 2002
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: I certainly read with much interest the post regarding the 6th graders at feeder schools. I know that our competition last year would have been much tougher had this rule been in effect. I am all for allowing them to participate on 7-8 teams turning them into 6-7-8 teams that only levels the playing field. I am not too sure about 6-7-8-9 configurations adding them to JR. Highs as this would put us back where we started with uneven competiton. The problem is that part of our state has the tradition al 7-8-9 Jr. High and part of the state has gone to 6-7-8 configuration for middle schools. Until a uniform standard is adopted this problem will continue to haunt our sport. As a coach of a 6-7-8 I see both sides of the coin. For example Point Pleasant as far as I can remember was not able to use 6th graders last year as they still attended the elementary school. This was unfair to Point Pleasant in a number of ways. It made their lower classes harder to fill and also only allowed those kids 2 years of scholastic competition.

I am taking nothing away from the fine PeeWee programs accross the state. There are club teams that could mop up on many middle schools. What I am saying is the kids were shortchanged in the number of years they could compete for the school. On the other hand it is very difficult to compete against such traditional powers as Blennerhassett, Edison and Shady Springs at WSAZ if they have 9th graders due to the maturity level and additional year of experience. If you check the results over the last 5 years you will find that 89.4 % of all weight class winners 125 lbs and over were 9th graders at WSAZ. I say , let the sixth graders wrestle if they can compete but keep in mind that when a sixth grader (one wrestled 190 for MMS year before last) is competing with a 9th grader is some cases it's a 12 year old vs a 16 year old. I would be interested in Doc's opinion as a long time school board member and standard bearer for our sport.

Editor's note: I don't claim to be a standard bearer, but since you asked my opinion, here it is: On balance, I think that allowing 6th graders to compete with the nearest Middle School/Jr High team which fields a wrestling team would be advantageous to the student, in that it would open up another activity for the student. Mismatches do occurs from time to time, but for the most part this problem is nullified by the weight classes. I have seen mismatches just as bad in high school. If a coach doesn't want his middle-schoolers to compete against ninth graders, then he should not schedule such teams. Some coaches take this approach. If that means the middle school might miss a marqee event like the WSAZ, then so be it.

We should be providing as many supervised activities for our students as we can. When we fail to provide acceptable activities and opportunities for peer group relationships for our youth, they will find them on their own. The choices they make might be disasterous -- gangs, drugs, booze, troublemaking, and the rest.

What are the things which really make us adults lay sleepless all night staring at the ceiling? All the other petty concerns of day to day life in education pale in comparison to the phenomenon of the troubled youth who comes to school with a gun or bomb and starts shooting. More often than not, these youth are described as loners, non-joiners, having poor peer group relationships, who feel that for what ever reason they are not a part of the system. These are often "invisible" students who come to school every day, but have no adult guidance outside the confines of the classroom, and are engaged in no supervised activities and have no identifiable peer group.

We can quibble over what is fair and what is not fair, and if some school will enjoy an unfair advantage, but the bottom line should be this -- what is in the best interest of the student?

I have often stated (without much success) that it should be a policy that EVERY student in middle school and high school MUST be a member of some meaningful club or be engaged in some extra-curricular activity with supervision by a responsible adult. If there is nothing that interests a student, then we should FIND something that interests the student. We should not allow any student to be invisible. God forbid that we ever have a shooter in one of our schools, but if such occurs - let it not be said that nobody ever noticed that student, that no faculty member ever interacted with that student outside the classroom, that there was no way for that student to "fit in" at school.

Yikes Jim, you got me on my soapbox.....

October 7, 2002
From: Jerry McFadden
email: jerrym@inetone.net
comments: I would like to hear from anyone interested helping start a youth wrestling program in Mercer county.My son age 6 wrestled in a Virginia youth league last year and had a great time but I would like to get a program going on the West Virginia side of the border. In the long run I would really like to see a high school program in Mercer county.

October 5, 2002
From: Scott Saylor
email: sssaylor2000@aol.com
comments: Elementary & Middle School Dual Championships At Michigan State University, January 4th, 2003. Here is the links:
Middle School: http://www.angelfire.com/sports/miwrestling/MSU_Jan_MS.html
Elementary: http://www.angelfire.com/sports/miwrestling/MSU_Jan_EL.html

October 5, 2002
From: Brent Sams
email: brentster@casinternet.net
comments: I have a partial listing of Parkersburg Jr. States winners available at the Little Kanawha Cauliflower Club. If anyone has updates or corrections, please send them my way.

Here are some upcoming Parkersburg Area wrestling dates:
Oct 26th - Day Clinic with Bob Patnesky (Ohio University Asst. Coach) and Ohio Bobcats wrestlers. (open to first 100 paid entries, all ages welcome)
Dec 14th - Cauliflower Classic (Jr. High/Middle School/Freshmen Individual Round Robin Tournament).
Dec 28th - Clash of Champions (Jr. Jr. High/Middle School/Freshmen Bracketed Team Tournament).

More details in the upcoming days. Thanks.

October 5, 2002
From: BigB
comments: Just how many times can you be a "returning" Sr.?

October 5, 2002
comments: This question regarding if AAA or AA is the toughest has nothing to do with the caliber of any given wrestler. The difference between AAA and AA or single A for that matter is the number of students in any given school. The wrestler's ability or toughness is in himself, not in what division School he is wrestling. When you look at it in that manner it seems very silly to say any one division is tougher then another. It is what is inside each given wrestler. Yes experiencing the big Tournaments at the bigger schools can definitely help. But what you put into the sport no matter where you are, is where it counts.

October 5, 2002
comments: I predict that the Greenbrier East wrestling team will have a tough team this year. If Beckley doesn't have a team they will be sure to win the BNI and Coalfield Conference. With Matt Vance at 130, Jack Longanacre at 145, Carter King at 152, Eric Thorne at 160, P Burns at 275 and many other talented wrestlers! Good luck to all of you guys!

October 5, 2002
From: A Coach
Is there any truth to the rumor that they are going to allow 6th graders who attend a feeder school to a Junior High (grades 7-8) wrestle for the Jr. High teams? This would help level out the playing field for those Jr. High teams that have trouble filling the weight classes due to lack of numbers? any information would be beneficial...
Editor's note: Who out there is in the know on this question???

October 5, 2002
From: wrestler
email: smithwrestling103@hotmail.com
comments: im lookin for some of the wrestlers in AAA from 103 to 125 if anyone knows any returning people from those divisions please post them.. thanks

October 2, 2002
Memo from: Ken Chertow
Last weekend's Camp of Champs was a huge success! Look for a report in Coaches Corner section of kc.com soon.
This weekend's camp will be in Penn State's Wrestling Room.
Many of the top kids from our summer camp are enrolled for this weekend. We just had a few cancellations and hence, we now have a few openings.
E-mail supergold@kenchertow.com if you are interested in making last minute camp plans. Note that we are hosting a PA/USA Wrestling Folkstyle Tournament at end of the camp. Visit front of my web page, top left corner for details.
I am hosting workouts at my home training center October 12 & 13. You can attend both days, or if you plan to compete in one of the pre-season tournaments that weekend in our area, attend for only one day.
This newsletter is sponsored by www.wearandgear.com
Visit wearandgear.com for all your wrestling merchandise needs.
Prompt, Personalized service is guaranteed.
We look forward to helping you!
Ken Chertow & Gold Medal Staff

October 2, 2002
From: A-Dub
comments: I just want to wish all of the guys from Independence good luck this coming year....I will be watching you guys from a far....Good luck to Cliffy and Coach Gilson also....you guys are the best... A.W. former Indy 215

October 1, 2002
comments: just to let all of the 103 pounders out there know....Jeff Clark from Musselman High is a returning senior this yr.....and he is out to win it all this yr...so look out

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