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Dr. Bill Welker, Ed.D., Releases Memoirs

The Sparrow's Spirit, by Dr. Bill Welker, Ed.D.
A Champion Wrestler's Lifetime Reflections on Prayer and Perseverance

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December 24, 2016

Growing up in Pennsylvania coal county in the 50's, surviving the counter-culture of the 60's, struggling as a young husband and father in the 70's and 80's, and success as a noted author and educator in the years beyond: Bill Welker's latest publication, The Sparrow's Spirit - A Champion Wrestler's Lifetime Reflections on Prayer and Perseverance takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride through the life and times of the noted West Virginia author, educator, and wrestling guru.

Welker recounts anecdotes beginning as a first-grader in 1954, experiences in the community and home, and success on the wrestling mat (PIAA State Champion in 1963 and PIAA State Runner-Up in 1965 for Shamokin PA High School).

You will read about life at the University of Pittsburgh in the late 1960s, Welker's experience with wrestling at the collegiate level at Pitt, a brush with the activist culture of the 60s, the "Hill District" in Pittsburgh, and even summer work in a Pittsburgh steel mill.

While most of the writing is light-hearted and chatty, Welker does not shy away from discussing some of the rougher patches in life - bouts of depression, self doubt, alcohol abuse, and even a minor brush with the law!

In the final analysis, it is a story about goal-setting, perseverance, and dogged determination to reach a goal.

Older readers will enjoy a trip back through the years. Younger readers will find some inspiration - yes, despite any peccadillos you may have committed, there is always an opportunity to re-define, re-focus, and move ahead in life. Recommended reading.


From the Publisher, RoseDog Books

The Sparrow’s Spirit: A Champion Wrestler’s Lifetime Reflections on Prayer and Perseverance
by Dr. Bill Welker

The Sparrow’s Spirit is an inspirational tale of triumph over self-destruction and adversity. Bill Welker vividly describes his lifelong battle to conquer the ultimate opponent – himself. - Rob Koll, NCAA National Champion, Head Wrestling Coach at Cornell University

Dr. Bill Welker’s road to adulthood was filled with many trial-and-error experiences in which he usually took the wrong path. He grew up under the dominion of a loving mother and an austere father.

As an adolescent, Welker’s life revolved around the sport of wrestling – and nothing else. Studying in high school was an unwanted necessity to stay eligible.

But the desire to continue on the mats in college decreased until the fire to compete burned out. Welker began to make very poor choices which resulted in his removal from the wrestling team and almost led to his expulsion from school.

Welker felt totally alone as his life began to collapse around him. There was nowhere to turn; he couldn’t go home a failure. He was absorbed by self-doubt, uselessness, and fell into a deep depression.

Welker had lost all hope until he began to change priorities and found someone who believed in him. Still, the struggle wasn’t over, but the struggle is the glory.

About the Author

An award-winning educator and one of the country’s foremost authorities on Folkstyle wrestling, Dr. Bill Welker has published the national best-seller The Wrestling Drill Book, a DVD, and hundreds of articles on the mat sport since 1974. Welker has also published numerous practical papers on the art and science of teaching during his 40-year career. Upon retiring, he was selected as “Teacher of the Year” by the Wheeling (WV) Area Chamber of Commerce. He was also inducted into West Virginia University’s prestigious Jasper N. Deahl Honors Society for his contributions to education.

Welker is a member of four wrestling halls of fame, including the Pennsylvania Wrestling Hall of Fame and the National Wrestling Hall of Fame (West Virginia Chapter). He has been selected twice as the National Wrestling Sportswriter of the Year by Wrestling USA Magazine.

(2016, Hardcover, 156 pages)

The Sparrow's Spirit, by Dr. Bill Welker, Ed.D.
A Champion Wrestler's Lifetime Reflections on Prayer and Perseverance

Available on-line from the publishing company RoseDog Books through its online bookstore.

Publication Notes

The Wrestling Drill Book, 2nd Edition, edited and authored by Dr. Bill Welker
with contributions by Jim Akerly, Bill Archer, Dave Lamotte, Pat Pecora, Edwin C. Peery, Bruce Burnett, Larry Shaw, Ken L. Taylor, and Craig Turnbull.

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