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2006 State Tournament Scores by Conference, Combined AAA and AA/A

2003 State Tournament Scores by Conference, Combined AAA and AA/A

2001 State Tournament Scores by Conference, Combined AAA and AA/A

2000 State Tournament Scores by Conference, Combined AAA and AA/A
2000 State Tournament Scores by Conference, AAA
2000 State Tournament Scores by Conference, AA/A

1999 State Tournament Scores by Conference, Combined AAA and AA/A
1999 State Tournament Scores by Conference, AAA
1999 State Tournament Scores by Conference, AA/A

1998 State Tournament Scores by Conference, AAA
1998 State Tournament Scores by Conference, AA/A
2013 State Tournament Scores by Conference

Appalachian Mountain Athletic Conference (AMAC)

Newly formed in 2007-08
Allegany (Cumberland MD)
Fort Hill (Cumberland MD)
Mountain Ridge (Frostburg MD)
Northern (Garrett, MD)
Southern (Garrett, MD)

Big 10 Conference

Buckhannon Upshur*
East Fairmont**
Fairmont Senior**
Lewis County
Liberty Harrison
North Marion**
Philip Barbour
Robert C. Byrd

* rejoined in 2010-11

**rejoined in 2011-12

**rejoined in 2012-13
2018 Big 10 Conference Tournament
2017 Big 10 Conference Tournament
2016 Big 10 Conference Tournament
2015 Big 10 Conference Tournament
2014 Big 10 Conference Tournament
2013 Big 10 Conference Tournament
2012 Big 10 Conference Tournament
2011 Big 10 Conference Tournament
2010 Big 10 Conference Tournament
2009 Big 10 Conference Tournament
2008 Big 10 Conference Tournament
2007 Big 10 Conference Tournament
2006 Big 10 Conference Tournament
2005 Big 10 Conference Tournament
2004 Big 10 Conference Tournament
2002 Big 10 Conference Tournament
2001 Big 10 Conference Tournament
2000 Big 10 Conference Tournament
1999 Big Ten Conference Tournament
1998 Big Ten Conference tournament
1997 Big Ten Conference tournament

Cardinal Conference

Herbert Hoover
Mingo Central
~ Tolsia
~ Chapmanville
~ Wayne
~ Scott

~ Non-wrestling Member

Point Pleasant withdrew after the 2011-12 season
Team champions
2005 - Herbert Hoover High School
2006 - Point Pleasant High School
2007 - Point Pleasant High School
2008 - Point Pleasant High School
2009 - Point Pleasant High School
2010 - Point Pleasant High School
2011 - Point Pleasant High School
2012 - Point Pleasant High School
2017 - Herbert Hoover High School
2018 - Winfield High School

2018 Cardinal Conference Tournament
2017 Cardinal Conference Tournament
2012 Cardinal Conference Quad
2011 Cardinal Conference Quad
2010 Cardinal Conference Quad
2009 Cardinal Conference Quad
2008 Cardinal Conference Tournament
2007 Cardinal Conference Tournament
2006 Cardinal Conference Tournament
2005 Cardinal Conference Tournament

Cardinal Conference Website

Coalfield Conference

Greenbrier West
Greenbrier East
Liberty Raleigh
Meadow Bridge
Midland Trail
Nicholas County
Oak Hill
River View
Shady Spring
Wyoming East
2018 Coalfield Conference Tournament
2017 Coalfield Conference Tournament
2016 Coalfield Conference Tournament
2015 Coalfield Conference Tournament
2014 Coalfield Conference Tournament
2013 Coalfield Conference Tournament
2012 Coalfield Conference Tournament
2011 Coalfield Conference Tournament
2010 Coalfield Conference Tournament
2009 Coalfield Conference Tournament
2008 Coalfield Conference Tournament
2007 Coalfield Conference Tournament

2006 Coalfield Conference Tournament
2005 Coalfield Conference Tournament
2004 Coalfield Conference Tournament
2003 Coalfield Conference Tournament
2002 Coalfield Conference Tournament
2001 Coalfield Conference tournament
2000 Coalfield Conference tournament
1999 Coalfield Conference tournament
1998 Coalfield Conference tournament
1997 Coalfield Conference tournament
1992 Coalfield Conference tournament
1991 Coalfield Conference tournament
1990 Coalfield Conference tournament
1989 Coalfield Conference tournament
1988 Coalfield Conference tournament
1987 Coalfield Conference tournament
1986 Coalfield Conference tournament
1981 Coalfield Conference tournament
1972 Coalfield Conference tournament

CVAL - Cumberland Valley Athletic League

Dissolved after 2005-2006 season

Allegheny (Cumberland, Md)
Ft. Hill (Cumberland, Md)

1998-99 CVAL Tournament
1999-00 CVAL Tournament
2001-02 CVAL Tournament
2004-05 CVAL Tournament
2005-06 CVAL Tournament

Eastern Panhandle Athletic Conference (EPAC)

Newly formed in 2013-14
Spring Mills

2018 EPAC Conference Champions

LKC - Little Kanawha Conference

Clay County
Doddridge County
Gilmer County*
Parkersburg Catholic
Roane County
South Harrison
St Marys
Tyler Consolidated
Webster County
Gilmer County does not have wrestling programs

LKC Wrestling Tournament history AT THIS LINK

2017-18 LKC tournament
2016-17 LKC tournament
2015-16 LKC tournament
2014-15 LKC tournament
2013-14 LKC tournament
2012-13 LKC tournament
2011-12 LKC tournament
2010-11 LKC tournament
2009-10 LKC tournament
2008-09 LKC tournament
2007-08 LKC tournament
2006-07 LKC tournament

2005-06 LKC tournament
2004-05 LKC tournament
2003-04 LKC tournament
2002-03 LKC tournament
2001-02 LKC tournament
2000-01 LKC tournament
1999-00 LKC tournament
1998-99 LKC tournament
1997-98 LKC tournament
1996-97 LKC tournament

Mason Dixon Conference

Bishop Donahue
Notre Dame
Clay Battelle
Valley Wetzel *
* Valley Wetzel does not field a wrestling team

The Mason Dixon Conference does not hold a tournament per se, but wrestles a Mason Dixon Quad annually in December

MSAC - Mountain State Athletic Conference

Cabell Midland
George Washington
Parkersburg High
South Charleston
Spring Valley
St Albans
Woodrow Wilson
2017-18 MSAC Tournament
2016-17 MSAC Tournament
2015-16 MSAC Tournament
2014-15 MSAC Tournament
2013-14 MSAC Tournament
2012-13 MSAC Tournament
2011-12 MSAC Tournament
2010-11 MSAC Tournament
2009-10 MSAC Tournament -- Not held due to weather
2008-09 MSAC Tournament
2007-08 MSAC Tournament
2006-07 MSAC Tournament
2005-06 MSAC Tournament
2004-05 MSAC Tournament
2003-04 MSAC Tournament
2002-03 MSAC Tournament
2001-02 MSAC Tournament
2000-01 MSAC Tournament
1999-00 MSAC Tournament
1998-99 MSAC Tournament

1997-98 MSAC Blue results
1997-98 MSAC Gold results

1996-97 MSAC Blue results
1996-97 MSAC Gold results

In 1998-99, the MSAC has abandoned the Blue and Gold divisions, and is now a single unit

NRV - New River Valley Conference

Braxton County
Midland Trail
Webster County
1999 NRVC Tournament:
Braxton County 4-0 1st
Fayetteville 3-1 2nd

1976 NVRC Tournament

NCAC - North Central Athletic Conference


At latest report, the NCAC still exists as of 2011 with three teams,
but for all intents and purposes seems defunct

2010-11 NCAC tournament
2009-10 NCAC tournament
2008-09 NCAC tournament
2007-08 NCAC tournament
2006-07 NCAC tournament
2005-06 NCAC tournament
2004-05 NCAC tournament
2003-04 NCAC tournament
2002-03 NCAC tournament
2001-02 NCAC tournament
2000-01 NCAC tournament
1999-00 NCAC tournament
1998-99 NCAC tournament
1997-98 NCAC tournament
1996-97 NCAC tournament

OVAC - Ohio Valley Athletic Conference

Beaver Local
Indian Creek
John Marshall
Parkersburg South
Wheeling Park
Buckeye Local
East Liverpool
Harrison Central
Martins Ferry
Oak Glen
St Clairsville
Union Local
Buckeye Trail *
Ft. Frye *
Linsly *
Monroe Central
Steubenville Central
Tyler Consolidated
Bridgeport Ohio
Clay Battelle
Frontier *
Wheeling Central
Bishop Donahue
Conotton Valley *
East Richland Christian School *
Hundred *
Paden City *
Bellaire St Johns
Trinity Christian School
Valley *
* Schools which do not have a wrestling team
Note: The AAAA, AAA, AA, A classification for the OVAC do not correlate with the AAA/AA/A WVSSAC classifications.

OVAC Website at http://www.ovac.org
Additional info on OVAC at www.OVAeC.org
Notes on the OVAC
  • The OVAC is one of the five largest conferences in the country.
  • The OVAC wrestling tournament was founded by George Kovalick in 1954, along with Bill Van Horne, and Corky Vrotsos.
  • George Kovalick was the first Mr. Mat in 1976.
  • Bobby Douglas was the first 4-time OVAC Champion.
  • The tournament has three $1000.00 college Scholarships:
         The Goerge Kovalick Scholarship
         The Daniel Burke Scholarship
         The James "Deadeye" Morris Sportsmanship Scholarship
  • The tournament has an interpreter, Dr. Bill Welker, and Ohio Liasion Representative, Ray Anthony.

Tournament Results
2017-18 OVAC tournament
2016-17 OVAC tournament
2015-16 OVAC tournament
2014-15 OVAC tournament
2013-14 OVAC tournament
2012-13 OVAC tournament
2011-12 OVAC tournament
2010-11 OVAC tournament
2009-10 OVAC tournament
2008-09 OVAC tournament
2007-08 OVAC tournament
2006-07 OVAC tournament
2005-06 OVAC tournament
2004-05 OVAC tournament
2003-04 OVAC tournament
2002-03 OVAC tournament
2001-02 OVAC tournament
2000-01 OVAC tournament
1999-00 OVAC tournament
1998-99 OVAC tournament
1997-98 OVAC tournament
1996-97 OVAC tournament
1977 OVAC tournament
1976 OVAC tournament
1975 OVAC tournament
1974 OVAC tournament
1973 OVAC tournament
1972 OVAC tournament
1971 OVAC tournament
1988  John Crain, Oak Glen
          Rick Burlenski, Bridgeport
1989  Dave Wood, Cameron
         Dunyasha Yetts, Steubenville
1990  Ed Neely, Weirton Madonna
         Babe Sidon, Martins Ferry
1991  Eric Potts, Cameron
          Scott DeYarmon, Buckeye Local
1992  R. C. Anderson, Cameron
         John Gilbeaut, Union Local
1993  Ryan Dudas, Cameron
          Kelly Shields, Edison
1994  Chad Burge, Cameron
         Ryan Slack, Shadyside
1995  Jason Taylor, Wheeling Park
         Brian Roskovich, Bridgeport
1996  Josh Giovengo, Bishop Donahue
          Eric Anderson, Bellaire St. John's
1997  Dewitt Stanley, Brooke
          Sean Doyle, Buckeye Local
1998  Chad Pratz, Linsly
          Travis Clark, Union Local
1999  Alex McClung, Oak Glen
          Matt Salsberry, East Liverpool
2000  Steve Ochap, Wheeling Park
          Scott Roth, Martins Ferry
2001  Eric Noel, Oak Glen
          Cole Bowersock, Beaver Local
2002  Derrick Sickles, Oak Glen
          John Tierney, Martins Ferry
2003  Phil Bliss, Brooke
          David Berolino, Buckeye Local
2004  Casey Hughes, Cameron
         Koel Davia, Union Local
2005  Dustin Richey, John Marshall
          Clay Tucker, Martins Ferry
2006  Rhett Northcraft, Oak Glen
          Willie Saxton, Buckeye Local
2007  Ronnell Green, Wheeling Park
          James Myers, Indian Creek
2008  Zach Basich, Wheeling Central
          Bryan Skoff, Bridgeport
2009  Dirk Bauer, Wheeling Park
          Robbie Chilson, Bellaire
2010  Max Nogay, Weirton Madonna
          Dylan Ice, Beaver Local
2011   Dominic Prezzia, St Clairsville
          Kyle Bauer, Wheeling Park
2012  David Jeffrey, Parkersburg South
          Jeremy Border, Caldwell
2013   Lance Hill, Parkersburg South
          Alex Quinn, Shadyside
2014   Kameron Rayner, Caldwell
          Jonny Davis, Wheeling Park
2015   Dallas Baciak, Wheeling Park
          Seth Bloor, Wellsville
2016   Isaiah Myers, Wheeling Park
         Tariq Wilson, Steubenville
2017   Justin Allman, Parkersburg South
         Greg Quinn, Shadyside
2018  Josh Humphreys, Parkersburg South
         Jashon Hubbard, Steubenville

OVAC "Mr. Mat" award winners
1976 -- George Kovalick (Founder: 7 OVAC Champs/í59 State Champs from Bridgeport, Ohio & Bobby Douglasís Coach)
1977 -- Bill Van Horne (Dean of OVAC Wrestling writers --Whg. N-R)
1978 -- John "Corky" Vrotsos (7 OVAC Championships)
1979 -- Dick Edge (Ohio County Schools Wrestling Pioneer)
1980 -- George Walley (OVAC Tournament Director during early 1970s)
1981 -- Bob Hedmond (OVAC Tournament Director during late 1970s)
1982 -- Paul Crago (Marshall County Schools Wrestling Pioneer)
1983 -- Dr. Vince Monseau (WLSC Wrestling Coach/NAIA Hall of Fame)
1984 -- Bill Hinegardner (OVAC Coach of Year/4 State Champ Teams)
1985 -- Dennis Bowman (Author-- 50 Years of OVAC Wrestling)
1986 -- Ronald Mauck (OVAC Tourn. Director & Innovator since 1980)
1987 -- Eric Carder (3 OVAC Team Champs & 4 WV State Champ Teams)
1988 -- Dave Kovalick (OVAC Coach of Year -- Barnesville H. S.)
1989 -- Steve Kish (Outstanding Coach & Official -- Martins Ferry, Ohio)
1990 -- Carl Fodor (Hancock County Schools Wrestling Pioneer)
1991 -- Dr. William Welker (Wrestler, Coach, Official, Writer & Speaker)
1992 -- Larry Deaton (OVAC, WV & Ohio State Official since 1964)
1993 -- John Stephenson (Cadiz, Ohio Wrestling Pioneer/OVAC Champs)
1994 -- Joe Bates (Bellaire St. Johns, Ohio Wrestling Pioneer)
1995 -- Bob Bruney (Outstanding OVAC Wrestler, Coach & Official)
1996 -- Larry Chambers (Marshall County Junior High Coaching Icon)
1997 -- Gary Davis (Beallsville, Ohio Wrestling Pioneer)
1998 -- Cal Pokas (Outstanding Wrestling Writer for Martins Ferry T-L)
1999 -- Tom Lackman (Jefferson Union High School Wrestling Pioneer)
2000 -- Edward "Buzz" Evans (2 OVAC & WV State Team Champs)
2001 -- William McEldowney (Wheeling, Father of Greater Wheeling area Smallfry Wrestling in the 1950s)
2002 -- John Craig (Steubenville High School Coach)
2003 -- Ed Dugas (Long time Coach at John Marshall)
2004 -- Jeff Oberdick (Martins Ferry High School Coach)
2005 -- Dan Doyle (former Jefferson Union and Buckeye Local Coach)
2006 -- Nolan Van Gilder (Brooke High School Coach)
2007 -- Rick Link (Long time Union Local Coach)
2008 -- Jim Potts (Long time Cameron Head Coach)
2009 -- Paul "Bud" Billiard
2010 -- Jeff Carroll
2011 -- Rich Gregor
2012 -- Art Hehr
2013 -- Dave LaMotte
2014 -- Darrell Davis Barnesville
2015 -- Gene Monteleone, Wheeling Park
2016 -- Jim Crosier, Union Local High School
2017 -- Andrew "Chick" LaMotte
2018 - Larry Shaw, Oak Glen Coach

Larry Deaton OVAC Official of the Year Award

The "Larry Deaton OVAC Wrestling Official of the Year" is an honor bestowed annually by the coaches association to a deserving referee. It is a tribute to officiating excellence on the mats of the Ohio Valley.

Larry Deaton's contributions to OVAC officiating span over five decades as an official, president and interpreter of the Ohio Valley Wrestling Officials Association. He has trained 100s of Valley mat referees over the years, including those listed below. Due to his dedicated efforts as an OVAC official and officiating mentor, we proudly honor Larry Deaton by naming the referee's award after him.

Past Winners
1996 Ray Marling
1997 Shawn Crosier
1998 Ray Marling
1999 Steve Kish
2000 Shawn Crosier
2001 Jim Crosier
2002 Merle Tournay
2003 Dr. Bill Welker
2004 Rick Crosier
2005 Jack Regis
2006 Jack Regis
2007 Ray Jeffries
2008 Paul Coffland
2009 Rich Heavilin
2010 Ed "Buzz" Evans
2011 Rick Croiser
2012 Jack Regis Sr.
2013 Lou Cofflin
2014 Shane Kildow
2015 Paul Coffland
2016 Edward "Buzz" Evans
2017 Babe Sidon

OVAC - MAC All-Star Wrestling Meet
2013 Souvenir Program with history, past results

PVC - Potomac Valley Conference

All-Sports Conference, established 1936

Berkeley Springs
East Hardy

Member schools who do not have wrestling teams
Paw Paw
Pendleton County
Pocahontas County
Tucker County
Tygarts Valley
West Virginia School for the Deaf

2013 PVC tournament
2012 PVC tournament
2011 PVC tournament
2009 PVC tournament
2008 PVC tournament
2007 PVC tournament
2002 PVC tournament
2001 PVC tournament
1999 PVC tournament

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